Roar (2018)

  • Genre: Animation, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
  • Release Date: 2018-06-29
  • Runtime: 0h 6min
  • Language: English
  • Production Company: Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
  • Production Country: Finland
  • Directors: Olli-Pekka Saarenkylä, Mikke Larmala, Nea Kontio, Sofia Eskola, Lotta Koskelo, Riina Pääkkönen, Elina Pentikäinen.


A short story about a girl called Anya, who is bullied at school. One night her low self-esteem turns itself into a monster which disrupts her in her sleep. The scaring business takes an unexpected turn, and Anya finds herself with a new - albeit reluctant - friend.


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  • Ranja Omaheimo

    as Anya
Directing Olli-Pekka Saarenkylä Director
Visual Effects Olli-Pekka Saarenkylä Visual Effects
Lighting Olli-Pekka Saarenkylä Lighting Artist
Crew Olli-Pekka Saarenkylä Technical Supervisor
Visual Effects Olli-Pekka Saarenkylä Simulation & Effects Artist
Lighting Olli-Pekka Saarenkylä Rigging Supervisor
Editing Olli-Pekka Saarenkylä Project Manager
Visual Effects Olli-Pekka Saarenkylä Pipeline Technical Director
Directing Mikke Larmala Director
Camera Mikke Larmala Director of Photography
Editing Mikke Larmala Editor
Visual Effects Mikke Larmala Modeling
Lighting Mikke Larmala Lighting Artist
Visual Effects Mikke Larmala Color Designer
Directing Nea Kontio Director
Visual Effects Nea Kontio Animation
Visual Effects Nea Kontio Visual Effects
Visual Effects Nea Kontio Modeling
Crew Nea Kontio Compositor
Art Nea Kontio Concept Artist
Directing Sofia Eskola Director
Visual Effects Sofia Eskola Animation
Writing Sofia Eskola Storyboard
Crew Sofia Eskola Compositor
Art Sofia Eskola Concept Artist
Directing Lotta Koskelo Director
Visual Effects Lotta Koskelo Animation
Writing Lotta Koskelo Storyboard
Writing Lotta Koskelo Original Story
Crew Lotta Koskelo Compositor
Art Lotta Koskelo Concept Artist
Directing Riina Pääkkönen Director
Visual Effects Riina Pääkkönen Animation
Visual Effects Riina Pääkkönen Modeling
Art Riina Pääkkönen Concept Artist
Directing Elina Pentikäinen Director
Visual Effects Elina Pentikäinen Animation
Visual Effects Elina Pentikäinen Modeling
Art Elina Pentikäinen Concept Artist
Sound Ville-Matti Koskiniemi Sound Designer
Crew Ville-Matti Koskiniemi Score Engineer
Sound Katja Ylhäinen Music
Crew Katja Ylhäinen Score Engineer
Visual Effects Peke Huuhtanen Supervising Animation Director
Visual Effects Jaro Lehtonen Supervising Animation Director
Visual Effects Lauri Huikuri Supervising Animation Director
Visual Effects Teemu Hammaren Supervising Animation Director