Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (1981)

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Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends is an American animated television series produced by Marvel Productions starring established Marvel Comics characters Spider-Man and Iceman and an original character, Firestar. As a trio called the Spider-Friends, they fought against various villains.


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Yes! The series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends is now on Disney Plus in the countries listed below.

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Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends Seasons

Season 1

First Air Date: 1981-09-12
13 Episodes

Season 2

First Air Date: 1982-09-18
3 Episodes

Season 3

First Air Date: 1983-09-17
8 Episodes

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends Episodes

Title Air Date Duration
Season 1Episode 1The Triumph of the Green Goblin25 min
Season 1Episode 2The Crime of All Centuries25 min
Season 1Episode 3The Fantastic Mr. Frump!25 min
Season 1Episode 4Sunfire25 min
Season 1Episode 5Swarm25 min
Season 1Episode 67 Little Superheroes25 min
Season 1Episode 7Video-Man25 min
Season 1Episode 8The Prison Plot25 min
Season 1Episode 9Spidey Goes Hollywood25 min
Season 1Episode 10The Vengeance of Loki!25 min
Season 1Episode 11Knights and Demons25 min
Season 1Episode 12Pawns of the Kingpin25 min
Season 1Episode 13The Quest of the Red Skull25 min
Season 2Episode 1The Origin of the Iceman25 min
Season 2Episode 2Along Came Spidey25 min
Season 2Episode 3A Fire-star is Born25 min
Season 3Episode 1Spider-Man Unmasked!25 min
Season 3Episode 2The Bride of Dracula!25 min
Season 3Episode 3The Education of a Superhero25 min
Season 3Episode 4Attack of the Arachnoid25 min
Season 3Episode 5The Origin of the Spider-Friends25 min
Season 3Episode 6Spidey Meets the Girl from Tomorrow25 min
Season 3Episode 7The X-Men Adventure25 min
Season 3Episode 8Mission: Save the Guardstar25 min
  • Frank Welker

    as Iceman/Bobby Drake (voice)
  • Kathy Garver

    as Firestar/Angelica Jones (voice)
  • Dan Gilvezan

    as Spider-Man/Peter Parker (voice)
Visual Effects Art Vitello Animation Director