Happiness Charge Precure!

Happiness Charge Precure! (2014)

  • Genre: Animation, Action & Adventure, Comedy, Kids, Family, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Creator: Izumi Todo
  • First Air Date: 2014-02-02
  • Last Air Date: 2015-01-25
  • Total Seasons: 1
  • Total Episodes: 49
  • Status: Ended
  • Episode Runtime: 24 min.
  • Production Company: Toei Animation
  • Production Country: Japan
  • Networks: tv asahi
star 7.429/10
From 7 Ratings


The ruler of the evil Phantom Empire, Queen Mirage, begins her invasion on Earth using an army of Choiarks and powerful monsters called Saiarks. All across the world, Pretty Cures are dispatched to fight against the Phantom Empire threat. Hime Shirayuki, a princess from the Blue Sky Kingdom, which was taken over by the Phantom Empire, joins the fight as a Pretty Cure named Cure Princess, but always finds herself running away scared. Given a Crystal of Love by the Spirit of Earth, Blue, and told to seek out a partner to fight alongside her, Hime goes to the city of Pikarigaoka and randomly throw the crystal in the air, deciding to partner up with whoever it lands upon. This person turns out to be Megumi Aino, a kind-hearted girl always looking to help others, who is recruited by Hime to fight by her side as Cure Lovely.


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Happiness Charge Precure! Seasons

Season 1

First Air Date: 2014-02-02
49 Episodes

Happiness Charge Precure! Episodes

Title Air Date Duration
Season 1Episode 1I Love Love! Cure Lovely is Born!25 min
Season 1Episode 2Hime and Megumi's Friendship! The HappinessCharge PreCure is Formed!!25 min
Season 1Episode 3The Secret Has Been Blown!? The PreCure's Secret Identity is Absolutely Secret!!25 min
Season 1Episode 4The Transfer Student is a Princess!! The Great "Help Hime Make Some Friends" Operation!!25 min
Season 1Episode 5Megumi and Hime! The Great "Help Others" Operation!!25 min
Season 1Episode 6Ribbon's Kindness!! That's the Love of Cooking!!25 min
Season 1Episode 7Friendship Full Throttle!! The Pair's New Power!!25 min
Season 1Episode 8Friendship in Danger!! Miss Fortune's Ominous Omen!!25 min
Season 1Episode 9Let's Do Karate!! The PreCure Power Up!?25 min
Season 1Episode 10The Singing PreCure! Cure Honey Appears!!25 min
Season 1Episode 11The Mysterious Message! Cure Honey's Secret!!25 min
Season 1Episode 12egumi in a Pinch! In Danger of Failing as a PreCure!!25 min
Season 1Episode 13A Formidable Enemy Appears! Cure Fortune vs. The PreCure Hunter!25 min
Season 1Episode 14A Hero Appears! He is a Really Cool Guy!!25 min
Season 1Episode 15I Want to See My Mother! Hime Returns to the Blue Sky Kingdom!25 min
Season 1Episode 16I am Mass Communication!! I Shall Find All the PreCure's Secrets!!25 min
Season 1Episode 17Effort and Heart!! Megumi and Seiji's Bond!!25 min
Season 1Episode 18Everyone Happily Gives Their Full Support! The Wedding Ceremony in Pikarigaoka!!25 min
Season 1Episode 19Soccer Showdown! Team PreCure Assembled!25 min
Season 1Episode 20A Sad Past!! Cure Fortune's Tears25 min
Season 1Episode 21Hime's Past Mistakes! Cure Fortune's Anger!25 min
Season 1Episode 22A New Transformation!? Fortune's Great Wish!25 min
Season 1Episode 23Super Nervous! Iona and Hime's First Shopping Trip Together!25 min
Season 1Episode 24Coach Iona's Great "PreCure Power Up" Operation!25 min
Season 1Episode 25Heart-Pounding Romance! PreCure Training Camp Climax!25 min
Season 1Episode 26The Lost Duo! Hime and Seiji's Great Adventure!25 min
Season 1Episode 27The Worrying Hime! The PreCure Team in Danger of Disbanding!?25 min
Season 1Episode 28Landing in Hawaii! Alo~ha PreCure Appears!25 min
Season 1Episode 29Axia's True Form! Shining Make Dresser!!25 min
Season 1Episode 30Phantom's Secret Plan! Another Cure Lovely!25 min
Season 1Episode 31An Unexpected Partnership!? Cure Honey and Phantom!25 min
Season 1Episode 32Iona's First Love!? Activate Innocent Form!25 min
Season 1Episode 33What I Want to Become! Megumi's Innocent Search!25 min
Season 1Episode 34Hime's Big Success!? Let's Get Fired Up! The First Culture Festival25 min
Season 1Episode 35Everyone Looks Delicious! Yuko's Happiness Delivery!25 min
Season 1Episode 36Lots of Love! Megumi's Innocent Birthday!25 min
Season 1Episode 37The Big Bang Destroyed! Unexpected Formidable Enemy Appears!25 min
Season 1Episode 38Let the Four Cures' Song Resonate! Innocent Purification!25 min
Season 1Episode 39Iona's Big Shock! Cure Tender's Journey!25 min
Season 1Episode 40There's Happiness Over There! The PreCure's Holiday!25 min
Season 1Episode 41For Mirage's Sake! Phantom's Last Battle!25 min
Season 1Episode 42The Decisive Battle in Phantom Empire! PreCure vs. Three Commanders!25 min
Season 1Episode 43Clashing Emotions! Lovely and Mirage!25 min
Season 1Episode 44The New Threat!? Red Saiark!!25 min
Season 1Episode 45The Enemy is a God!? An Impactful Christmas!25 min
Season 1Episode 46The Battle Between Love and Hate! Seiji vs. PreCure!25 min
Season 1Episode 47Thank You, Seiji! A Power Born From Love!25 min
Season 1Episode 48Overcoming Hatred! She's Born! Forever Lovely!25 min
Season 1Episode 49Love Will Shine Forever! Everyone's Happiness!25 min
  • Megumi Nakajima

    as Megumi Aino / Cure Lovely (voice)
  • Megumi Han

    as Hime Shirayuki / Cure Princess (voice)
  • Rina Kitagawa

    as Yuuko Omori / Cure Honey (voice)
  • Haruka Tomatsu

    as Iona Hikawa / Cure Forture (voice)
  • Naoko Matsui

    as Ribbon (voice)
  • Miyuki Kobori

    as Glasan (voice)
  • Shouma Yamamoto

    as Blue (voice)
  • Ryosuke Kanemoto

    as Seiji Sagara (voice)
  • Mariko Kouda

    as Queen Mirage / Mirage / Cure Mirage (voice)
  • Kazuhiko Inoue

    as Deep Mirror / Red (voice)
  • Takehito Koyasu

    as Oresky (voice)
  • Akemi Okamura

    as Hosshiwa (voice)
  • Tetsuo Kanao

    as Namakelder (voice)
  • Hirofumi Nojima

    as Phanphan / Phantom (voice)
  • Takuya Masumoto

    as Saiarks, Choiarks
Production Hiroaki Shibata Producer
Production Shigehaki Dohi Producer
Production Tomoko Takahashi Producer
Art Ryutaro Masuda Art Direction
Sound Hiroshi Takaki Original Music Composer
Writing Yoshimi Narita Series Composition
Directing Tatsuya Nagamine Series Director