MasterChef Australia

MasterChef Australia (2009)

  • Genre: Reality
  • Creator: Franc Roddam
  • First Air Date: 2009-04-27
  • Last Air Date: 2023-07-16
  • Total Seasons: 15
  • Total Episodes: 981
  • Status: Returning Series
  • Episode Runtime: 75 min.
  • Production Company: EndemolShine Australia
  • Production Country: Australia
  • Networks: Network Ten
star 7/10
From 68 Ratings


MasterChef Australia is a Logie Award-winning Australian competitive cooking game show based on the original British MasterChef. It is produced by Shine Australia and screens on Network Ten. Restaurateur and chef Gary Mehigan, chef George Calombaris and food critic Matt Preston serve as the show's main judges. Journalist Sarah Wilson hosted the first series, however her role was dropped at the end of the series.


Is MasterChef Australia on Disney Plus?

Unfortunately the series MasterChef Australia is not yet available on Disney Plus. Follow us on Facebook to see when MasterChef Australia becomes available on Disney Plus!

MasterChef Australia Seasons

Season 0

First Air Date: 2012-05-09
3 Episodes

Season 1

First Air Date: 2009-04-27
72 Episodes

Season 2

First Air Date: 2010-04-19
84 Episodes

Season 3

First Air Date: 2011-05-01
86 Episodes

Season 4

First Air Date: 2012-05-06
70 Episodes

Season 5

First Air Date: 2013-06-02
65 Episodes

Season 6

First Air Date: 2014-05-05
60 Episodes

Season 7

First Air Date: 2015-05-05
62 Episodes

Season 8

First Air Date: 2016-05-01
63 Episodes

Season 9

First Air Date: 2017-05-01
63 Episodes

Season 10

First Air Date: 2018-05-07
61 Episodes

Season 11

First Air Date: 2019-04-29
61 Episodes

Season 12

First Air Date: 2020-04-13
61 Episodes

Season 13

First Air Date: 2021-04-19
61 Episodes

Season 14

First Air Date: 2022-04-18
62 Episodes

Season 15

First Air Date: 2023-05-07
50 Episodes

MasterChef Australia Episodes

Title Air Date Duration
Season 1Episode 1Sydney Sizzles60 min
Season 1Episode 2Audition 260 min
Season 1Episode 3Audition 360 min
Season 1Episode 4Top 50 (1) - Taste Test60 min
Season 1Episode 5Top 50 (2) - Fish Market Frenzy60 min
Season 1Episode 6The Top 20 Revealed60 min
Season 1Episode 720 Ways with Chicken60 min
Season 1Episode 8Sam And The Sausage60 min
Season 1Episode 9Sushi Stress60 min
Season 1Episode 10The First Cut60 min
Season 1Episode 11Cooking With The Masters60 min
Season 1Episode 12Rabbit Season60 min
Season 1Episode 13The Tarte Tatin Test60 min
Season 1Episode 14Brent vs Boetz60 min
Season 1Episode 15Banquet Wars60 min
Season 1Episode 16A Blow for Brent60 min
Season 1Episode 17Class Is In60 min
Season 1Episode 18Julia's Divine Dumplings60 min
Season 1Episode 19Attack of the Killer Squid60 min
Season 1Episode 20Julia and the Duck60 min
Season 1Episode 21Aisle Panic60 min
Season 1Episode 22An Emotional Elimination60 min
Season 1Episode 23Soufflés and Stir-fries60 min
Season 1Episode 24The Steaks are Raised60 min
Season 1Episode 25Sweet Success60 min
Season 1Episode 26Chris vs Alex Herbert60 min
Season 1Episode 27Feeding Frenzy60 min
Season 1Episode 28Kate's Tough Decision60 min
Season 1Episode 29The Perfect Chip60 min
Season 1Episode 30Best of British60 min
Season 1Episode 31Paella Pain60 min
Season 1Episode 32Justine vs Guy Grossi60 min
Season 1Episode 33Fishy Business60 min
Season 1Episode 34The Great Bait Debate60 min
Season 1Episode 35Lemon Goodness60 min
Season 1Episode 36Double Trouble60 min
Season 1Episode 37Not So Sweet60 min
Season 1Episode 38Lucas vs Ben O'Donoghue60 min
Season 1Episode 39Canape Frenzy60 min
Season 1Episode 40And Then There Were Seven60 min
Season 1Episode 41Sweet Treats60 min
Season 1Episode 42Hits and Misses60 min
Season 1Episode 43Terrine Trauma60 min
Season 1Episode 44Justine vs Matt Moran60 min
Season 1Episode 45Here Comes the Bride60 min
Season 1Episode 46Grain Pain60 min
Season 1Episode 47Cocktail Hour60 min
Season 1Episode 48Hello Hong Kong!60 min
Season 1Episode 49Old Faces Return60 min
Season 1Episode 50Truffletastic!60 min
Season 1Episode 51Battle of the Sexes60 min
Season 1Episode 52Sweet and Sour60 min
Season 1Episode 53Show and Tell60 min
Season 1Episode 54Love is in the Air60 min
Season 1Episode 55Vision Quest60 min
Season 1Episode 56Andre vs Emmanuel Stroobant60 min
Season 1Episode 57All at Sea60 min
Season 1Episode 58Thyme Out60 min
Season 1Episode 59Shanks and Soufflés60 min
Season 1Episode 60Christmas in July60 min
Season 1Episode 61Macaroon Madness60 min
Season 1Episode 62Julie vs Adrian Richardson60 min
Season 1Episode 63Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?60 min
Season 1Episode 64Taste Test60 min
Season 1Episode 65Winter Warmers60 min
Season 1Episode 66Finals Fever60 min
Season 1Episode 67Pie Wars60 min
Season 1Episode 68Poh's Advantage60 min
Season 1Episode 69No Piece of Cake60 min
Season 1Episode 70And Then There Were Two60 min
Season 1Episode 71The Tables Are Turned60 min
Season 1Episode 72The Grand Finale60 min
Season 2Episode 1Top 50 Begins - BBQ Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 2Signature Dish60 min
Season 2Episode 3Bottom 10 Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 410 More Spots with Matt Moran60 min
Season 2Episode 5Masterclass 160 min
Season 2Episode 6The Top 24 - Mystery Box Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 7Childhood Memory Invention Test60 min
Season 2Episode 8Chef Challenge - Luke Nguyen60 min
Season 2Episode 9Italian Restaurant Team Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 10Eggy Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 11Masterclass 260 min
Season 2Episode 12Mystery Box & Invention Test60 min
Season 2Episode 13Pressure Test - Peter Gilmore60 min
Season 2Episode 14Chef Challenge - Philippa Sibley60 min
Season 2Episode 15Kids Birthday Team Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 16Fix That Dish Elimination60 min
Season 2Episode 17Masterclass 360 min
Season 2Episode 18Mystery Box & Invention Test60 min
Season 2Episode 19Black Forest Cake Pressure Test60 min
Season 2Episode 20Chef Challenge - Justin North60 min
Season 2Episode 21Classic French Meal Team Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 22Name That Herg Elimination60 min
Season 2Episode 23Masterclass 460 min
Season 2Episode 24Mystery Box & Invention Test60 min
Season 2Episode 25Schnitzel & Chips Pressure Test60 min
Season 2Episode 26Chef Challenge - Restaurant Arras60 min
Season 2Episode 27Normal Family Meal Team Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 28Bouillabaisse Taste Test Elimination60 min
Season 2Episode 29Masterclass 560 min
Season 2Episode 30Pizza Over Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 31Duck Two Ways Pressure Test60 min
Season 2Episode 32Chef Challenge - Frank Camorra60 min
Season 2Episode 33The Press Club Team Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 34Mystery Box Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 35Masterclass 660 min
Season 2Episode 36Mystery Box & Invention Test60 min
Season 2Episode 37Seafood Platter Pressure Test60 min
Season 2Episode 38Chef Challenge - Maggie Beer60 min
Season 2Episode 39Pacific Jewel Team Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 40Taste Test Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 41Masterclass 760 min
Season 2Episode 42Mystery Box & Invention Test60 min
Season 2Episode 43Oyster Terrine Pressure Test60 min
Season 2Episode 44Chef Challenge - Aaron vs Adam60 min
Season 2Episode 45Molecular Gastronomy Team Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 46Chicken Korma & Name Spices Elimination60 min
Season 2Episode 47Masterclass 860 min
Season 2Episode 48Mystery Box & Invention Test60 min
Season 2Episode 49Beef Stroganoff Pressure Test60 min
Season 2Episode 50Chef Challenge - Josh Emett60 min
Season 2Episode 51Qantas Business Team Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 52Carrot Cake Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 53Masterclass 960 min
Season 2Episode 54London Week Day 1: Invention Test60 min
Season 2Episode 55London Week Day 2: Heston Pressure Test60 min
Season 2Episode 56London Week Day 2: Chef Challenge - Martin Blunos60 min
Season 2Episode 57London Week Day 3: Super Off Site Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 58London Week Day 4:Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 59Masterclass 1060 min
Season 2Episode 60Return Elimination Challenge 160 min
Season 2Episode 61Return Elimination Challenge 260 min
Season 2Episode 62Chef Challenge - Mitchell Orr60 min
Season 2Episode 63CWA Team Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 64Taste Test Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 65Masterclass 1160 min
Season 2Episode 66Mystery Box & Invention Test60 min
Season 2Episode 67Macaron Tower Pressure Test60 min
Season 2Episode 68Chef Challenge - Adam Melona60 min
Season 2Episode 69Army Base Team Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 70Thai Satay Sauce Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 71Masterclass 1260 min
Season 2Episode 72Mystery Box & Invention Test60 min
Season 2Episode 73Pressure Test - Christine Manfield60 min
Season 2Episode 74Chef Challenge - Shaun Presland60 min
Season 2Episode 75Signature Dish Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 76Guess that Fish Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 77Masterclass 1360 min
Season 2Episode 78Finals Week - Day 1 - Invention Test60 min
Season 2Episode 79Finals Week - Day 2 - Pressure Test60 min
Season 2Episode 80Finals Week - Day 3 - Mystery Box Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 81Finals Week - Day 4 - Signature Dish Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 82Finals Week - Day 5 - Off Site Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 83Finals Week - Day 6 - Final Masterclass60 min
Season 2Episode 84Grand Final - Welcome Masterchef 201060 min
Season 3Episode 1Cockatoo Island60 min
Season 3Episode 2Basic Skills Bootcamp60 min
Season 3Episode 3The First Six60 min
Season 3Episode 4Go Fish60 min
Season 3Episode 5Ultimate Desert Island Dish60 min
Season 3Episode 6Masterclass60 min
Season 3Episode 7Taste Test60 min
Season 3Episode 8No Judges in Sight60 min
Season 3Episode 9Immunity Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 10Baking Team Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 11First Elimination60 min
Season 3Episode 12Masterclass60 min
Season 3Episode 13Mystery Box60 min
Season 3Episode 14Pressure Test60 min
Season 3Episode 15Immunity Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 16Boys vs Girls Team Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 17Rapid Fire challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 18Masterclass60 min
Season 3Episode 19Fused Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 20Pressure Test60 min
Season 3Episode 21Team Immunity Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 22Offsite Team Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 23Skills Race Elimination60 min
Season 3Episode 24Masterclass60 min
Season 3Episode 25Miner Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 26Double Immunity Invention Test60 min
Season 3Episode 27Immunity Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 28Pantry Invention Test60 min
Season 3Episode 29Fix That Dish Elimination60 min
Season 3Episode 30Masterclass60 min
Season 3Episode 31Super Invention Test60 min
Season 3Episode 32Asian-inspired Pressure Test60 min
Season 3Episode 33Immunity Battle60 min
Season 3Episode 34Gen X vs Y Team Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 35Weakest Link Elimination60 min
Season 3Episode 36Masterclass60 min
Season 3Episode 378-course Feast60 min
Season 3Episode 38Burger and Fries Elimination60 min
Season 3Episode 39Dessert Immunity60 min
Season 3Episode 40Team Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 41Cook By Numbers Elimination60 min
Season 3Episode 42Masterclass60 min
Season 3Episode 43Korean-inspired Invention Test60 min
Season 3Episode 44George's Mum60 min
Season 3Episode 45Immunity Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 46Food Court Team Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 47Sweet and Savoury Elimination60 min
Season 3Episode 48Masterclass60 min
Season 3Episode 49Matt Moran's Farm Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 50Retro Elimination60 min
Season 3Episode 51Immunity Battle60 min
Season 3Episode 52Dual Event Team Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 53Blind Taste Test Elimination60 min
Season 3Episode 54Masterclass60 min
Season 3Episode 55Mystery Box, Invention Test60 min
Season 3Episode 56Pressure Test60 min
Season 3Episode 57Immunity Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 58English and French Team Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 59The Basics Elimination60 min
Season 3Episode 60Masterclass60 min
Season 3Episode 61New York City Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 62United Nations Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 63Immunity Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 64Super Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 65Sylvia's Restaurant Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 66NYC Masterclass60 min
Season 3Episode 67Dalai Lama Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 68Autumn Dessert Pressure Test60 min
Season 3Episode 69Immunity Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 70Qantas First Class Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 71What You've Learned So Far Elimination60 min
Season 3Episode 72Masterclass60 min
Season 3Episode 73Mystery Box60 min
Season 3Episode 74Family Visit60 min
Season 3Episode 75Three Course Immunity60 min
Season 3Episode 76Uninvited Guest Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 77Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 78Christmas in July Masterclass60 min
Season 3Episode 79Cook Book Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 80Chicken Terrine Pressure Test60 min
Season 3Episode 81Food Autobiography Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 82Sydney's Finest Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 83Final Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 3Episode 84Reunion Masterclass60 min
Season 3Episode 85Grand Finale - Part One60 min
Season 3Episode 86Masterchef Australia 2011 Winner Revealed60 min
Season 4Episode 1The Journey Continues60 min
Season 4Episode 2Top 50 Mystery Box60 min
Season 4Episode 3Mornington Peninsula Farms60 min
Season 4Episode 4Knife Skills60 min
Season 4Episode 5Sweet Pressure Test60 min
Season 4Episode 6Masterclass60 min
Season 4Episode 7French Pressure Test60 min
Season 4Episode 8Mystery Box60 min
Season 4Episode 9Beat the Chef!60 min
Season 4Episode 10Restaurant Team Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 11Pasta Elimination60 min
Season 4Episode 12Masterclass60 min
Season 4Episode 13Mystery and Invention60 min
Season 4Episode 14Pressure Test60 min
Season 4Episode 15Immunity Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 16Yum Cha Team Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 17Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 18Masterclass60 min
Season 4Episode 19Biscuit Mystery Box60 min
Season 4Episode 20Pressure Test60 min
Season 4Episode 21Raw Food Immunity Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 22Leftover Team Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 23Poultry Elimination60 min
Season 4Episode 24MasterClass60 min
Season 4Episode 25Flavour Matching Mysterybox60 min
Season 4Episode 26Market Stall Competition60 min
Season 4Episode 27Fishing Boat Salmon Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 28Tea for 100 Team Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 29Knockout Round Elimination60 min
Season 4Episode 30MasterClass60 min
Season 4Episode 31Mystery and Invention60 min
Season 4Episode 32Pressure Test60 min
Season 4Episode 33Immunity Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 3424 Hour Cooking Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 35Rapid Fire Pressure Test60 min
Season 4Episode 36Masterclass60 min
Season 4Episode 37Superstar Mystery Box60 min
Season 4Episode 38Pressure Test60 min
Season 4Episode 39Immunity Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 40Wedding Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 41Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 42Masterclass60 min
Season 4Episode 43Mystery Box Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 44Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 45Immunity Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 46Team Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 47Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 48Masterclass60 min
Season 4Episode 49Invention Test60 min
Season 4Episode 50Pressure Test60 min
Season 4Episode 51Immunity Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 52Pop Up Restaurant Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 53Double Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 54Masterclass60 min
Season 4Episode 55Roman Dish Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 56Super-Sized Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 57Immunity Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 58Risotto Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 59Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 60Masterclass60 min
Season 4Episode 61Mystery Fridge Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 62Pressure Test60 min
Season 4Episode 63Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 64Mini Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 65Family Team Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 66Masterclass60 min
Season 4Episode 67Lunch Service60 min
Season 4Episode 68The Perfect Steak Sauce60 min
Season 4Episode 69Recreate Signature Dish60 min
Season 4Episode 70Grand Final60 min
Season 5Episode 1The Top 2260 min
Season 5Episode 2Protein Pick Face Off Challenge60 min
Season 5Episode 3Elimination Challenge 160 min
Season 5Episode 4Masterclass 160 min
Season 5Episode 5Barossa Boot Camp Day 1: Break Down a Lamb60 min
Season 5Episode 6Barossa Boot Camp Day 2: Maggie Beer Tag Team Race60 min
Season 5Episode 7Barossa Boot Camp Day 3: Seafood at Seppeltsfield Winery60 min
Season 5Episode 8Barossa Boot Camp Day 4: Double Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 5Episode 9Masterclass 260 min
Season 5Episode 10Kids Week Day 1: Lunch Box60 min
Season 5Episode 11Kids Week Day 2: Immunity Challenge60 min
Season 5Episode 12Kids Week Day 3: Tuck Shop Challenge60 min
Season 5Episode 13Kids Week Day 4: Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 5Episode 14Masterclass 360 min
Season 5Episode 15Italian Week Day 1: Public Stall Challenge60 min
Season 5Episode 16Italian Week Day 2: Elimination - Memory Dish60 min
Season 5Episode 17Italian Week Day 3: Battle of the Pizza60 min
Season 5Episode 18Italian Week Day 4: Elimination60 min
Season 5Episode 19Masterclass 460 min
Season 5Episode 20Wild West Week Day 1: Catch of the Day60 min
Season 5Episode 21Wild West Week Day 2: Immunity Twist60 min
Season 5Episode 22Wild West Week Day 3: Stockmen Challenge60 min
Season 5Episode 23Wild West Week Day 4: Elimination - The Green House60 min
Season 5Episode 24Masterclass 560 min
Season 5Episode 25Heaven and Hell Week Day 1: Mystery Box60 min
Season 5Episode 26Heaven and Hell Week Day 2: Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 5Episode 27Heaven and Hell Week Day 3: Seven Deadly Sins Banquet60 min
Season 5Episode 28Heaven and Hell Week Day 4: Elimination Challenge 260 min
Season 5Episode 29Masterclass 660 min
Season 5Episode 30Fast Food Week Day 1: Mystery Box60 min
Season 5Episode 31Fast Food Week Day 2: Auction Elimination60 min
Season 5Episode 32Fast Food Week Day 3: Car Club Team Challenge60 min
Season 5Episode 33Fast Food Week Day 4: Elmination Challenge60 min
Season 5Episode 34Masterclass 760 min
Season 5Episode 35Immunity Week Day 1: Skills Test and Yin & Yang Challenge60 min
Season 5Episode 36Immunity Week Day 2: Identical Dishes60 min
Season 5Episode 37Immunity Week Day 3: Black Forest Ice-Cream Cake Relay60 min
Season 5Episode 38Immunity Week Day 4: Butter Invention Test60 min
Season 5Episode 39Masterclass 860 min
Season 5Episode 40Love Week Day 1: Mystery Box Challenge60 min
Season 5Episode 41Love Week Day 2: Chocolate Elimination60 min
Season 5Episode 42Love Week Day 3: 50 First Dates60 min
Season 5Episode 43Love Week Day 4: Breakfast Elimination60 min
Season 5Episode 44Masterclass 960 min
Season 5Episode 45Heston Blumenthal Week Day 1: Royal Jubilee Trifle60 min
Season 5Episode 46Heston Blumenthal Week Day 2: Cook Against Heston Immunity60 min
Season 5Episode 47Heston Blumenthal Week Day 3: Medieval Knights Feast60 min
Season 5Episode 48Heston Blumenthal Week Day 4: Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 5Episode 49Masterclass 1060 min
Season 5Episode 50World Food Week Day 1: VIP Banquet60 min
Season 5Episode 51World Food Week Day 2: Palms Hotel Elimination60 min
Season 5Episode 52World Food Week Day 3: Mexico or China60 min
Season 5Episode 53World Food Week Day 4: Qantas World Map of Food60 min
Season 5Episode 54Masterclass 1160 min
Season 5Episode 55Dreams Week Day 1: Service Challenge60 min
Season 5Episode 56Dreams Week Day 2: Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 5Episode 57Dreams Week Day 3: Josie Bones60 min
Season 5Episode 58Dreams Week Day 4: Darren's Raspberry Rhubarb Ginger Chocolate Dessert.60 min
Season 5Episode 59Masterclass 1260 min
Season 5Episode 60Finals Week Day 1: Mystery Box60 min
Season 5Episode 61Finals Week Day 2: Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 5Episode 62Finals Week Day 3: The Atlantic Service Challenge60 min
Season 5Episode 63Finals Week Day 4: Culinary Dueling60 min
Season 5Episode 64Masterclass 1360 min
Season 5Episode 65MasterChef 2013 Grand Finale60 min
Season 6Episode 1Series 6 Premiere60 min
Season 6Episode 2Top 50: Core Skills Invention Test60 min
Season 6Episode 3Top 24: Mystery Box Challenge60 min
Season 6Episode 4Elimination Challenge: Chinese Fried Rice60 min
Season 6Episode 5Mystery Box Challenge and Breakfast Invention Test60 min
Season 6Episode 6Pressure Test: Shannon Bennett's Fillet of Beef60 min
Season 6Episode 7Off-Site Challenge: Lunch Service in St Kilda60 min
Season 6Episode 8Elimination Challenge: Three Dishes from One Snapper60 min
Season 6Episode 9Mystery Box Challenge: Maggie Beer60 min
Season 6Episode 10Pressure Test: Alla Wolf-Tasker's Rivers and Lakes60 min
Season 6Episode 11Immunity Challenge: Ollie Gould & Kylie Kwong60 min
Season 6Episode 12Team Challenge: Three Course Menu from Memory60 min
Season 6Episode 13Elimination Challenge in Three Rounds60 min
Season 6Episode 14Mystery Box Challenge and Invention Test60 min
Season 6Episode 15Pressure Test60 min
Season 6Episode 16Immunity Challenge: Benjamin Cooper60 min
Season 6Episode 17Team Challenge: Four-Course Dessert Menu60 min
Season 6Episode 18Elimination Challenge: Blind Taste Test60 min
Season 6Episode 19Mystery Box Challenge60 min
Season 6Episode 20Pressure Test: Saint Crispin60 min
Season 6Episode 21Immunity Challenge: Matt Stone60 min
Season 6Episode 22Team Challenge: Queen Victoria Market60 min
Season 6Episode 23Elimination Challenge: Time Auction60 min
Season 6Episode 24Invention Test: Chocolate60 min
Season 6Episode 25Pressure Test: Nobu Matsuhisa60 min
Season 6Episode 26Immunity Challenge60 min
Season 6Episode 27Offsite Challenge: Wedding Anniversary at Ascot House60 min
Season 6Episode 28Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 6Episode 29Mystery Box: Marco Pierre White60 min
Season 6Episode 30Pressure Test: White Heat60 min
Season 6Episode 31Immunity Challenge: Donovan Cooke60 min
Season 6Episode 32Offsite Challenge: Taxi Kitchen60 min
Season 6Episode 33Elimination Challenge: Risotto60 min
Season 6Episode 34Mystery Box Challenge60 min
Season 6Episode 35Pressure Test: Vikas Khanna60 min
Season 6Episode 36Mystery Box Challenge: Second Chances60 min
Season 6Episode 37Service Challenge: Starlight Children's Foundation60 min
Season 6Episode 38Power Apron Mystery Box Challenge60 min
Season 6Episode 39Mystery Box Challenge & Invention Test60 min
Season 6Episode 40Pressure Test - Croquembouche60 min
Season 6Episode 41Immunity Challenge60 min
Season 6Episode 42Service Challenge: Banquet for 20 Food Producers60 min
Season 6Episode 43Elimination Challenge: Mexican60 min
Season 6Episode 44Mystery Box Challenge: Barter60 min
Season 6Episode 45Pressure Test: Nick Palumbo's Choc-Top Ice Creams60 min
Season 6Episode 46Immunity Challenge: John Lawson60 min
Season 6Episode 47Offsite Challenge: Asian60 min
Season 6Episode 48Elimination Challenge: Dave Verhuel60 min
Season 6Episode 49Mystery Box: Heston Blumenthal & Invention Test60 min
Season 6Episode 50Pressure Test: Beetroot Risotto60 min
Season 6Episode 51Offsite Challenge60 min
Season 6Episode 52Elimination Challenge: Five Senses60 min
Season 6Episode 53Sudden Death Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 6Episode 54Mystery Box Challenge60 min
Season 6Episode 55Invention Test60 min
Season 6Episode 56Duel Challenge Over Three Rounds60 min
Season 6Episode 57Service Challenge: Vue de Monde60 min
Season 6Episode 58Pressure Test60 min
Season 6Episode 59MasterChef 2014 Semi Final60 min
Season 6Episode 60MasterChef 2014 Grand Finale60 min
Season 7Episode 1Auditions, Part 160 min
Season 7Episode 2Auditions, Part 260 min
Season 7Episode 3Top 24 Mystery Box60 min
Season 7Episode 4Team Challenge: Massimo Bottura60 min
Season 7Episode 5Elimination Challenge: Fish60 min
Season 7Episode 6Mystery Box Challenge & Invention Test: Guilty Pleasures60 min
Season 7Episode 7Pressure Test60 min
Season 7Episode 8Immunity Challenge: Jaffle Iron60 min
Season 7Episode 9Team Challenge: Two-Course Meal for the Army60 min
Season 7Episode 10Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 7Episode 11Mystery Box Challenge: Five Tastes60 min
Season 7Episode 12Pressure Test60 min
Season 7Episode 13Immunity Challenge60 min
Season 7Episode 14Team Challenge: Relay60 min
Season 7Episode 15Elimination & MasterClass 160 min
Season 7Episode 16Mystery Box Challenge60 min
Season 7Episode 17Pressure Test60 min
Season 7Episode 18Immunity Challenge60 min
Season 7Episode 19Off-Site Challenge: Abbotsford Convent Bakery60 min
Season 7Episode 20Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 7Episode 21Mystery Box Challenge60 min
Season 7Episode 22Pressure Test60 min
Season 7Episode 23Immunity Challenge: Callum Hann60 min
Season 7Episode 24Off-Site Challenge: Mexican Street Food60 min
Season 7Episode 25Elimination Challenge: Justine Schofield & MasterClass 260 min
Season 7Episode 26Mystery Box Challenge60 min
Season 7Episode 27Pressure Test60 min
Season 7Episode 28Immunity Challenge: Nick Holloway60 min
Season 7Episode 29Off-Site Challenge: Pizzini Wines60 min
Season 7Episode 30Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 7Episode 31Mystery Box Challenge60 min
Season 7Episode 32Pressure Test60 min
Season 7Episode 33Immunity Challenge60 min
Season 7Episode 34Off-Site Challenge: Tokyo Tina vs. Saigon Sally60 min
Season 7Episode 35Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 7Episode 36Mystery Box Challenge: Heston Blumenthal & Invention Test60 min
Season 7Episode 37Pressure Test: Guillaume Brahimi's Jewel of the Sea60 min
Season 7Episode 38Immunity Challenge60 min
Season 7Episode 39Off-Site Challenge: Afternoon Tea at The Hotel Windsor60 min
Season 7Episode 40Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 7Episode 41Mystery Box Challenge & Invention Test60 min
Season 7Episode 42Pressure Test: Janice Wong's Cassis Plum60 min
Season 7Episode 43Immunity Challenge: Batter60 min
Season 7Episode 44Team Challenge60 min
Season 7Episode 45Elimination Challenge: Rick Stein60 min
Season 7Episode 46Mystery Box Challenge60 min
Season 7Episode 47Pressure Test60 min
Season 7Episode 48Immunity Challenge60 min
Season 7Episode 49Off-Site Challenge: Circa, The Prince60 min
Season 7Episode 50Elimination Challenge: Time Auction60 min
Season 7Episode 51Marco Pierre White Team Challenge60 min
Season 7Episode 52Pressure Test: Cook-along60 min
Season 7Episode 53Immunity Challenge60 min
Season 7Episode 54Team Challenge: French Restaurants60 min
Season 7Episode 55Elimination Challenge: Childhood Memories60 min
Season 7Episode 56Mystery Box Challenge60 min
Season 7Episode 57Pressure Test60 min
Season 7Episode 58No Rules Challenge60 min
Season 7Episode 59Service Challenge: The Press Club60 min
Season 7Episode 60Pressure Test60 min
Season 7Episode 61Grand Final Part 160 min
Season 7Episode 62Grand Final Part 260 min
Season 8Episode 1Auditions Part 1105 min
Season 8Episode 2Auditions Part 260 min
Season 8Episode 3Auditions Part 360 min
Season 8Episode 4Mystery Box Challenge: Billie McKay60 min
Season 8Episode 5Elimination Challenge60 min
Season 8Episode 6Mystery Box Challenge: Marco Pierre White & Invention Test: Meat and Three Veg90 min
Season 8Episode 7Pressure Test: Marco Pierre White's John Dory60 min
Season 8Episode 8Immunity Challenge: Jake Kellie60 min
Season 8Episode 9Team Challenge: Pub Lunch60 min
Season 8Episode 10Elimination Challenge: The Alphabet Game & MasterClass 1120 min
Season 8Episode 11Mystery Box Challenge: Viewers' Choice & Invention Test: Spreads90 min
Season 8Episode 12Pressure Test: Reynold Poernomo's Moss70 min
Season 8Episode 13Immunity Challenge: Braden White70 min
Season 8Episode 14Team Challenge: Three-Course Meal from Memory60 min
Season 8Episode 15Elimination Challenge: Raw & Cooked60 min
Season 8Episode 16Mystery Box Challenge: Nigella Lawson & Invention Test: Divine Indulgences90 min
Season 8Episode 17Pressure Test: Nigella Lawson's Three-Course Meal70 min
Season 8Episode 18Immunity Challenge: Lachlan Colwill70 min
Season 8Episode 19Team Challenge: Royal Children's Hospital Fête70 min
Season 8Episode 20Elimination Challenge: Name That Cake & MasterClass 2130 min
Season 8Episode 21Mystery Box Challenge & Invention Test: Waste Not, Want Not105 min
Season 8Episode 22Pressure Test: Jason Atherton's Quail Afternoon Tea Dish70 min
Season 8Episode 23Double Immunity Challenge: Thomas Woods and Hayden McFarland80 min
Season 8Episode 24Off-Site Challenge: Hellenic Republic60 min
Season 8Episode 25Elimination Challenge: Blind Taste Test60 min
Season 8Episode 26Invention Test: Maggie Beer & Mystery Box Challenge90 min
Season 8Episode 27Pressure Test: Anna Polyviou's Mess70 min
Season 8Episode 28Immunity Challenge: Morgan McGlone70 min
Season 8Episode 29Team Challenge: Chinese New Year70 min
Season 8Episode 30Elimination Challenge: Lucky Dip70 min
Season 8Episode 31Mystery Box Challenge: Luke Nguyen & Invention Test: Steam vs. Fry90 min
Season 8Episode 32Pressure Test: Ross Lusted70 min
Season 8Episode 33Top 1270 min
Season 8Episode 34Team Challenge: Six-Course Degustation Menu70 min
Season 8Episode 35Elimination Challenge: Head to Head60 min
Season 8Episode 36Mystery Box Challenge: Ugly Ingredients & Invention Test: Relay90 min
Season 8Episode 37Pressure Test: Flynn McGarry's Beet Wellington70 min
Season 8Episode 38Immunity Challenge: Victor Liong70 min
Season 8Episode 39Team Challenge: Gourmet Cinema70 min
Season 8Episode 40Elimination Challenge: Choose or Lose70 min
Season 8Episode 41Team Challenge: Melbourne Star90 min
Season 8Episode 42Team Challenge: Brighton Beach Ice Cream Stands70 min
Season 8Episode 43Team Challenge: Three-Course Dessert Spread70 min
Season 8Episode 44Service Challenge: Recipes from the Past60 min
Season 8Episode 45Elimination Challenge: Colours of the Rainbow & MasterClass 3130 min
Season 8Episode 46Mystery Box Challenge: All the Ingredients & Invention Test: Hardest Dishes90 min
Season 8Episode 47Pressure Test: Peter Gilmore's Cherry Jam Lamington70 min
Season 8Episode 48Immunity Challenge: Shannon Bennett70 min
Season 8Episode 49Team Challenge: Australian Produce70 min
Season 8Episode 50Elimination Challenge: Time Auction70 min
Season 8Episode 51Mystery Box Challenge: San Francisco Produce & Invention Test105 min
Season 8Episode 52Team Challenge: Dominque Creen's Signature Dishes70 min
Season 8Episode 53Fast Track to Finals: Francis Ford Coppola's Inglenook Estate70 min
Season 8Episode 54Team Challenge: Santa Monica Pier Food Trucks60 min
Season 8Episode 55Elimination Challenge: Put Your Dream on a Plate & MasterClass 4130 min
Season 8Episode 56Mystery Box Challenge: Hottest Ingredients & Invention Test: Hottest Techniques90 min
Season 8Episode 57Pressure Test: Christy Tania's Mistique70 min
Season 8Episode 58Service Challenge: Lake House70 min
Season 8Episode 59Elimination Challenge: Audition Ingredients70 min
Season 8Episode 60MasterClass 570 min
Season 8Episode 61Mystery Box Challenge & Invention Test: Quarter Final90 min
Season 8Episode 62Service Challenge: Semi Final100 min
Season 8Episode 63MasterChef 2016 Grand Finale120 min
Season 9Episode 1Auditions Part 1100 min
Season 9Episode 2Auditions Part 270 min
Season 9Episode 3Auditions Part 370 min
Season 9Episode 4Mystery Box Challenge: Elena Duggan60 min
Season 9Episode 5Elimination Challenge: Pairing Ingredients60 min
Season 9Episode 6Mystery Box Challenge: Home Cooking & Invention Test: George's Mum's Kitchen100 min
Season 9Episode 7Pressure Test: Gary's Roast Chicken60 min
Season 9Episode 8Immunity Challenge: Jarrod Di Blasi60 min
Season 9Episode 9Off-Site Challenge: Gradi70 min
Season 9Episode 10Elimination Challenge: Potato & MasterClass 1130 min
Season 9Episode 11Mystery Box Challenge & Invention Test: Ben Shewry90 min
Season 9Episode 12Pressure Test: Andy Bowdy's Rita Cake70 min
Season 9Episode 13Immunity Challenge: Charlie Carrington60 min
Season 9Episode 14Team Challenge: Relay60 min
Season 9Episode 15Elimination Challenge: Spend Your Time Wisely70 min
Season 9Episode 16Mystery Box Challenge: Kirsten Tibballs & Invention Test: Janice Wong100 min
Season 9Episode 17Pressure Test: Christy Tania's Ice Cream Float75 min
Season 9Episode 18Immunity Challenge: Lauren Eldridge, Angelique Peretto and Reynold Poernomo75 min
Season 9Episode 19Team Challenge: Edible Art Installation60 min
Season 9Episode 20Elimination Challenge: Blind Taste Test60 min
Season 9Episode 21Mystery Box Challenge & Invention Test: David Thompson90 min
Season 9Episode 22Pressure Test: Josue Lopez's After the Eucalypt Fire60 min
Season 9Episode 23Immunity Challenge: Clinton McIver60 min
Season 9Episode 24Team Challenge: South Melbourne Market60 min
Season 9Episode 25Elimination Challenge: Egg60 min
Season 9Episode 26Mystery Box Challenge: Yotam Ottolenghi & Invention Test: Stuffed100 min
Season 9Episode 27Pressure Test: Yotam Ottolenghi's Mezze Feast70 min
Season 9Episode 28Immunity Challenge: Blayne Bertoncello70 min
Season 9Episode 29Team Challenge: Vegetarian Feast70 min
Season 9Episode 30Elimination Challenge: Core Ingredient Recognition & MasterClass 2130 min
Season 9Episode 31Mystery Box Challenge: Curtis Stone & Invention Test: Power Pin100 min
Season 9Episode 32Pressure Test: Deniz Karaca's Passion for Caramel75 min
Season 9Episode 33Second Chance70 min
Season 9Episode 34Team Challenge: Pop-Up Restaurant70 min
Season 9Episode 35Elimination Challenge: The Ultimate Potluck70 min
Season 9Episode 36Mystery Box Challenge: Heston Blumenthal & Invention Test: Water100 min
Season 9Episode 37Team Challenge: Earth75 min
Season 9Episode 38Team Challenge: Air75 min
Season 9Episode 39Fire70 min
Season 9Episode 40Elimination Challenge: Not What It Seems & MasterClass 3120 min
Season 9Episode 41Mystery Box Challenge & Invention Test: Peter Gilmore100 min
Season 9Episode 42Pressure Test: Paul Carmichael's Bajan Fish Fry75 min
Season 9Episode 43Immunity Challenge: Ben Devlin75 min
Season 9Episode 44Team Challenge: Identical Plates70 min
Season 9Episode 45Elimination Challenge: Choose or Lose70 min
Season 9Episode 46Mystery Box Challenge: Tokyo & Invention Test: Wasabi100 min
Season 9Episode 47Kappo-Style Dégustation Menu75 min
Season 9Episode 48Immunity Challenge: Japanese Fruit & Tea Leaves75 min
Season 9Episode 49Team Challenge: Yokocho Street Stalls75 min
Season 9Episode 50Elimination Challenge: Past and Future70 min
Season 9Episode 51MasterClass 460 min
Season 9Episode 52Mystery Box Challenge: Shannon Bennett & Re-Invention Test90 min
Season 9Episode 53Pressure Test: Kylie Millar60 min
Season 9Episode 54Fast-Track to Finals Week Immunity Challenge: Frederico Zanellato75 min
Season 9Episode 55Service Challenge: Clare Smyth75 min
Season 9Episode 56Elimination Challenge: Memories from Home70 min
Season 9Episode 57Mystery Box Challenge & Invention Test: Everything & Anything90 min
Season 9Episode 58Pressure Test: Shaun Quade's Pearl on the Ocean Floor70 min
Season 9Episode 59Elimination Challenge: Service Challenge75 min
Season 9Episode 60Service Challenge: Dinner by Heston75 min
Season 9Episode 61Elimination Challenge: Design Your Own Challenge & MasterClass 5120 min
Season 9Episode 62Semi Final: Service Challenge100 min
Season 9Episode 63MasterChef 2017 Grand Finale150 min
Season 10Episode 1Auditions Part 190 min
Season 10Episode 2Auditions Part 290 min
Season 10Episode 3Top 2460 min
Season 10Episode 4Elimination Challenge: My Fridge60 min
Season 10Episode 5Mystery Box Challenge: Who's Box is This & Invention Test: Surprise Inside90 min
Season 10Episode 6Pressure Test: Maggie Beer's Apple and Rosemary Tarte Tatin60 min
Season 10Episode 7Immunity Challenge: Shui Ishizaka75 min
Season 10Episode 8Team Challenge: MCG75 min
Season 10Episode 9Elimination Challenge: Falling in Love with Food60 min
Season 10Episode 10Mystery Box Challenge: Nigella Lawson & Invention Test: Snap, Crackle, Pop105 min
Season 10Episode 11Pressure Test: Nigella's Chocolate Feast60 min
Season 10Episode 12Immunity Challenge: Alanna Sapwell60 min
Season 10Episode 13Team Challenge: Brunch Service60 min
Season 10Episode 14Elimination Challenge: Dessert Taste Test & MasterClass 1120 min
Season 10Episode 15Mystery Box Challenge: Gordon Ramsay & Invention Test: Burgers105 min
Season 10Episode 16Pressure Test: Keeping Up with Gordon60 min
Season 10Episode 17Immunity Challenge: Three vs. Three60 min
Season 10Episode 18Service Challenge: Three-Course Menu for 5090 min
Season 10Episode 19Elimination Challenge: Matt Abe's Roast Chicken75 min
Season 10Episode 20Mystery Box Challenge: 20 Dollars & Invention Test: Team Relay100 min
Season 10Episode 21Pressure Test: Darren Purchese's Peach Melba60 min
Season 10Episode 22Immunity Challenge: Jacqui Challinor60 min
Season 10Episode 23Team Challenge: Memorise and Replicate60 min
Season 10Episode 24Elimination Challenge: Know Your Cuts75 min
Season 10Episode 25Mystery Box Challenge: Best of South Australia & Team Challenge: Adelaide Night Market90 min
Season 10Episode 26Elimination Challenge: Brendan Wessels' Lemon Meringue Pie60 min
Season 10Episode 27Immunity Challenge: Jin Choi60 min
Season 10Episode 28Team Challenge: Three-Course Table Grape Menu60 min
Season 10Episode 29Elimination Challenge: A Game of Chicken & MasterClass 2120 min
Season 10Episode 30Mystery Box Challenge: Bread & Invention Test: Spaghetti Bolognese90 min
Season 10Episode 31Pressure Test: Alla Wolf-Tasker's Autumn Harvest60 min
Season 10Episode 32Immunity Challenge: Andy Harmer60 min
Season 10Episode 33Team Challenge: Cooking with Fire60 min
Season 10Episode 34Elimination Challenge: Different Cuisines & Another Chance75 min
Season 10Episode 35Mystery Box Challenge: Adriano Zumbo & Invention Test: Croquembouche 2.090 min
Season 10Episode 36Pressure Test: Katherine Sabbath's Birthday Cake60 min
Season 10Episode 37Immunity Challenge: Alice Wright60 min
Season 10Episode 38Team Challenge: Tonka & Coda60 min
Season 10Episode 39Elimination Challenge: Kirsten Tibballs' Wheel of Chocolate70 min
Season 10Episode 40The Everything Mystery Box & Dish for a King90 min
Season 10Episode 41Pressure Test: Saransh Goila's Butter Chicken60 min
Season 10Episode 42Immunity Challenge: Ashley Davis60 min
Season 10Episode 43Team Challenge: Canapes for the Royal Reception75 min
Season 10Episode 44Elimination Challenge: Picture Perfect75 min
Season 10Episode 45Mystery Box Challenge: Surprise Ingredient & Invention Test: Oil, Salt, and Pepper90 min
Season 10Episode 46Re-Invention Test: Retro TV Dinners60 min
Season 10Episode 47Time or Ingredients60 min
Season 10Episode 48Off-Site Challenge: Panama Dining Room60 min
Season 10Episode 49Elimination Challenge: Peter Gilmore's Snow Egg & MasterClass 3120 min
Season 10Episode 50Mystery Box Challenge: Loved Ones & Invention Test: Vue de Monde105 min
Season 10Episode 51Pressure Test: Joe Grbac's Imperial Mandarin60 min
Season 10Episode 52Fast-Track to Finals Week: Matt or Reynold?60 min
Season 10Episode 53Off-Site Challenge: Second Bite at Luminare75 min
Season 10Episode 54Elimination Challenge: Taste Test in Three Rounds & MasterClass 4120 min
Season 10Episode 55Mystery Box Challenge: Past Seasons & Invention Test: No Rules105 min
Season 10Episode 56Pressure Test: Ashley Palmer-Watts' Sherried Marron60 min
Season 10Episode 57Two-Round Cook-Off: Three Seasons60 min
Season 10Episode 58Service Challenge: Icebergs75 min
Season 10Episode 59Elimination Challenge: Three-Course Meal for Four Top Chefs & MasterClass 5120 min
Season 10Episode 60Semi-Final: Service Challenge90 min
Season 10Episode 61MasterChef 2018 Grand Finale120 min
Season 11Episode 1Auditions Day 1105 min
Season 11Episode 2Auditions Day 270 min
Season 11Episode 3Top 24: Desert Island Dish70 min
Season 11Episode 4Immunity Challenge: Curtis Stone70 min
Season 11Episode 5Mystery Box Challenge: Judges' Favorites & Black Mystery Box90 min
Season 11Episode 6Pressure Test: Darren Purchese's Bombe Alaska70 min
Season 11Episode 7Immunity Challenge: Max Sharrad70 min
Season 11Episode 8Team Challenge: Briagolong Drought Feast70 min
Season 11Episode 9Elimination Challenge: Favourite and Least Favourite Ingredients & MasterClass 1135 min
Season 11Episode 10Mystery Box Challenge: Nigella Lawson & Invention Test: Relay100 min
Season 11Episode 11Pressure Test: Nigella's Roast Chicken70 min
Season 11Episode 12Immunity Challenge: Coskun Uysal75 min
Season 11Episode 13Team Challenge: Historical Menus70 min
Season 11Episode 14Elimination Challenge: Condiment Identification & MasterClass 2135 min
Season 11Episode 15Mystery Box Challenge: Rick Stein & Invention Test: Fish and Potatoes105 min
Season 11Episode 16Pressure Test: Clare Smyth's Pear and Lemon Verbena Vacherin70 min
Season 11Episode 17Immunity Challenge: Donovan Cooke70 min
Season 11Episode 18Team Challenge: Street Food at HWKR75 min
Season 11Episode 19Elimination Challenge: Deli Item Identification70 min
Season 11Episode 20Mystery Box Challenge: Dumplings & Invention Test: Share Your Secret100 min
Season 11Episode 21Pressure Test: Leno Lattarulo's Paella70 min
Season 11Episode 22Immunity Challenge - Sauce, Secrets and Citrus75 min
Season 11Episode 23Team Challenge - Secret Weapons75 min
Season 11Episode 24Elimination Challenge: Blind Taste Test70 min
Season 11Episode 25Mystery Box Challenge: Queensland Produce & Team Challenge: Food Trucks100 min
Season 11Episode 26Pressure Test: Shannon Kellam's Chocolate de Passion70 min
Season 11Episode 27Immunity Challenge: Ben Williamson60 min
Season 11Episode 28Team Challenge: Barbecue Feast at Noosa Surf Club70 min
Season 11Episode 29Elimination Challenge: Seafood Skills Test & MasterClass 3135 min
Season 11Episode 30Mystery Box Challenge: The Everything Box & Invention Test: Whole Ingredient100 min
Season 11Episode 31Pressure Test: Pick a Cloche90 min
Season 11Episode 32Immunity Challenge: Jesse McTavish70 min
Season 11Episode 33Team Challenge: Picnic at Hanging Rock with Maggie Beer70 min
Season 11Episode 34Elimination Challenge: Herbs and Spices70 min
Season 11Episode 35Mystery Box Challenge: Heston Blumenthal & Invention Test: Cereal100 min
Season 11Episode 36Pressure Test: Kate Reid's Black Forest Lune Croissant70 min
Season 11Episode 37Immunity Challenge: Alice Wright70 min
Season 11Episode 38Team Challenge: Identical Dishes70 min
Season 11Episode 39Elimination Challenge: Natural Sweeteners70 min
Season 11Episode 40Mystery Box Challenge: Best-selling Ingredients & Invention Test: Best-loved Ingredients100 min
Season 11Episode 41Jock Zonfrillo's Favourite Indigenous Ingredients70 min
Season 11Episode 42Immunity Challenge: Phil Wood70 min
Season 11Episode 43Team Challenge: Four-Course Meal with Australia's Best Ingredients75 min
Season 11Episode 44Elimination Challenge: Reducing Food Waste75 min
Season 11Episode 45Mystery Box Challenge: Deja Vu & Invention Test: A Moment in Time100 min
Season 11Episode 46Pressure Test: Kirsten Tibballs's Apple Pie70 min
Season 11Episode 47Immunity Challenge: Adam D'Sylva70 min
Season 11Episode 48Team Challenge: Four-Course Vegetarian Meal Aboard the Q Train70 min
Season 11Episode 49Elimination Challenge: Time Auction70 min
Season 11Episode 50Mystery Box Challenge: Best of the West & Invention Test: Surf and Turf 2.0100 min
Season 11Episode 51Service Challenge: Five-Course Degustation at Wildflower70 min
Season 11Episode 52Fast Track to Finals Week: Swan Valley70 min
Season 11Episode 53Team Challenge: Three-Course Menu at Leeuwin Estate Safari Club70 min
Season 11Episode 54Pressure Test: Two Dishes by Santiago Fernandez & MasterClass 4120 min
Season 11Episode 55Mystery Box Challenge: Loved One's Choice & Invention Test: Judges' Choice100 min
Season 11Episode 56Pressure Test: Ashley Palmer-Watts's Lamington Cake70 min
Season 11Episode 57Top 5 Advantage Challenge: Cook Whatever You Want70 min
Season 11Episode 58Service Challenge: The Press Club70 min
Season 11Episode 59Elimination Challenge: Asian, Farmhouse, or Sweet & MasterClass 5120 min
Season 11Episode 60Pressure Test: Peter Gilmore's White Coral90 min
Season 11Episode 61MasterChef 2019 Grand Finale120 min
Season 12Episode 1Immunity Pin Challenge: Finale-worthy Dish90 min
Season 12Episode 2Service Challenge: Ginger, Potatoes and Black Garlic60 min
Season 12Episode 3Team Challenge: Round Robin Relay60 min
Season 12Episode 4Immunity Challenge: Keeping Up with Gordon60 min
Season 12Episode 5Elimination Challenge: Gordon's Gift100 min
Season 12Episode 6Team Challenge: Ultimate Barbecue75 min
Season 12Episode 7Pressure Test: Jock Zonfrillo70 min
Season 12Episode 8Mystery Box Challenge: Melissa Leong75 min
Season 12Episode 9Immunity Challenge: Taste Test & MasterClass 1135 min
Season 12Episode 10Elimination Challenge: Judges' Pantry100 min
Season 12Episode 11Team Challenge: Three-round Cook-off90 min
Season 12Episode 12Pressure Test: Own Recipe75 min
Season 12Episode 13Mystery Box Challenge: Barter90 min
Season 12Episode 14Immunity Challenge: Time Auction60 min
Season 12Episode 15Elimination Challenge: Texture90 min
Season 12Episode 16Team Challenge: Thai Ute60 min
Season 12Episode 17Pressure Test: Helly Raichura75 min
Season 12Episode 18Mystery Box Challenge: Backyard Fruit and Vegetables75 min
Season 12Episode 19Immunity Challenge: Sushi Train75 min
Season 12Episode 20Elimination Challenge: Take Away90 min
Season 12Episode 21Service Challenge: Two Twists60 min
Season 12Episode 22Pressure Test: Darren Purchese75 min
Season 12Episode 23Mystery Box Challenge: Twist Ingredients75 min
Season 12Episode 24Immunity Challenge: Hot 'N' Cold & MasterClass 2150 min
Season 12Episode 25Elimination Challenge: Cuisine Cook-off90 min
Season 12Episode 26Service Challenge: Sweet or Savoury75 min
Season 12Episode 27Pressure Test: Peter Gunn75 min
Season 12Episode 28Mystery Box Challenge: Shannon Martinez75 min
Season 12Episode 29Immunity Challenge: Comfort Food90 min
Season 12Episode 30Elimination Challenge: Fish90 min
Season 12Episode 31Team Challenge: Relay70 min
Season 12Episode 32Pressure Test: Kirsten Tibballs75 min
Season 12Episode 33Mystery Box Challenge: Family Photo90 min
Season 12Episode 34Immunity Challenge: Classic Fairytales75 min
Season 12Episode 35Elimination Challenge: Flavour Pairing90 min
Season 12Episode 36Heat 1: Citrus Cook-off70 min
Season 12Episode 37Heat 2: Protein Dessert75 min
Season 12Episode 38Heat 3: Mystery Box Lottery75 min
Season 12Episode 39Immunity Challenge: Three-round Mini Finale90 min
Season 12Episode 40Pressure Test: Australia90 min
Season 12Episode 41Team Challenge: Identical Dishes70 min
Season 12Episode 42Pressure Test: Benjamin Cooper70 min
Season 12Episode 43Mystery Box Challenge: Smoke70 min
Season 12Episode 44Immunity Challenge: Pumpkin70 min
Season 12Episode 45Elimination Challenge: Food from Different Countries90 min
Season 12Episode 46Mystery Box Challenge: Golden Ingredients70 min
Season 12Episode 47Immunity Challenge: Ingredient Reveal70 min
Season 12Episode 48Elimination Challenge: Taste Test90 min
Season 12Episode 49Mystery Box Challenge: The Everything Box70 min
Season 12Episode 50Immunity Challenge: Alphabet Game70 min
Season 12Episode 51Elimination Challenge: Classics & New Inventions90 min
Season 12Episode 52Mystery Box Challenge: Colour70 min
Season 12Episode 53Immunity Challenge: Lucky Dip70 min
Season 12Episode 54Elimination Challenge: Potato, Mushroom and Cauliflower90 min
Season 12Episode 55Mystery Box Challenge: Inspired by Nature70 min
Season 12Episode 56Immunity Challenge: No Rules70 min
Season 12Episode 57Elimination Challenge: Four-course Menu90 min
Season 12Episode 58Mystery Box Challenge: Gordon Ramsay70 min
Season 12Episode 59Elimination Challenge: Ordinary vs. Extraordinary Pantry70 min
Season 12Episode 60Semi-Final90 min
Season 12Episode 61Grand Finale90 min
Season 13Episode 1Auditions, Day 1110 min
Season 13Episode 2Auditions, Day 2100 min
Season 13Episode 3Mystery Box Challenge: Emelia Jackson100 min
Season 13Episode 4Elimination Challenge: The Chicken or the Egg?100 min
Season 13Episode 5Taste Test: Biscuits & Pressure Test: Nigella Lawson's Toasted Marshmallow and Rhubarb Cake100 min
Season 13Episode 6Team Challenge: Yotam Ottolenghi's Flavour Bombs70 min
Season 13Episode 7Elimination Challenge: Mac and Cheese & Bread80 min
Season 13Episode 8Mystery Box Challenge: Clare Smyth70 min
Season 13Episode 9Immunity Challenge: Breakfast into Dessert70 min
Season 13Episode 10Elimination Challenge: Fit for a Menu100 min
Season 13Episode 11Team Challenge: Play to Your Strengths70 min
Season 13Episode 12Pressure Test: Jock Zonfrillo's Two Tarts70 min
Season 13Episode 13Mystery Box Challenge: Pantry Staples70 min
Season 13Episode 14Immunity Challenge: You Don't Always Get What You Want & MasterClass 1130 min
Season 13Episode 15Elimination Challenge: Classic Food Sayings100 min
Season 13Episode 16Team Challenge: Pasta70 min
Season 13Episode 17Pressure Test: Kirsten Tibballs' Three Chocolate Desserts90 min
Season 13Episode 18Mystery Box Challenge: Bento Box60 min
Season 13Episode 19Immunity Challenge: Cooking with Fire70 min
Season 13Episode 20Elimination Challenge: All About the Beef & Show What You Have Mastered90 min
Season 13Episode 21Service Challenge 1: Cuisines70 min
Season 13Episode 22Service Challenge 2: Ingredients70 min
Season 13Episode 23Service Challenge 3: Pantries70 min
Season 13Episode 24Service Challenge 4: Colours70 min
Season 13Episode 25Elimination Challenge: Team Relay100 min
Season 13Episode 26Invention Test: Humble Vegetables70 min
Season 13Episode 27Pressure Test: Clinton McIver's Aged Lamb with Flowering Legumes70 min
Season 13Episode 28Mystery Box Challenge: Basic Cooking Equipment70 min
Season 13Episode 29Immunity Challenge: The Hottest Chillies of the World70 min
Season 13Episode 30Elimination Challenge: Game Meats90 min
Season 13Episode 31Invention Test: Hero Ingredient60 min
Season 13Episode 32Pressure Test: Anthony Hart's Chocolate Oasis70 min
Season 13Episode 33Mystery Box Challenge: Clear or Covered70 min
Season 13Episode 34Three-Course Knockout Menu90 min
Season 13Episode 35Elimination Challenge: Murray Cod Three Ways90 min
Season 13Episode 36Team Challenge: Crayfish Two Ways70 min
Season 13Episode 37Elimination Challenge: Vegetarian Dish at Dairy Flat Farm70 min
Season 13Episode 38Mystery Box Challenge: Melbourne Inspiration70 min
Season 13Episode 39Immunity Challenge: Croissants at Lune70 min
Season 13Episode 40Elimination Challenge: Head-to-Head Cook-off90 min
Season 13Episode 41Team Challenge: Home Delivery Menu70 min
Season 13Episode 42Pressure Test: Khanh Nguyen's Pork Wellington70 min
Season 13Episode 43Mystery Box Challenge: Barter Box70 min
Season 13Episode 44Immunity Challenge: Common Ingredients in an Unconventional Way68 min
Season 13Episode 45Elimination Challenge: Taste Test with Nick Holloway90 min
Season 13Episode 46Team Challenge: Surf vs. Turf60 min
Season 13Episode 47Pressure Test: Vanilla70 min
Season 13Episode 48Mystery Box Challenge: Inspired by Family70 min
Season 13Episode 49Immunity Challenge: Keeping up with Curtis Stone & MasterClass 2130 min
Season 13Episode 50Double Elimination Challenge: Black Box or Black Cloche90 min
Season 13Episode 51Team Challenge: Three-Course Fine Dining Menu60 min
Season 13Episode 52Elimination Challenge: Native Ingredients60 min
Season 13Episode 53Mystery Box Challenge: Everything Box60 min
Season 13Episode 54Immunity Challenge: Lucky Dip60 min
Season 13Episode 55Elimination Challenge: Fast Food and Fancy Food100 min
Season 13Episode 56Elimination Challenge: Six-course Fine-dining Menu at Society70 min
Season 13Episode 57Pressure Test: Hugh Allen's Bottlebrush, Mum's Gum Nuts and Billy Buttons60 min
Season 13Episode 58Advantage Challenge: Jewels70 min
Season 13Episode 59Service Challenge: Three-course Fine Dining Menu & MasterClass 3130 min
Season 13Episode 60Grand Finale, Part 190 min
Season 13Episode 61Grand Finale, Part 2130 min
Season 14Episode 1Immunity Pin Challenge: Show Your Strength110 min
Season 14Episode 2Service Challenge: Fans versus Favourites100 min
Season 14Episode 3Team Challenge: Food Pyramid70 min
Season 14Episode 4Immunity Challenge: Lucky Dip70 min
Season 14Episode 5Elimination Challenge: Dish That Changed Your Life100 min
Season 14Episode 6Mystery Box Challenge: The Very First Mystery Box70 min
Season 14Episode 7Pressure Test: Adriano Zumbo's Polly Want a Waffle70 min
Season 14Episode 8Team Relay: Mystery Ingredient & MasterClass 1120 min
Season 14Episode 9Immunity Pin Challenge: Controversial Ingredients60 min
Season 14Episode 10Service Challenge: Three-course French-inspired Menu90 min
Season 14Episode 11Mystery Box Challenge: Shannon Bennett60 min
Season 14Episode 12Pressure Test: Reynold Poernomo's noi70 min
Season 14Episode 13Service Challenge: Fast Food versus Fancy Food75 min
Season 14Episode 14Immunity Challenge: Time or Ingredients?70 min
Season 14Episode 15Elimination Challenge: Egg100 min
Season 14Episode 16Mystery Box Challenge: Alphabet70 min
Season 14Episode 17Pressure Test: Gareth Whitton's Smoked Pecan and Butterscotch Tart60 min
Season 14Episode 18Service Challenge: Cherries and Honey75 min
Season 14Episode 19Immunity Challenge: Dual Duel70 min
Season 14Episode 20Elimination Challenge: Time100 min
Season 14Episode 21Mystery Box Challenge: Coffee70 min
Season 14Episode 22Pressure Test: Alla Wolf-Tasker's Summer Cucumbers with Murray Cod70 min
Season 14Episode 23Team Challenge: Date Night75 min
Season 14Episode 24Elimination Challenge: 90 Minutes & MasterClass 2130 min
Season 14Episode 25Immunity Pin Challenge: Combining Two Cuisines90 min
Season 14Episode 26Mystery Box Challenge: Maggie Beer70 min
Season 14Episode 27Pressure Test: Josh Niland's Tuna Wellington with Mashed Potato and Tuna Gravy70 min
Season 14Episode 28Team Challenge: Humble Ingredients70 min
Season 14Episode 29Immunity Challenge: Two-round Fry-Up70 min
Season 14Episode 30Elimination Challenge: Leafy Greens and Herbs90 min
Season 14Episode 31Mystery Box Challenge: Rainy Day Dish60 min
Season 14Episode 32Pressure Test: Donny Toce's Honey60 min
Season 14Episode 33Service Challenge: The LUME75 min
Season 14Episode 34Immunity Challenge: Marco Pierre White's Panache of Sea Scallops, Calamari and Ink Sauce & MasterClass 3120 min
Season 14Episode 35Elimination Challenge: Marco Pierre White's Pantry100 min
Season 14Episode 36Mystery Box Challenge: Fire70 min
Season 14Episode 37Pressure Test: Andreas Papadakis' Tipomisu70 min
Season 14Episode 38Service Challenge: Japanese vs. Italian60 min
Season 14Episode 39Immunity Challenge: Movie Food70 min
Season 14Episode 40Elimination Challenge: Postcards from All Over the World90 min
Season 14Episode 41Mystery Box Challenge: The Everything Box69 min
Season 14Episode 42Pressure Test: Handle Your Own Pressure70 min
Season 14Episode 43Invention Test: Fruit Salad70 min
Season 14Episode 44Immunity Pin Challenge: Time Auction70 min
Season 14Episode 45Elimination Challenge: Pumpkin, Chicken or Fish?70 min
Season 14Episode 46Mystery Box Challenge: Tiny Ingredients70 min
Season 14Episode 47Pressure Test: Khanh Nguyen's Seafood Plate70 min
Season 14Episode 48Service Challenge: Herbs80 min
Season 14Episode 49Immunity Challenge: Prickly Ingredients & MasterClass 4120 min
Season 14Episode 50Elimination Challenge: Ingredient Gamble90 min
Season 14Episode 51Mystery Box Challenge: Rainbow70 min
Season 14Episode 52Pressure Test: Kirsten Tibballs' Cherry on Top70 min
Season 14Episode 53Team Challenge: Two + Two Ingredients70 min
Season 14Episode 54Immunity Challenge: Time Is Money60 min
Season 14Episode 55Elimination Challenge: Oysters100 min
Season 14Episode 56Immunity Challenge: Truffles70 min
Season 14Episode 57Elimination Challenge: Showcasing Spirits70 min
Season 14Episode 58Immunity Challenge: From Home Cook to Pro Cook75 min
Season 14Episode 59MasterClass 570 min
Season 14Episode 60Pressure Test: Peter Gilmore90 min
Season 14Episode 61Service Challenge: Semifinal Three-course Menu90 min
Season 14Episode 62Grand Final120 min
Season 15Episode 1Advantage Challenge: Secret Weapon Dish105 min
Season 15Episode 215-Minute Cook & Keeping Up With Jamie Oliver90 min
Season 15Episode 3Jamie Oliver's Flavour Bombs70 min
Season 15Episode 4Immunity Challenge: Pleasant vs. Potent70 min
Season 15Episode 5Elimination Challenge: Childhood Memories90 min
Season 15Episode 6Mystery Box Challenge: Poh Ling Yeow70 min
Season 15Episode 7Elimination Challenge: Choux70 min
Season 15Episode 8Service Challenge: Matt vs. Sashi70 min
Season 15Episode 9Immunity Challenge: Roasted Chicken70 min
Season 15Episode 10Elimination Challenge: Julie Goodwin's Seafood Stew90 min
Season 15Episode 11Mystery Box Challenge: Supersized Ingredients70 min
Season 15Episode 12Pressure Test: Eddie Stewart's Tokyo Lamington Tower70 min
Season 15Episode 13Service Challenge: Surf and Turf70 min
Season 15Episode 14Immunity Challenge: Mystery Appliance70 min
Season 15Episode 15Elimination Challenge: Slow Food90 min
Season 15Episode 16Mystery Box Challenge: Breakfast Cereals70 min
Season 15Episode 17Pressure Test: Donato Toce's Messinetta70 min
Season 15Episode 18Team Service Challenge: Chinese Banquet70 min
Season 15Episode 19Immunity Challenge: Flambé70 min
Season 15Episode 20Elimination Challenge: 70s Dinner Party Classics90 min
Season 15Episode 21Mystery Box Challenge: Home Cooks vs. Nomad70 min
Season 15Episode 22Pressure Test: Khahn Nguyen70 min
Season 15Episode 23Relay Challenge70 min
Season 15Episode 24Time or Ingredients70 min
Season 15Episode 25Elimination Challenge: Rick Stein100 min
Season 15Episode 26Mystery Box Challenge: Everything But The Fillets70 min
Season 15Episode 27Pressure Test: No Recipe Pho70 min
Season 15Episode 28Team Service Challenge: Two Course Root Veg70 min
Season 15Episode 29Immunity Challenge: Condiment Challenge70 min
Season 15Episode 30Elimination Challenge: Ingredient Gamble90 min
Season 15Episode 31Mystery Box Challenge: Surprise Inside70 min
Season 15Episode 32Pressure Test: Peter Rabbit Garden70 min
Season 15Episode 33Service Challenge: NGV Greek Service70 min
Season 15Episode 34Immunity Challenge: Beat The Chef70 min
Season 15Episode 35Elimination Challenge: Caviar Taste Test90 min
Season 15Episode 36Mystery Box Challenge: Everything Mystery Box70 min
Season 15Episode 37Pressure Test: Beef & Oyster70 min
Season 15Episode 38Team Challenge: O.My Farm to Table70 min
Season 15Episode 39Immunity Challenge: Crunch Time70 min
Season 15Episode 40Elimination Challenge: Kirsten Tibballs' Favourite Ingredients90 min
Season 15Episode 41Mystery Box Challenge: MasterChef Garden70 min
Season 15Episode 42Time Auction70 min
Season 15Episode 43Cactus Country70 min
Season 15Episode 44Service Challenge: Grains70 min
Season 15Episode 45Elimination Challenge: Two-round Duel90 min
Season 15Episode 46Mystery Box Challenge: Family Favourite70 min
Season 15Episode 47Pressure Test: Peter Gilmore70 min
Season 15Episode 48Advantage Challenge: Keeping Up with Curtis Stone70 min
Season 15Episode 49Service Challenge: Three-course Menu90 min
Season 15Episode 50MasterChef 2023 Grand Finale120 min
  • Andy Allen

    as Himself - Judge & Host
  • Jock Zonfrillo

    as Himself - Judge & Host
  • Melissa Leong

    as Herself - Judge & Host