Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages (2012)

Nothin' but a good time.

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance
  • Release Date: 2012-06-13
  • User Rating: 6.2/10 from 1181 ratings
  • Runtime: 2h 3min
  • Language: English
  • Production Company: Offspring Entertainment
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • Director: Adam Shankman
star 6.2/10
From 1,181 Ratings



A small town girl and a city boy meet on the Sunset Strip, while pursuing their Hollywood dreams.

Is Rock of Ages on Disney Plus?

Unfortunately the movie Rock of Ages is not yet available on Disney Plus.

  • Julianne Hough

    as Sherrie Christian
  • Diego Boneta

    as Drew Boley
  • Tom Cruise

    as Stacee Jaxx
  • Alec Baldwin

    as Dennis Dupree
  • Russell Brand

    as Lonny Barnett
  • Malin Åkerman

    as Constance Sack
  • Paul Giamatti

    as Paul Gill
  • Bryan Cranston

    as Mayor Mike Whitmore
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones

    as Patricia Whitmore
  • Mary J. Blige

    as Justice
  • Erica Frene

    as Beth
  • Shane Hartline

    as Bartender Jimmy
  • James Martin Kelly

    as Doug Flintlock
  • Will Forte

    as Mitch Miley
  • Eli Roth

    as Stefano
  • Matthew Rush Sullivan

    as Random Guy
  • Michael Olusczak

    as Crook
  • Anthony Bellissimo

    as Rocker Thief
  • Celina Beach

    as Mayor's Secretary
  • Angelo Valderrama

    as Chico
  • Dan Finnerty

    as Tour Manager - Stacee
  • Kevin Nash

    as Stacee's Bodyguard
  • Jeff Chase

    as Stacee's Bodyguard
  • Chantel Gonsalves

    as Stacee Groupie
  • Tyne Stecklein

    as Stacee Groupie
  • Hanna Lee Sakakibara

    as Stacee Groupie
  • Jaimie Goodwin

    as Stacee Groupie
  • Anne Fletcher

    as Church Horse Mother
  • Denise Faye

    as Protest Mother #1
  • Marriann Nelson

    as Protest Mother #2
  • C.J. Tywoniak

    as Drew's Band
  • Maxwell Terlecki

    as Drew's Band
  • Robert Reef

    as Drew's Band
  • Marcus Johns

    as Drew's Band
  • Vivi Pineda

    as Waitress #1
  • Aniela McGuinness

    as Waitress #2
  • Elvire Emanuelle

    as Waitress #3
  • David Gibbs

    as Arsenal Band
  • Daniel Wills

    as Arsenal Band
  • Prince Shah

    as Store Manager
  • Benjamin Malone

    as Motel Manager
  • Arielle Reitsma

    as Slutty Girl
  • Anya Garnis

    as Destiny
  • Barry Habib

    as Record Executive
  • Constantine Maroulis

    as Record Executive
  • Heather Leigh Davis

    as Clothes Stylist
  • Josh Randall

    as Z-Guyeezz #1 - Donny
  • Jack Mountford

    as Z-Guyeezz #2 - Joey
  • Elgin Kos Aponte

    as Z-Guyeezz #3 - Kevy
  • Veronica Berry

    as Louise / Assistant #2
  • Karelix Alicea

    as Sinnamon
  • T.J. Miller

    as Rolling Stone Receptionist
  • Choice Gray

    as Kissing Girl
  • Sophie Cook

    as Female Fan
  • Tawni Edwards

    as Dancer - Protesting Mother
  • Natalia Gonzalez

    as Dancer - Protesting Mother
  • Tara Nicole Hughes

    as Dancer - Protesting Mother
  • Kelsey Lack

    as Dancer - Protesting Mother
  • Mary Ann Lamb

    as Dancer - Protesting Mother
  • Isis Masoud

    as Dancer - Protesting Mother
  • Jill Nicklaus

    as Dancer - Protesting Mother
  • Maria Ines Serritella

    as Dancer - Protesting Mother
  • Jenni Lynn Thomasson

    as Dancer - Protesting Mother
  • Kelly Truzzolino

    as Dancer - Protesting Mother
  • Shana Burns

    as Dancer - Bourbon Worker
  • Ian Joseph Paget

    as Dancer - Bourbon Worker
  • Shekitra Starke

    as Dancer - Bourbon Worker
  • Alexis Adler

    as Dancer - Bourbon Patron
  • Danielle Core

    as Dancer - Bourbon Patron
  • Chelsea Corp

    as Dancer - Bourbon Patron
  • Chriz Embroz

    as Dancer - Bourbon Patron
  • Lina Ferrera

    as Dancer - Bourbon Patron
  • Susie Garcia

    as Dancer - Bourbon Patron
  • Tony Gonzalez

    as Dancer - Bourbon Patron
  • Michelle Elizabeth Griffith

    as Dancer - Bourbon Patron
  • Milena Hale

    as Dancer - Bourbon Patron
  • Ann Lewin

    as Dancer - Bourbon Patron
  • Marissa Alma Nick

    as Dancer - Bourbon Patron
  • Hector "Ektor" Silva

    as Dancer - Bourbon Patron
  • Katrina Rose Tandy

    as Dancer - Bourbon Patron
  • Katherine Akra

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Billy Angell

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Alethea Austin

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Michael Balderrama

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Janet Briceño

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Jenyne Butterfly

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Bubba Carr

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Lisa Marie Martínez

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Jocelyn Dowling

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Jennifer Fain

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Marlo Fisken

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Scott Fowler

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Anthony Jude Francisco

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Courtney Galiano

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Brittany Grimsley

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Neil Haskell

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Michael Higgins

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Scott Hislop

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Cris Judd

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Keith Kuhl

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Brooke Upton

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Tiffany Maher

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Tiger Martina

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Angelique Martinez

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Mark Myars

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Frank Meli

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Carolyn Pace

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Nathan Prevost

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Danielle Rueda-Watts

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Julie Wiesman

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Tovaris Wilson

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • William Wingfield

    as Dancer - Venus Gentleman's Club
  • Joseph Akharoh Jr.

    as Burgundy Room Rocker
  • Marnie Alexenburg

    as News Reporter
  • Liannette Altuve

    as Groupie
  • Alain Alvarez

    as Bourbon Room Rocker
  • Pearce Blair

    as Game Concession Hawker
  • Andrew Blandina

    as Bandana Rocker
  • Brandon Blondun

    as Singing Bus Passenger
  • Lashawn Butler

    as Lady at the Park
  • Gail Byer

    as Protestor Mom
  • Alex Caceres

    as Rocker
  • Lorraine Caporaso

    as Amusement Park Guest
  • Santos Caraballo

    as Homeless Man
  • Brad Champion

    as Band Member
  • Heather Ashley Chase

    as Venus Room Dancer
  • Jordan M. Cohen

    as Tranny
  • Shawn Copenhaver

    as Rocker
  • Anna Crossley

    as Protestor / Pedestrian
  • Patrice Cruz

    as Rocker
  • Ellen Marguerite Cullivan

    as The Bourbon Room Rocker / Dancer
  • Sarah Dandashy

    as Rocker Chick
  • Terra Dawn

    as Punk Girl
  • Christopher De Stefano

    as Rocker
  • Jordana DePaula

    as Waitress
  • Robert di Scipio

    as Arsenal Roadie
  • Christopher Diaz

    as Rocker (uncredited)
  • Eric Ditman

    as Businessman
  • Adam Dormi

    as Security Guard
  • Donald Dowd

    as Stoned Rocker
  • Corinne Engstrom

    as Rocker Chick
  • Ely Feldman

    as Rocker
  • Marcelo Feldman

    as Venice Beach Rockstar
  • Tracey Ferrara

    as Rocker Babe
  • Frenchi Firecracker

    as Roller Skater
  • Katie Flynn

    as Arsenal Rock Fan
  • Blake French

    as Rocker
  • Brett Friedmann

    as Singing Bus Passenger
  • Ricardo Fumasoli

    as Arsenal Roadie
  • Juan Gallo

    as Front Row Concert Attendee
  • Jason Gatto

    as Roadie
  • Katherine Gilton

    as Rocker
  • Buddha Gonzalez

    as Front Row Concert Attendee
  • Jessica Guadix

    as Dancer
  • Mike Guzman

    as Protestor
  • Randy Herman

    as Rocker
  • Angel Luis Hernández

    as Rocker
  • JLynne Herrington

    as Phonebooth Rocker
  • Derek Hough

    as Dancer
  • Tamara Jones

    as Singing Bus Passenger
  • Shauna Kae Lauritzen

    as Rocker Chick
  • Valentina Karantoni

    as Bourbon Room Rocker
  • Irene Kelly

    as Rocker
  • Sean Patrick Kennedy

    as Protestor (uncredited)
  • Grant Koo

    as Driver
  • Helmy Lavezzari

    as Sexy Rock Girl Pedestrian
  • Tracy Lee

    as Doorman
  • Gisselle Legere

    as Dancer
  • Laurel Levey

    as Stacee Jaxx Fan
  • Constantine Malahias

    as Rock Fan at Bar
  • Janelle Marie

    as Fan
  • John McGlothlin

    as Stoned Surfer Rocker
  • John McKarthy

    as Record Executive
  • Stephanie McLane

    as Protest Mom
  • Tom Milana

    as Man in Street
  • Taylor Anthony Miller

    as Stoned Dude
  • Jim Mitchell

    as Rocker Guy
  • Kary Musa

    as Stacee's Fan
  • Maria Musebrink

    as Fan
  • Margeaux Nelson

    as Video Vixen
  • Scott Opiela

    as Bourbon Room Roadie / Venice Beach Lead Guitar
  • Mina Ownlee

    as Rocker
  • Antonio Padin

    as Rocking Cool Dude
  • Susan Pages

    as Midwestern Mom
  • Tatiana Paris

    as Rocker
  • Jennie Parrish

    as Arsenal Rock Fan
  • Nicholas X. Parsons

    as Guy in Crowd
  • Heathyre Perara

    as Arsenal Fan
  • Ryan Powers

    as Singing Bus Passenger
  • Julie Anne Prescott

    as Staircase Dancer
  • Lisa Marie Quillinan

    as Narrator (voice)
  • Heidi Rae

    as Rocker
  • Andrew Raffelson

    as Arsenal Groupie (uncredited)
  • Terry L. Reed

    as Gas Station Customer
  • Christina Rodriguez

    as Campaign Supporter
  • Joe Rodriguez

    as Rocker
  • Tony Saiz

    as Driver
  • Katie Schaar

    as Dancer
  • Metisha Schaefer

    as Dancer
  • Danny Shamon

    as Arsenal Fan
  • Ron Shimshilashvili

    as Comedian
  • Julia Shure

    as Rocker
  • Veronica Viruet Simpson

    as Arsenal Fan
  • Jaime Ray Soto

    as Rocker
  • Craig C. Stewart

    as Rocker
  • Frank Tedesco

    as Sunset Strip Dude / Cafe Patron
  • Lacey Toups

    as Girl in Crowd
  • Mayra Vallejo

    as Rocker
  • Charles Van Dyke

    as Bus Passenger
  • Giovanni Velazquez

    as Dancer
  • Vanessa Volt

    as Rocker
  • Tracy Weisert

    as Popcorn Woman
  • Jennifer Wolfson

    as Street Rocker
  • Jason Wool

    as Record Store Customer / Rocker / Bouncer / Taxi Driver
  • Carmela Zumbado

    as Rocker
  • Christian Ijin Link

    as Grauman's Theater Tourist (uncredited)
  • Patrick H. Fox

    as Automobile Driver
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