What is New on Disney+ March 2023

Star wars fans will be very happy this month because The third season of The Mandalorian and the second season of animated series The Bad Batch will start on Disney+ in March. You can also see new seasons of the comedy series Abbot Elementary and Doogie Kamealoha M.D. on the streaming service.

Below you can see the full list of everything new on Disney+ this month, as well as a couple highlights to check out.

The Mandalorian – Season 3

In the third season of hit series The Mandalorian, Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) returns to Mandalore in hopes of being forgiven for his transgressions. He takes Grogu with him and during their journey he helps his young ally to become a warrior.

The Mandalorian

Doogie Kamealoha M.D. – Season 2

The very young doctor Lahela (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) is used to making important decisions, but when it comes to relationships, the teenager doesn’t know what to do and is very indecisive. In the second season of the teen series, Lahela misses her boyfriend who is on a surfing tour in Australia and is impressed by a beautiful patient who will do anything to win her over. Who should she choose?

Doogie Kamealoha M.D.

Abbott Elementary – Season 2

This comedy series has already received many awards and the second season is also very strong. The teachers of Abbott Elementary are monitored and they do their best to give the children a good education, but that doesn’t always go smoothly.

Abbot Elementary

Finding Michael

In 1999 Michael Matthews climbed Mount Everest, but just three hours later he disappeared without a trace. Twenty-three years later, his brother Spencer receives news that Michael’s corpse may have been found. In an attempt to retrieve his brother’s body, he travels to the top of Mount Everest. This documentary follows this adventure.

Finding Michael

Full List of What is New on Disney+ March 2023

March 1

  • Eureka! (S1, 4 episodes)
  • Going Fur Gold (S1)
  • Star Wars: The Mandalorian – Season 3 Premiere (Chapter 17)
  • Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Episode 211 “Metamorphosis”)

March 3

  • Dino Death Match
  • The Next Mega Tsunami

March 8

  • Africa’s Deadliest (S2, S3, S4, S5)
  • Chibiverse (S1)
  • Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (S1, 5 episodes)
  • Spidey and His Amazing Friends (S2, 4 episodes)
  • Mpower – Premiere
  • Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Episode 212 “The Outpost”)
  • Star Wars: The Mandalorian (Chapter 18)

March 10

  • Chang Can Dunk

March 14

  • Disney NHL Big City Greens Classic

March 15

  • Doogie Howser, M.D. (S1, S2, S3, S4)
  • Engineering Connections (S1, S2)
  • Firebuds (S1, 4 episodes)
  • Kiff (S1, 6 episodes)
  • Turning the Tables with Robin Roberts – Season 2 Premiere
  • Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Episode 213 “Pabu”)
  • Star Wars: The Mandalorian (Chapter 19)

March 17

  • Hippo VS. Croc
  • Bono & The Edge: A Sort of Homecoming, with Dave Letterman – Premiere

March 22

  • How to Win at Everything (S1)
  • Kiya & the Kimoja Heroes (S1, 4 episodes)
  • Restaurants at the End of the World (S1)
  • Superstructures: Engineering Marvels (S1)
  • Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Episode 214 “Tipping Point”)
  • Star Wars: The Mandalorian (Chapter 20)

March 24

  • Witness Disaster

March 25

  • Saturdays (S1, 6 episodes)
  • Secrets of Sulphur Springs (S3)

March 29

  • Crimes Against Nature (S2)
  • Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Funhouse (S2, 4 episodes)
  • Incredibly Small World (S1)
  • Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Episode 215 “The Summit” & Episode 216 “Plan 99”) – Season 2 Finale
  • Star Wars: The Mandalorian (Chapter 21)

March 31

  • Prom Pact
  • Worst Weather Ever?
  • Doogie Kamealoha, M.D. – Season 2 Premiere