The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1962)

  • Genre: Talk
  • Creator: Steve Allen, Sylvester Weaver
  • First Air Date: 1962-10-01
  • Last Air Date: 1992-05-22
  • Total Seasons: 31
  • Total Episodes: 1785
  • Status: Ended
  • Episode Runtime: 60 min.
  • Production Company: NBC Productions
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • Networks: NBC
star 7.9/10
From 37 Ratings


The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson is a talk show hosted by Johnny Carson under The Tonight Show franchise from 1962 to 1992. It originally aired during late-night. For its first ten years, Carson's Tonight Show was based in New York City with occasional trips to Burbank, California; in May 1972, the show moved permanently to Burbank, California. In 2002, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was ranked #12 on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time.


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The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson Seasons

Season 0

First Air Date:
3 Episodes

Season 1

First Air Date: 1962-10-01
64 Episodes

Season 2

First Air Date: 1963-01-01
260 Episodes

Season 3

First Air Date: 1964-01-01
257 Episodes

Season 4

First Air Date: 1965-01-01
1 Episodes

Season 5

First Air Date: 1966-01-03
1 Episodes

Season 6

First Air Date: 1967-01-02
1 Episodes

Season 7

First Air Date: 1968-01-01
1 Episodes

Season 8

First Air Date: 1969-01-01
1 Episodes

Season 9

First Air Date: 1970-01-01
13 Episodes

Season 10

First Air Date: 1971-01-01
9 Episodes

Season 11

First Air Date: 1972-01-03
7 Episodes

Season 12

First Air Date: 1973-01-01
10 Episodes

Season 13

First Air Date: 1974-10-04
13 Episodes

Season 14

First Air Date: 1975-12-02
11 Episodes

Season 15

First Air Date: 1976-01-01
260 Episodes

Season 16

First Air Date: 1978-07-10
33 Episodes

Season 17

First Air Date: 1979-07-10
43 Episodes

Season 18

First Air Date: 1980-06-16
67 Episodes

Season 19

First Air Date: 1981-07-21
31 Episodes

Season 20

First Air Date: 1982-08-18
20 Episodes

Season 21

First Air Date: 1983-04-06
17 Episodes

Season 22

First Air Date: 1984-06-07
18 Episodes

Season 23

First Air Date: 1985-09-11
19 Episodes

Season 24

First Air Date: 1986-06-27
23 Episodes

Season 25

First Air Date: 1987-09-11
13 Episodes

Season 26

First Air Date: 1987-12-09
21 Episodes

Season 27

First Air Date: 1989-02-20
119 Episodes

Season 28

First Air Date: 1989-10-26
185 Episodes

Season 29

First Air Date: 1990-10-02
147 Episodes

Season 30

First Air Date: 1991-10-01
46 Episodes

Season 31

First Air Date: 1992-01-01
74 Episodes

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson Episodes

Title Air Date Duration
Season 1962Episode 1Oct. 1, 196260 min
Season 1962Episode 2Oct. 2, 196260 min
Season 1962Episode 3Oct. 3, 196260 min
Season 1962Episode 4Oct 4, 196260 min
Season 1962Episode 5Oct 5, 196260 min
Season 1962Episode 21Oct 29, 196260 min
Season 1962Episode 54Dec 14, 196260 min
Season 1962Episode 64Artie Shaw, Phyllis Newman, Benson and Mann, John Bubbles60 min
Season 1963Episode 85Paul Ford, Shirley Knight, Jack Douglas and wife Reiko60 min
Season 1963Episode 93May 9, 196360 min
Season 1963Episode 118Mickey Shaughnessy, Augie and Margo Rodriguez, Roger Williams, Johnny Nash60 min
Season 1963Episode 151Jul 30, 196360 min
Season 1963Episode 167Aug 21, 196360 min
Season 1963Episode 169Raymond Massey, Ernest Borgnine, Maureen O'Hara, Wiere Brothers60 min
Season 1963Episode 176Lauren Bacall, Rufus Jarmon, Dr. Thomas Reiss, The Giesenslav Brothers, Johnny Nash, June Valli60 min
Season 1963Episode 200Pernell Roberts, George Jessel, Patrice Wymore, William Walker60 min
Season 1963Episode 201Jack Benny, Mitch Miller, Sebastian Cabot, Commander Edward Whitehead, Tina Robins60 min
Season 1963Episode 202Susan Strasberg, Sal Mineo, Professor Irwin Corey, Toni Arden, Charles Nelson Reilly60 min
Season 1963Episode 203Julie Newmar, Smith & Dale, Howard G. Minsky, Signe Hasso, Dore Schary, Tommy Leonetti, Perry Botkin60 min
Season 1963Episode 204Benny Goodman, Corbett Monica, Jack Bailey, Louis J. Camuti, Julie Wilson60 min
Season 1963Episode 225Nov 11, 196360 min
Season 1963Episode 254Al Lewis, Burmese surgeon Dr. Ohlmanson, Anita Ray and Diane Hall, Patachou60 min
Season 1963Episode 255Dec 23, 196360 min
Season 1964Episode 9Jan Sterling, Al Hirt60 min
Season 1964Episode 30Mel Brooks, Larry Blyden, Eva Gabor60 min
Season 1964Episode 35Ernest Borgnine, Laurence Harvey, Rose Marie, Phil Harris60 min
Season 1964Episode 41Nick Adams, Rhonda Fleming, Joe and Eddie60 min
Season 1964Episode 53Dirk Bogarde, Eva Gabor, Marlin Perkins, Johhny Nash60 min
Season 1964Episode 71Julie London, Alan King, Dawn Nickerson60 min
Season 1964Episode 238Nov 27, 196460 min
Season 1964Episode 242Bill Cosby, Phil Foster, Julie Bennett, Look Magazine All-American Football Team60 min
Season 1964Episode 258Dec 25, 196460 min
Season 1965Episode 73Lola Albright, Ulick O'Connor60 min
Season 1965Episode 122Jun 21, 196560 min
Season 1965Episode 158Aug 10, 196560 min
Season 1965Episode 208Julie London, Jack Douglas and wife Reiko60 min
Season 1965Episode 212Bette Davis, Edgar Bergen, Oleg Cassini60 min
Season 1965Episode 245Sammy Davis Jr., Laurence Harvey, Shari Lewis, Corbett Monica60 min
Season 1966Episode 16Honor Blackman60 min
Season 1966Episode 43Mar 2, 196660 min
Season 1966Episode 55Mar 18, 196660 min
Season 1966Episode 58Bette Davis, the Smothers BrothersThe Andrews Sisters60 min
Season 1966Episode 94May 12, 196660 min
Season 1966Episode 166Aug 22, 196660 min
Season 1966Episode 167Aug 23, 196660 min
Season 1966Episode 168Aug 24, 196660 min
Season 1966Episode 169Aug 25, 196660 min
Season 1966Episode 170Aug 26, 196660 min
Season 1966Episode 209Bette Davis, Kathy Garver, April Olrich60 min
Season 1967Episode 16Dick Cavett, James Mason, Tony Martin, Beverly Todd60 min
Season 1967Episode 43Mar 1, 196760 min
Season 1967Episode 51Don Adams, Buddy Hackett, Robert Morse, Rock Hudson, Nelson Rickefeller, Connie Stevens60 min
Season 1967Episode 78Apr 19, 196760 min
Season 1967Episode 85Apr 28, 196760 min
Season 1967Episode 142Jul 18, 196760 min
Season 1967Episode 219Nov 2, 196760 min
Season 1968Episode 2Jan 2, 196860 min
Season 1968Episode 18Jan 24, 196860 min
Season 1968Episode 32Feb 13, 196860 min
Season 1968Episode 36Feb 19, 196860 min
Season 1968Episode 86Apr 29, 196860 min
Season 1968Episode 102May 21, 196860 min
Season 1968Episode 253Dec 18, 196860 min
Season 1969Episode 59Mar 24, 196960 min
Season 1969Episode 63Mar 28, 196960 min
Season 1969Episode 93May 9, 196960 min
Season 1969Episode 97May 15, 196960 min
Season 1969Episode 108May 30, 196960 min
Season 1969Episode 1334 July 196960 min
Season 1969Episode 210Oct 21, 196960 min
Season 1969Episode 244Dec 8, 196960 min
Season 1969Episode 254Dec 22, 196960 min
Season 1970Episode 12Jan 16, 197060 min
Season 1970Episode 17Jan 23, 197060 min
Season 1970Episode 196Oct 1, 197060 min
Season 1970Episode 229Nov 17, 197060 min
Season 1970Episode 231Nov 19, 197060 min
Season 1970Episode 233Nov 23, 197060 min
Season 1970Episode 234Jun 25, 197060 min
Season 1971Episode 12Jan 18, 197160 min
Season 1971Episode 13Jan 19, 197160 min
Season 1971Episode 17Jan 25, 197160 min
Season 1971Episode 36Feb 19, 197160 min
Season 1971Episode 65Apr 1, 197160 min
Season 1971Episode 66Apr 2, 197160 min
Season 1971Episode 74Apr 14, 197160 min
Season 1971Episode 95May 13, 197160 min
Season 1971Episode 107May 31, 197160 min
Season 1971Episode 131Jul 2, 197160 min
Season 1971Episode 134Jul 7, 197160 min
Season 1971Episode 160Aug 12, 197160 min
Season 1971Episode 182Sep 13, 197160 min
Season 1971Episode 191Sep 24, 197160 min
Season 1971Episode 197Oct 4, 197160 min
Season 1971Episode 230Nov 18, 197160 min
Season 1971Episode 231Nov 19, 197160 min
Season 1972Episode 1Jan 3, 197260 min
Season 1972Episode 31Sammy Davis Jr./Bette Davis60 min
Season 1972Episode 41Feb 28, 197260 min
Season 1972Episode 61Mar 27, 197260 min
Season 1972Episode 67Apr 4, 197260 min
Season 1972Episode 150Jul 28, 197260 min
Season 1972Episode 170Aug 25, 197260 min
Season 1972Episode 214Oct 26, 197260 min
Season 1972Episode 237Nov 28, 197260 min
Season 1972Episode 239Nov 30, 197260 min
Season 1973Episode 101May 21, 197360 min
Season 1973Episode 157Aug 7, 197360 min
Season 1973Episode 163Robert Blake, Alex Karras, Trini Lopez, William Proxmire60 min
Season 1973Episode 170Aug 24, 197360 min
Season 1973Episode 192Sep 25, 197360 min
Season 1974Episode 160Aug 12, 197460 min
Season 1974Episode 232Nov. 20, 197460 min
Season 1974Episode 239Nov. 29, 197460 min
Season 1974Episode 240Dec 2, 197460 min
Season 1974Episode 241Nov. 28, 197460 min
Season 1975Episode 7Jan 9, 197560 min
Season 1975Episode 27Feb 6, 197560 min
Season 1975Episode 97May 15, 197560 min
Season 1975Episode 143Jul 18, 197560 min
Season 1975Episode 163Aug 15, 197560 min
Season 1975Episode 185Sep 16, 197560 min
Season 1975Episode 206Oct 15, 197560 min
Season 1975Episode 243Michael Caine, Sean Connery, David Brenner, Burt Mustin60 min
Season 1975Episode 260Dec 30, 197560 min
Season 1976Episode 6Jan 8, 197660 min
Season 1976Episode 105May 26, 197660 min
Season 1976Episode 172Aug 27, 197660 min
Season 1976Episode 224Judith Blegen, Sean Connery, Johnny Mathis60 min
Season 1977Episode 78Apr 20, 197760 min
Season 1977Episode 94May 12, 197760 min
Season 1977Episode 142Jul 19, 197760 min
Season 1977Episode 175Sep 2, 197760 min
Season 1977Episode 189Sep 22, 197760 min
Season 1977Episode 201Oct 10, 197760 min
Season 1978Episode 35Feb 17, 197860 min
Season 1978Episode 46Mar 6, 197860 min
Season 1978Episode 79Apr 20, 197860 min
Season 1978Episode 86May 1, 197860 min
Season 1978Episode 96May 15, 197860 min
Season 1978Episode 105May 26, 197860 min
Season 1978Episode 112Jun 6, 197860 min
Season 1978Episode 188Sep 20, 197860 min
Season 1978Episode 196Oct 2, 197860 min
Season 1978Episode 226Nov 13, 197860 min
Season 1978Episode 232Nov 21, 197860 min
Season 1978Episode 237Nov 27, 197860 min
Season 1978Episode 242Dec 5, 197860 min
Season 1979Episode 34Feb 15, 197960 min
Season 1979Episode 82Apr 24, 197960 min
Season 1979Episode 133Jun 29, 197960 min
Season 1979Episode 153Aug 1, 197960 min
Season 1979Episode 234Nov 22, 197960 min
Season 1979Episode 243Dec 5, 197960 min
Season 1980Episode 62Mar 26, 198060 min
Season 1980Episode 92May 7, 198060 min
Season 1980Episode 115Jun 9, 198060 min
Season 1980Episode 127Jun 25, 198060 min
Season 1980Episode 150Jul 28, 198060 min
Season 1980Episode 172Aug 27, 198060 min
Season 1981Episode 9Jan 13, 198160 min
Season 1981Episode 30Feb 11, 198160 min
Season 1981Episode 129June 30, 198160 min
Season 1981Episode 195Sep 30, 198160 min
Season 1981Episode 205Oct 14, 198160 min
Season 1981Episode 219Nov 3, 198160 min
Season 1981Episode 241Dec 3, 198160 min
Season 1981Episode 242Dec 4, 198160 min
Season 1982Episode 61Mar 26, 198260 min
Season 1982Episode 135Jul 8, 198260 min
Season 1982Episode 164Aug 18, 198260 min
Season 1982Episode 166Aug 20, 198260 min
Season 1982Episode 168Aug 24, 198260 min
Season 1982Episode 241Dec 3, 198260 min
Season 1983Episode 28Bette Davis/Richard Pryor60 min
Season 1983Episode 43Mar 2, 198360 min
Season 1983Episode 98May 18, 198360 min
Season 1983Episode 198Sean Connery, Keenen Ivory Wayans/Tania Maria60 min
Season 1983Episode 231Nov 21, 198360 min
Season 1984Episode 67Apr 3, 198460 min
Season 1984Episode 109May 31, 198460 min
Season 1984Episode 135Joan Rivers, Elliott Gould, Mary Lou Retton60 min
Season 1984Episode 183Sep. 12, 198460 min
Season 1984Episode 200Oct 5, 198460 min
Season 1984Episode 213Oct 24, 198460 min
Season 1985Episode 4Peter Fonda , Charles Nelson Reilly, A. Whitney Brown60 min
Season 1985Episode 73Apr 11, 198560 min
Season 1985Episode 82Natalie Cole, David Steinberg, John Travolta60 min
Season 1985Episode 114Jun 7, 198560 min
Season 1985Episode 180Sep 9, 198560 min
Season 1986Episode 10Jan 14, 198660 min
Season 1986Episode 27Feb 6, 198660 min
Season 1986Episode 30Don Ameche, America Morris60 min
Season 1986Episode 44Mar 3, 198660 min
Season 1986Episode 47Mar 6, 198660 min
Season 1986Episode 84Apr 28, 198660 min
Season 1986Episode 97May 15, 198660 min
Season 1986Episode 102Bette Davis60 min
Season 1986Episode 135Show #566260 min
Season 1986Episode 136Show #566360 min
Season 1986Episode 137Show #566460 min
Season 1986Episode 138Show #566560 min
Season 1986Episode 139Show #566660 min
Season 1986Episode 140Show #566760 min
Season 1986Episode 141Jul 16, 198660 min
Season 1986Episode 142Show #566960 min
Season 1986Episode 143Show #567060 min
Season 1986Episode 144Show #567160 min
Season 1986Episode 145Show #567260 min
Season 1986Episode 146Show #567360 min
Season 1986Episode 147Show #567460 min
Season 1986Episode 148Richard Pryor, Sean Penn60 min
Season 1986Episode 149Show #567660 min
Season 1986Episode 150Show #567760 min
Season 1986Episode 151Show #567860 min
Season 1986Episode 152Show #567960 min
Season 1986Episode 153Show #568060 min
Season 1986Episode 154Show #568160 min
Season 1986Episode 155Show #568260 min
Season 1986Episode 156Show #568360 min
Season 1986Episode 157Show #568460 min
Season 1986Episode 158Show #568560 min
Season 1986Episode 159Show #568660 min
Season 1986Episode 160Show #568760 min
Season 1986Episode 161Show #568860 min
Season 1986Episode 162Show #568960 min
Season 1986Episode 163Show #569060 min
Season 1986Episode 164Show #569160 min
Season 1986Episode 165Alan Thicke, Rosanna Arquette, Oprah Winfrey60 min
Season 1986Episode 166Show #569360 min
Season 1986Episode 167Show #569460 min
Season 1986Episode 168Show #569560 min
Season 1986Episode 169Show #569660 min
Season 1986Episode 170Show #569760 min
Season 1986Episode 171Show #569860 min
Season 1986Episode 172Show #569960 min
Season 1986Episode 173Show #570060 min
Season 1986Episode 174Show #570160 min
Season 1986Episode 175George Carlin ,Barney Odum60 min
Season 1986Episode 176Show #570360 min
Season 1986Episode 177Show #570460 min
Season 1986Episode 178Show #570560 min
Season 1986Episode 179Show #570660 min
Season 1986Episode 180Dec 3, 198660 min
Season 1986Episode 181Show #570860 min
Season 1986Episode 182Show #570960 min
Season 1986Episode 183Show #571060 min
Season 1986Episode 184Show #571160 min
Season 1986Episode 185Dec 11, 198660 min
Season 1986Episode 186Show #571360 min
Season 1986Episode 250Show #571460 min
Season 1986Episode 251Show #571560 min
Season 1986Episode 252Show #571660 min
Season 1986Episode 253Show #571760 min
Season 1986Episode 260Show #571860 min
Season 1986Episode 261Show #566860 min
Season 1987Episode 1Show #571960 min
Season 1987Episode 2Show #572060 min
Season 1987Episode 3Show #572160 min
Season 1987Episode 4Show #572260 min
Season 1987Episode 5Show #572360 min
Season 1987Episode 6Show #572460 min
Season 1987Episode 7Show #572560 min
Season 1987Episode 8Show #572660 min
Season 1987Episode 9Show #572760 min
Season 1987Episode 10Show #572860 min
Season 1987Episode 11Show #572960 min
Season 1987Episode 12Show #573060 min
Season 1987Episode 13Show #573160 min
Season 1987Episode 14Show #573260 min
Season 1987Episode 15Show #573360 min
Season 1987Episode 16Show #573460 min
Season 1987Episode 17Show #573560 min
Season 1987Episode 18Show #573660 min
Season 1987Episode 19George Carlin, Susan Sullivan, Sheryl Lee Ralph60 min
Season 1987Episode 20Show #573860 min
Season 1987Episode 21Show #573960 min
Season 1987Episode 22Show #574060 min
Season 1987Episode 23Show #574160 min
Season 1987Episode 24Show #574260 min
Season 1987Episode 25Show #574360 min
Season 1987Episode 26Show #574460 min
Season 1987Episode 27Show #574560 min
Season 1987Episode 28Show #574660 min
Season 1987Episode 29Show #574760 min
Season 1987Episode 30Show #574860 min
Season 1987Episode 31Show #574960 min
Season 1987Episode 32Show #575060 min
Season 1987Episode 33Show #575160 min
Season 1987Episode 34Show #575260 min
Season 1987Episode 35Christopher Reeve, Dana Carvey, Frank Olivier60 min
Season 1987Episode 36Show #575460 min
Season 1987Episode 37Show #575560 min
Season 1987Episode 38Tim Conway, Harry Anderson60 min
Season 1987Episode 39Show #575760 min
Season 1987Episode 40Show #575860 min
Season 1987Episode 41Show #575960 min
Season 1987Episode 42Show #576060 min
Season 1987Episode 43Show #576160 min
Season 1987Episode 44Show #576260 min
Season 1987Episode 45Show #576360 min
Season 1987Episode 46Show #576460 min
Season 1987Episode 47Show #576560 min
Season 1987Episode 48Show #576660 min
Season 1987Episode 49Show #576760 min
Season 1987Episode 50Show #576860 min
Season 1987Episode 51Show #576960 min
Season 1987Episode 52Show #577060 min
Season 1987Episode 53Show #577160 min
Season 1987Episode 54Show #577260 min
Season 1987Episode 55Show #577360 min
Season 1987Episode 56Show #577460 min
Season 1987Episode 57Show #577560 min
Season 1987Episode 58Show #577660 min
Season 1987Episode 59Show #577760 min
Season 1987Episode 60Show #577860 min
Season 1987Episode 61Show #577960 min
Season 1987Episode 62A spoof on Burbank's 100th Anniversary with a videotape of the 'historical points of interest' in Burbank60 min
Season 1987Episode 63Show #578160 min
Season 1987Episode 64Show #578260 min
Season 1987Episode 65Show #578360 min
Season 1987Episode 66Show #578460 min
Season 1987Episode 67Show #578560 min
Season 1987Episode 68Show #578660 min
Season 1987Episode 69Show #578760 min
Season 1987Episode 70Show #578860 min
Season 1987Episode 71Show #578960 min
Season 1987Episode 72Show #579060 min
Season 1987Episode 73Show #579160 min
Season 1987Episode 74Show #579260 min
Season 1987Episode 75Show #579360 min
Season 1987Episode 76Show #579460 min
Season 1987Episode 77Show #579560 min
Season 1987Episode 78Show #579660 min
Season 1987Episode 79Show #579760 min
Season 1987Episode 80Show #579860 min
Season 1987Episode 81Show #579960 min
Season 1987Episode 82Show #580060 min
Season 1987Episode 83Show #580160 min
Season 1987Episode 84Show #580260 min
Season 1987Episode 85Show #580360 min
Season 1987Episode 86Show #580460 min
Season 1987Episode 87Show #580560 min
Season 1987Episode 88Show #580660 min
Season 1987Episode 89Show #580760 min
Season 1987Episode 90Show #580860 min
Season 1987Episode 91Patrick Duffy, Jearl Walker60 min
Season 1987Episode 92Show #581060 min
Season 1987Episode 93Show #581160 min
Season 1987Episode 94Show #581260 min
Season 1987Episode 95Show #581360 min
Season 1987Episode 96Show #581460 min
Season 1987Episode 97Show #581560 min
Season 1987Episode 98Show #581660 min
Season 1987Episode 99Show #581760 min
Season 1987Episode 100Show #581860 min
Season 1987Episode 101Show #581960 min
Season 1987Episode 102Aug 10, 198760 min
Season 1987Episode 103Show #582160 min
Season 1987Episode 104Show #582260 min
Season 1987Episode 105Show #582360 min
Season 1987Episode 106Show #582460 min
Season 1987Episode 107Show #582560 min
Season 1987Episode 108Show #582660 min
Season 1987Episode 109Show #582760 min
Season 1987Episode 110Show #582860 min
Season 1987Episode 111Show #582960 min
Season 1987Episode 112Christina Pickles, John Mendoza, Ed Gillet60 min
Season 1987Episode 113Show #583160 min
Season 1987Episode 114Show #583260 min
Season 1987Episode 115Show #583360 min
Season 1987Episode 116Show #583460 min
Season 1987Episode 117Show #583560 min
Season 1987Episode 118Show #583660 min
Season 1987Episode 119Show #583760 min
Season 1987Episode 120Show #583860 min
Season 1987Episode 121Show #583960 min
Season 1987Episode 122Show #584060 min
Season 1987Episode 123Show #584160 min
Season 1987Episode 124Show #584260 min
Season 1987Episode 125Show #584360 min
Season 1987Episode 126Show #584460 min
Season 1987Episode 127David Brenner, Dale Robertson, Don Johnson60 min
Season 1987Episode 128Show #584660 min
Season 1987Episode 129Show #584760 min
Season 1987Episode 130Show #584860 min
Season 1987Episode 131Show #584960 min
Season 1987Episode 132Barry Sobel, Betty White, Tiffany60 min
Season 1987Episode 133John Larroquette, Kenny G60 min
Season 1987Episode 134Patrick Swayze, A. Whitney Brown60 min
Season 1987Episode 135Jay Leno (guest host), Valerie Harper, Brian Dennehy, Florence Henderson60 min
Season 1987Episode 136Madeline Kahn, Don Rickles, Michael Franks60 min
Season 1987Episode 137Tim Conway, Kevin Rooney, Jester Hairston, Donald O. Cram60 min
Season 1987Episode 138James Galway, Myrtle Young60 min
Season 1987Episode 139Jay Leno (guest host), Jacqueline Bisset, James Brolin60 min
Season 1987Episode 140Helen Shaver, Calvin Trillin, George Benson60 min
Season 1987Episode 141Connie Lew, Robert Klein60 min
Season 1987Episode 142David Letterman, Joe Piscopo, Cutting Crew60 min
Season 1987Episode 143Jay Leno (guest host), Brian Bonsall, Marilu Henner, Fred Dryer, Anita Pointer60 min
Season 1987Episode 144Jay Leno (guest host), Donna Mills, Paul Reiser, Linda Hopkins60 min
Season 1987Episode 145Jay Leno (guest host), John Davidson, Joseph Wapner, Cirque du Soleil60 min
Season 1987Episode 146Jay Leno (guest host), Tyne Daly, Alan Thicke, Mary Hart60 min
Season 1987Episode 147Jay Leno (guest host), Joan Embery, Robert Klein, Corbin Bernsen60 min
Season 1987Episode 148George C. Scott, Amazing Randi60 min
Season 1987Episode 149Candice Bergen, Francis Ruffelle60 min
Season 1987Episode 150Chuck Berry60 min
Season 1987Episode 151Mabel Gaskill, Shelley Long, Steve Lawrence60 min
Season 1987Episode 152James Stewart, Paula Poundstone, Linda Hopkins60 min
Season 1987Episode 153Arnold Schwarzenegger, Thalassa Cruso, Rosanne Cash60 min
Season 1987Episode 154Carl Reiner, Holly Robinson60 min
Season 1987Episode 155Farrah Fawcett, Gene Siskel, Roger Ebert, The Ed Shaughnessy Quartet60 min
Season 1987Episode 156Jay Leno, George Miller, Jayne Atkinson60 min
Season 1987Episode 157Paul Reiser, Rebecca Arthur, Diane Schuur60 min
Season 1987Episode 158Hailey Nance, Bill Maher, Saundra Santiago60 min
Season 1987Episode 159Ted Danson, Steven Wright, Nicolas Pryor60 min
Season 1987Episode 160Harvey Korman, Cathy Guisewite60 min
Season 1987Episode 161Bob Pohle, Jonathan Winters, Icehouse60 min
Season 1987Episode 162Louie Anderson, Jack Jones60 min
Season 1987Episode 163David Steinberg, Jann Karam, Don Yesso60 min
Season 1987Episode 164Jay Leno (guest host), Melvin Kiser, Vincent Price, Susan Ruttan, Joe Williams60 min
Season 1987Episode 165Jay Leno (guest host), Tracey Ullman, Patrick Swayze, Bill Alexander, Sheila E60 min
Season 1987Episode 166Jay Leno (guest host), Tom Snyder, Oak Ridge Boys60 min
Season 1987Episode 167Jay Leno (guest host), Connie Selleca, Paul Provenza, John Denver60 min
Season 1987Episode 168Jay Leno (guest host), Billy Crystal, Christina Pickles, 10,000 Maniacs60 min
Season 1987Episode 169Jay Leno (guest host), Calvin Trillin, Roy Orbison, k.d. lang60 min
Season 1987Episode 170Merv Griffin, Linda Ronstadt60 min
Season 1987Episode 171David Brenner, Ray Charles60 min
Season 1987Episode 172Danny DeVito, Yakov Smirnoff, Pointer Sisters60 min
Season 1987Episode 173Jay Leno (guest host), Debbie Reynolds, Robert Townsend, Air Supply60 min
Season 1987Episode 174Bob Uecker, Colm Wilkinson60 min
Season 1987Episode 175Jack Paar60 min
Season 1987Episode 176Robin Williams, Bob Hope, Tony Bennett60 min
Season 1987Episode 177Jay Leno (guest host), John Davidson, Robert Conrad, Connie Chung60 min
Season 1987Episode 178Gregory Peck, Argus Hamilton, B.B. King60 min
Season 1987Episode 179Smothers Brothers, Daniel Rosen60 min
Season 1988Episode 1Jay Leno (guest host), Lance Burton, Rita Moreno, Baxter Black60 min
Season 1988Episode 2Franklin Ajaye, Jester Hairston, Belinda Carlisle60 min
Season 1988Episode 3Bette Davis, Martin Short60 min
Season 1988Episode 4Robert Goulet, Mark & Delia Owen60 min
Season 1988Episode 5Jay Leno (guest host), Dan Aykroyd, Nigel Havers, Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine60 min
Season 1988Episode 6Whoopi Goldberg, Jerry Seinfeld, The Chieftains60 min
Season 1988Episode 7Milton Berle, Carol Siskind, Don Yesso60 min
Season 1988Episode 8Lisa Jane Persky, Buster Poindexter60 min
Season 1988Episode 9Jay Leno (guest host), Jimmy Walker, Deborah Raffin, Roy Blount, Jr.60 min
Season 1988Episode 10Howard Cosell, Barry Manilow60 min
Season 1988Episode 11Jack Lemmon, K.T. Oslin60 min
Season 1988Episode 12Jim Fowler, Teresa Ganzel, Bob Nelson60 min
Season 1988Episode 13Paul Reiser, James Taylor60 min
Season 1988Episode 14Merritt Heaton, Betty White, Ray Stevens60 min
Season 1988Episode 15Sammy Davis, Jr, Jason Bateman60 min
Season 1988Episode 16Oprah Winfrey, Daniel Rosen60 min
Season 1988Episode 17Jay Leno (guest host), Sandy Duncan, Randy Travis60 min
Season 1988Episode 18Jay Leno (guest host), Dr. David Dahl, Tom Parks, Tim Reid, Jerry Lee Lewis60 min
Season 1988Episode 19Jay Leno (guest host), Brooke Adams, Kevin Meaney, Carl Weathers, Glen Campbell60 min
Season 1988Episode 20Tim Conway, Jonathan Butler60 min
Season 1988Episode 21Jackie Mason, Joanna Kerns, Kid Creole & The Coconuts60 min
Season 1988Episode 22Minnie Black, Dudley Moore60 min
Season 1988Episode 23Gene Siskel, Roger Ebert, Bob Saget, Los Lobos60 min
Season 1988Episode 24Louie Anderson, Jennifer Tilly, Dionne Warwick60 min
Season 1988Episode 25Ritch Shydner, Rita Rudner, Fred Roggin60 min
Season 1988Episode 26Eddy Edwards, Burt Reynolds, Teresa Ganzel60 min
Season 1988Episode 27Garry Shandling, Allyce Beasley, Donna Theodore60 min
Season 1988Episode 28Jay Leno (guest host), Super Dave Osborne, Ben Vereen60 min
Season 1988Episode 29Joe Piscopo60 min
Season 1988Episode 30Dana Carvey, Joe Garagiola60 min
Season 1988Episode 31Bob Hope, k.d. lang60 min
Season 1988Episode 32Dr. Terry Gosliner, Billy Vera & The Beaters60 min
Season 1988Episode 33Jonathan Winters60 min
Season 1988Episode 34Sylvester Stallone60 min
Season 1988Episode 35David Brenner, Paul Hogan, Linda Hopkins60 min
Season 1988Episode 36Chevy Chase, Thalassa Cruso60 min
Season 1988Episode 37James Stewart, Fred Roggin60 min
Season 1988Episode 38Garry Shandling (guest host), Elizabeth Perkins, Bob Saget, Jimmy Buffett60 min
Season 1988Episode 39Garry Shandling (guest host), Harry Connick, Jr.60 min
Season 1988Episode 40Garry Shandling (guest host), Paula Poundstone, Natalie Cole60 min
Season 1988Episode 41Garry Shandling (guest host), Angie Dickinson, Fritz Coleman, Allyce Beasley, Michael Bolton60 min
Season 1988Episode 42Garry Shandling (guest host), Stan Kann, Joanna Kerns, Roy Blount, Jr.60 min
Season 1988Episode 43Jay Leno (guest host), Marilu Henner, Cathy Guisewite60 min
Season 1988Episode 44David Brinkley, Chuck Berry60 min
Season 1988Episode 45Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jerry Seinfeld, Andre Agassi60 min
Season 1988Episode 46Don Yesso, Basia60 min
Season 1988Episode 47Jay Leno (guest host), Vincent Price, Dave Barry60 min
Season 1988Episode 48James Belushi Julio Iglesias60 min
Season 1988Episode 49William Ennis, Bill Cosby, Belinda Carlisle60 min
Season 1988Episode 50David Steinberg, Andrea Marcovicci60 min
Season 1988Episode 51Jay Leno (guest host), Joan Embery, Marsha Warfield, Dr. Joyce Brothers60 min
Season 1988Episode 52Jay Leno, Raquel Welch, Ray Anderson60 min
Season 1988Episode 53Magic Johnson, Bruce Willis60 min
Season 1988Episode 54Lottie Hicks, Dudley Moore, Diane Schuur60 min
Season 1988Episode 55Jay Leno (guest host), Dennis Miller, Erma Bombeck, Little Richard60 min
Season 1988Episode 56Jay Leno (guest host), Steve Allen, Super Dave Osborne, Bill Maher60 min
Season 1988Episode 57Jay Leno (guest host), Charles Fleischer, Sydney Walsh, Frank Zappa60 min
Season 1988Episode 58Jay Leno (guest host), Sammy Davis, Jr., Connie Chung60 min
Season 1988Episode 59Jay Leno (guest host), Stephanie Kramer, Kevin Pollak, Michael Warren60 min
Season 1988Episode 60Jay Leno (guest host), Pee Wee Herman, John Cleese, Malcolm Forbes60 min
Season 1988Episode 61Joe King, Yakov Smirnoff Buster, Poindexter60 min
Season 1988Episode 62Arsenio Hall, Hall & Oates60 min
Season 1988Episode 63Tom Hanks, Michael Davis60 min
Season 1988Episode 64Jay Leno (guest host), Jamie Lee Curtis, Louie Anderson, Johnny Mathis60 min
Season 1988Episode 65John Bogosian, John Larroquette, Rosemary Clooney60 min
Season 1988Episode 66Bill Clinton, Joe Cocker60 min
Season 1988Episode 67Michael Landon, k.d. Lang, Blown Up Photos60 min
Season 1988Episode 68Jay Leno (guest host), Joan Van Ark, Chuck Norris, Abigail Van Buren, Oak Ridge Boys60 min
Season 1988Episode 69Bill Murray, Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg60 min
Season 1988Episode 70Mabel Hines Buck, Paul Reiser, Robert Ford60 min
Season 1988Episode 71Richard Pryor, Pete Fountain60 min
Season 1988Episode 72Garry Shandling (guest host), Phoebe Mills, Ed Begley, Jr., Richard Lewis, Dizzy Gillespie60 min
Season 1988Episode 73Garry Shandling (guest host), Sugar Ray Leonard, Bill Maher, Patti D'Arbanville60 min
Season 1988Episode 74Garry Shandling (guest host), Joan Embery, David Steinberg, Catherine O'Hara, Linda Hopkins60 min
Season 1988Episode 75Garry Shandling (guest host), Tracey Ullman, Ken Olin, Fred Roggin, Brenda Russell60 min
Season 1988Episode 76Garry Shandling (guest host), Kirstie Alley, Mariel Hemingway, Cathy Guisewite60 min
Season 1988Episode 77Jay Leno (guest host), Wayne Gretzky, B.B. King60 min
Season 1988Episode 78George Carlin, Mark Harmon60 min
Season 1988Episode 79Jonathan Winters60 min
Season 1988Episode 80Jay Leno (guest host), Holly Robinson, Dwight Yoakam & Buck Owens60 min
Season 1988Episode 81Kirk Douglas, Ritch Shydner, The Temptations60 min
Season 1988Episode 82Dana Delany, Buddy Hackett60 min
Season 1988Episode 83Jennifer Tilly, Randy Travis60 min
Season 1988Episode 84Jay Leno (guest host), Norm Crosby, George Benson60 min
Season 1988Episode 85Bob Hope, Tim Conway, Joe Williams60 min
Season 1988Episode 86Martin Short, Johnny Clegg & Savuka60 min
Season 1988Episode 87Shabana Kazi Harry Belafonte60 min
Season 1988Episode 88Jay Leno (guest host), Betty White, Elvira, The Spinners60 min
Season 1988Episode 89Jim Fowler60 min
Season 1988Episode 90Bob Uecker, Sigourney Weaver, Reba McEntire60 min
Season 1988Episode 9126th Anniversary Show60 min
Season 1988Episode 92Jay Leno (guest host), Robert Stack, Franklin Ajaye, Kenny G60 min
Season 1988Episode 93Cody Carr, Ray Charles60 min
Season 1988Episode 94Tom Lasorda, Jimmy Buffett60 min
Season 1988Episode 95Sandy Duncan, Irv Kupcinet60 min
Season 1988Episode 96Jay Leno (guest host), Super Dave Osborne, Robert Mitchum60 min
Season 1988Episode 97Whoopi Goldberg, Kevin Pollack60 min
Season 1988Episode 98Michael Caine, Eydie Gorme, Steve Lawrence60 min
Season 1988Episode 99Orel Hershiser, Floyd Jackson, Susan Sullivan, Lee Ritenour60 min
Season 1988Episode 100Jay Leno (guest host), Stephanie Kramer, Jimmie Walker, Richard Mulligan60 min
Season 1988Episode 101Jonathan Zachary, Christopher Reeve, Melanie Mayron60 min
Season 1988Episode 102Michael J. Fox, Larry Miller60 min
Season 1988Episode 103James Garner, Park Overall60 min
Season 1988Episode 104Jay Leno (guest host), Marilu Henner, Jester Hairston, Vanna White, Lu Leonard60 min
Season 1988Episode 105Candice Bergen, Steven Wright60 min
Season 1988Episode 106Greg Irwin, Gore Vidal60 min
Season 1988Episode 107Paul Reiser, Oak Ridge Boys60 min
Season 1988Episode 108Jay Leno (guest host), Joan Collins, John Byner60 min
Season 1988Episode 109Harry Anderson, Argus Hamilton, Calvin Trillin60 min
Season 1988Episode 110Bob Newhart, David Horowitz60 min
Season 1988Episode 111Oprah Winfrey, Sheena Easton60 min
Season 1988Episode 112Jay Leno (guest host), Tony Danza, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Andy Williams60 min
Season 1988Episode 113George Burns, Tracey Ullman, Jeff Healey60 min
Season 1988Episode 114Lucy Webb, Willie Nelson60 min
Season 1988Episode 115Teri Garr, Marsha Warfield, Johnny Clegg & Savuka60 min
Season 1988Episode 116Jay Leno (guest host), Barbara Walters, Joanna Kerns, Stanley Jordan60 min
Season 1988Episode 117Jay Leno (guest host), Mary Tyler Moore, James Earl Jones60 min
Season 1988Episode 118Jay Leno (guest host), Harvey Fierstein, Courteney Cox, K.T. Oslin60 min
Season 1988Episode 119Jay Leno (guest host), Fred Savage, Joan Van Ark, Los Lobos60 min
Season 1988Episode 120Jay Leno (guest host), Larry Miller, Stephen Collins, Phil Collins60 min
Season 1988Episode 121Jay Leno (guest host), Kirk Douglas, Paula Poundstone, Eva Marie Saint, Linda Hopkins60 min
Season 1988Episode 122Zota Croughan, Carl Reiner60 min
Season 1988Episode 123Jonathan Winters, Kenny Loggins60 min
Season 1988Episode 124Danny DeVito, Richard Benjamin60 min
Season 1988Episode 125Jay Leno (guest host), Pee Wee Herman, Ricardo Montalban, Ritch Shydner, Lou Rawls60 min
Season 1988Episode 126Steve Jenne, Steve Martin, Helen Shaver60 min
Season 1988Episode 127Bob Hope, Ellen Greene60 min
Season 1988Episode 128Bette Midler, Arnold Schwarzenegger60 min
Season 1988Episode 129Jay Leno (guest host), Brice Beckham, Joey Bishop, Louie Anderson, Dwight Yoakam60 min
Season 1988Episode 130'Poppa John' Venturello, Franklin Ajaye, Catherine Hicks60 min
Season 1988Episode 131Halden Martinson, Jessica Vallot, Cristin Morrison60 min
Season 1988Episode 132A. Whitney Brown, Grigori Popovich, Sweet Baby Blues Band60 min
Season 1989Episode 1James Stewart, Bob Saget, Preston Smith60 min
Season 1989Episode 2David Steinberg, Susie Essman60 min
Season 1989Episode 3Mabel Hines Buck, Paul Reiser, Jason Bateman60 min
Season 1989Episode 4Jay Leno (guest host), Ken Olin, Calvin Trillin, Jeffrey Osborne60 min
Season 1989Episode 5Linda Clark, Victoria Jackson, Chuck Berry60 min
Season 1989Episode 6Don Rickles, Rolf Benirschke, Tiffany60 min
Season 1989Episode 7Teddy Andrews, Robert Klein, Blair Brown60 min
Season 1989Episode 8Jay Leno (guest host), Robert Urich, Carol Kane, Jimmy Brogan, Mr. Rogers60 min
Season 1989Episode 9Dudley Moore, Jerry Seinfeld, K.T. Ostin60 min
Season 1989Episode 10Suzanne Pleshette, Louis Bellson60 min
Season 1989Episode 11Jay Leno (guest host), Tom Selleck, Lisa Hartman, Joan Embery60 min
Season 1989Episode 12Martin Short, Isabella Rossellini60 min
Season 1989Episode 13Jay Leno, Fred Savage, Brian Gillis60 min
Season 1989Episode 14Fred Roggin60 min
Season 1989Episode 15Jay Leno (guest host), John Ritter, Larry Miller, Frank Bruno60 min
Season 1989Episode 16John Larroquette, Lance Burton, Jennifer Tilly60 min
Season 1989Episode 17Bob Uecker, Cathy Guisewite60 min
Season 1989Episode 18Super Dave Osborne, Mark Schiff, Park Overall60 min
Season 1989Episode 19Jay Leno (guest host), Sandy Duncan, Paula Poundstone, Gene Siskel, Roger Ebert60 min
Season 1989Episode 20Patrick Swayze, Rodney Crowell60 min
Season 1989Episode 21George Carlin, Don McLean60 min
Season 1989Episode 22James Woods, Gloria DeHaven60 min
Season 1989Episode 23Jay Leno (guest host), Harry Anderson, Ted Danson, Paul Williams60 min
Season 1989Episode 24Mark & Carol Hebbard, Alan King60 min
Season 1989Episode 25Carl Reiner, Miriam Margolyes, Sandi Patti60 min
Season 1989Episode 26George Bush, Ray Sharkey, Brooke Adams60 min
Season 1989Episode 27Jay Leno (guest host), Debbie Reynolds, Kevin Nealon, Kirk Cameron60 min
Season 1989Episode 28Jay Leno (guest host), Cybill Shepherd, Tom Bosley, Michelle Shocked60 min
Season 1989Episode 29Jay Leno (guest host), Sigourney Weaver, Marilyn Horne60 min
Season 1989Episode 30Jay Leno (guest host), Michael Richards, Lynn Redgrave, Roy Blount, Jr., America60 min
Season 1989Episode 31Jay Leno (guest host), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joanna Kerns, Nigel Havers60 min
Season 1989Episode 32Jay Leno (guest host), Linda Gray, Jamie Lee Curtis, Smokey Robinson60 min
Season 1989Episode 33Bob Newhart, Kevin Meaney, King's Sisters60 min
Season 1989Episode 34Bert Grantges, Bill Maher, Diane Schuur60 min
Season 1989Episode 35Michael Landon, John Mendoza, Thelma Houston60 min
Season 1989Episode 36Jay Leno (guest host), Geena Davis, Blake Clark, Tim Busfield, Randy Newman60 min
Season 1989Episode 37Joe Piscopo, Perri60 min
Season 1989Episode 38Louie Anderson, Gipsy Kings60 min
Season 1989Episode 39Oprah Winfrey, The Trinity Irish Dancers60 min
Season 1989Episode 40Jay Leno (guest host), Angie Dickinson, Charlton Heston, Penelope Ann Miller60 min
Season 1989Episode 41Julie Krone, Shelley Long60 min
Season 1989Episode 42Chevy Chase, Kevin Pollack, Placido Domingo60 min
Season 1989Episode 43Bob Hope, David Horowitz60 min
Season 1989Episode 44Jay Leno (guest host), Sid Caesar, Franklin Ajaye, Ernie Hudson, Billy Vera & The Beaters60 min
Season 1989Episode 45Jay Leno (guest host), Meredith Baxter Birney, Jeff Altman, Phil Collins60 min
Season 1989Episode 46Jay Leno (guest host), Michael Fishman, Jerry Seinfeld, Ricky Van Shelton60 min
Season 1989Episode 47Jay Leno (guest host), Charlie Sheen, Gene Siskel, Roger Ebert, Crystal Gayle60 min
Season 1989Episode 48Jay Leno (guest host), Tannis Vallely, Cathy Guisewite, Buster Poindexter60 min
Season 1989Episode 49Jay Leno (guest host), Anthony Perkins, Dave Coulier, Leon Redbone60 min
Season 1989Episode 50Jodie Foster, Reba McEntire60 min
Season 1989Episode 51Michael Keaton, Ritch Shydner, Joshua Bell60 min
Season 1989Episode 52Jim Fowler, K.T. Oslin60 min
Season 1989Episode 53Jay Leno (guest host), Helen Gurley Brown, Carole King60 min
Season 1989Episode 54Tony Danza, Calvin Trillin, Pete Fountain60 min
Season 1989Episode 55Jonathan Winters, Peter Strauss60 min
Season 1989Episode 56Dudley Moore, Jack Mayberry, Etta James & The Roots Band60 min
Season 1989Episode 57Jay Leno (guest host), Jim Henson, Tom Brokaw, Loretta Lynn60 min
Season 1989Episode 58Barry Sobel, Patrick Duffy, Dr. John, Rickie Lee Jones60 min
Season 1989Episode 59Tim Conway, Mummenschanz60 min
Season 1989Episode 60Captain Maurice Seddon, Jeff Daniels, Lyle Lovett60 min
Season 1989Episode 61Jay Leno (guest host), Smothers Brothers, Richard Lewis, Alabama60 min
Season 1989Episode 62Harry Anderson, Aprile Milo60 min
Season 1989Episode 63Buddy Hackett, Cowboy Junkies60 min
Season 1989Episode 64Bob Saget, Miriam Margolyes60 min
Season 1989Episode 65Jay Leno (guest host), Michele Lee, Craig T. Nelson, George Wallace60 min
Season 1989Episode 66Sean Lomax, Kenny Rogers60 min
Season 1989Episode 67Richard Pryor, Rain Pryor60 min
Season 1989Episode 68Teresa Ganzel, David Steinberg60 min
Season 1989Episode 69Garry Shandling, Patrick Swayze60 min
Season 1989Episode 70Dottie Byrd, David Horowitz60 min
Season 1989Episode 71Tony Bennett, Margaret Whitton60 min
Season 1989Episode 72Jay Leno (guest host), Bob Hope, Erma Bombeck, The Robert Cray Band60 min
Season 1989Episode 73Robert Townsend, Sam Kinison, Leningrad Dixieland Jazz Band60 min
Season 1989Episode 74Jim Porter, A. Whitney Brown, Lyle Lovett60 min
Season 1989Episode 75Sammy Davis, Jr., Leonard Waxdeck & The Birdcallers60 min
Season 1989Episode 76Jay Leno (guest host), Carol Leifer, Roy Blount, Jr., Bonnie Raitt60 min
Season 1989Episode 77Jay Leno (guest host), Joan Embery, Jerry Jeff Walker60 min
Season 1989Episode 78Jay Leno (guest host), Peter Pitofsky, Alley Mills, Fred Roggin60 min
Season 1989Episode 79Jay Leno (guest host), Ann Hodgman, Thomas Hearns, Edie McClurg60 min
Season 1989Episode 80Jay Leno (guest host), Super Dave Osborne, Tim Reid60 min
Season 1989Episode 81Jay Leno (guest host), Paula Poundstone, Leonard Nimoy, 10,000 Maniacs60 min
Season 1989Episode 82Catherine Grant, Pat Hazell, Catherine Hicks60 min
Season 1989Episode 83Martin Short, Cybill Shepherd60 min
Season 1989Episode 84Shirley MacLaine, k.d. lang60 min
Season 1989Episode 85Jay Leno (guest host), Bob Elliott, Chris Elliott, Hugh Downs, Judy Collins60 min
Season 1989Episode 86Jeff Altman, Helen Shaver, Smokey Robinson60 min
Season 1989Episode 87Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Kevin Meaney60 min
Season 1989Episode 88Carolyn Freeman, Burt Reynolds, Phoebe Snow60 min
Season 1989Episode 89Jay Leno (guest host), Nell Carter, John Lithgow, Rita Rudner, Tracy Wells60 min
Season 1989Episode 90Larry Miller, Jimmy Buffett60 min
Season 1989Episode 91Dana Delany, Barry Manilow60 min
Season 1989Episode 92Frances Herb, Sheena Easton60 min
Season 1989Episode 93Jay Leno (guest host), Tony Curtis, Pat Morita, Betty Thomas60 min
Season 1989Episode 94Jay Leno (guest host), Cathy Ladman, Fred Roggin, The Neville Brothers60 min
Season 1989Episode 95Jay Leno (guest host), Saundra Santiago, Bill Maher60 min
Season 1989Episode 96Jay Leno (guest host), Mariette Hartley, Ernie Hudson, Al Jarreau60 min
Season 1989Episode 97Jay Leno (guest host), John Chancellor, Jerry Seinfeld, Robert Palmer60 min
Season 1989Episode 98Jay Leno (guest host), Tyne Daly, Danny Glover, Thom Sharp60 min
Season 1989Episode 99Kevin Pollak, Ringo Starr, Sarah Brightman60 min
Season 1989Episode 100Victoria Jackson, Bill Engvall, Ricky Skaggs60 min
Season 1989Episode 101Bob Saget, Pete Fountain60 min
Season 1989Episode 102Jay Leno (guest host), Al Franken, Tom Davis, Yahoo Serious, Susan Sullivan, David Sanborn60 min
Season 1989Episode 103Sunni Black, Woody Harrelson, Peter MacNicol60 min
Season 1989Episode 104Diane Sawyer, Gary Morris60 min
Season 1989Episode 105Michael Chang, Park Overall60 min
Season 1989Episode 106Jay Leno (guest host), Paula Poundstone, Donny Osmond, Roy Blount, Jr.60 min
Season 1989Episode 107Buddy Hackett, Diane Nichols, Joe Williams60 min
Season 1989Episode 108Harvey Korman, Bernadette Peters, Yakov Smirnoff60 min
Season 1989Episode 109Father Guido Sarducci, Robert Wagner, Joseph Gabriel60 min
Season 1989Episode 110Jay Leno (guest host), Tom Hulce, Carol Siskind, Rain Pryor, Pat Metheny Group60 min
Season 1989Episode 111Jay Leno (guest host), Shelley Winters, Jimmy Aleck60 min
Season 1989Episode 112Jay Leno (guest host), Charlton Heston, Michael Johnson60 min
Season 1989Episode 113Jay Leno (guest host), Phil Hartman, Jack Palance, John Palmer60 min
Season 1989Episode 114Jay Leno (guest host), Tom Hanks, Carroll O'Connor, Ron Perlman60 min
Season 1989Episode 115Jay Leno (guest host), Teri Garr, George Miller, Michael Bolton60 min
Season 1989Episode 116Homer E. Williams, Alan King, Maria McKee60 min
Season 1989Episode 117George Segal, Rosemary Clooney60 min
Season 1989Episode 118Paul Reiser, Olivia d'Abo, Randy Travis60 min
Season 1989Episode 119Jay Leno (guest host), Robert Hays, Larry King, Paul Shaffer, Paul Provenza60 min
Season 1989Episode 120Kevin Pollak, Julian Lennon60 min
Season 1989Episode 121Fred Stoller, Muzzie Braun and the Little Braun Brothers60 min
Season 1989Episode 122Tom Selleck, Patti LaBelle60 min
Season 1989Episode 123Jay Leno (guest host), Rita Rudner, P.J. O'Rourke, B.B. King60 min
Season 1989Episode 124Helen Bullock, Steve Martin, k.d. lang60 min
Season 1989Episode 125David Letterman, Julie Budd60 min
Season 1989Episode 126Jay Leno (guest host), Kelly Monteith, Nancy Giles, Richard Marx60 min
Season 1989Episode 127Garry Shandling, Joshua Bell60 min
Season 1989Episode 128James Stewart, Jim Fowler60 min
Season 1989Episode 129Charles Grodin, Dizzy Gillespie60 min
Season 1989Episode 130Jay Leno (guest host), Fritz Coleman, John Goodman, Barry Manilow60 min
Season 1989Episode 131Jonathan Winters, Zachary LaVoy, The Temptations60 min
Season 1989Episode 132Bob Newhart, Cathy Guisewite, Joe Cocker60 min
Season 1989Episode 133Jane Fonda, Robert Klein60 min
Season 1989Episode 134Jay Leno (guest host), Harry Anderson, Bill Maher, George Benson60 min
Season 1989Episode 135Jay Leno (guest host), Robert Stack, Judith Light, Tom Jones60 min
Season 1989Episode 136Jay Leno (guest host), Cathy Ladman, Parker Stevenson, Michael Bolton60 min
Season 1989Episode 137Jay Leno (guest host), Bob Hope, Tom Dreesen, Penn & Teller60 min
Season 1989Episode 138Jay Leno (guest host), Paul Reiser, Tim Busfield60 min
Season 1989Episode 139Jay Leno (guest host), Jamie Lee Curtis, Tracey Ullman, Cloris Leachman60 min
Season 1989Episode 140Florence Hodges, Jason Bateman, Larry Miller60 min
Season 1989Episode 141Michael Douglas, David Horowitz, Art Garfunkel60 min
Season 1989Episode 142David Steinberg, The Judds60 min
Season 1989Episode 143Jay Leno (guest host), Flip Wilson, Mental Cruelty, Dwight Yoakam60 min
Season 1989Episode 144Kirstie Alley, Simply Red60 min
Season 1989Episode 145Carl Reiner, Helen Shaw60 min
Season 1989Episode 146Mark Schiff, Park Overall60 min
Season 1989Episode 147Jay Leno (guest host), Stephanie Kramer, Dom Irrera, Patti D'Arbanville, Lorna Luft60 min
Season 1989Episode 148Candice Bergen, Lyle Lovett60 min
Season 1989Episode 149Robert Loggia, David Brenner60 min
Season 1989Episode 150Bill Cosby, Midori60 min
Season 1989Episode 151Jay Leno (guest host), Rue McClanahan, Roy Blount, Jr., Clint Black60 min
Season 1989Episode 152Jay Leno (guest host), Dennis Weaver, Ellen DeGeneres, Fred Roggin, The Funny Boys60 min
Season 1989Episode 153Jay Leno (guest host), Valerie Bertinelli, Don Yesso, Cathy Guisewite60 min
Season 1989Episode 15427th Anniversary Show - Bob Newhart, Jay Leno, Darryl Sivad60 min
Season 1989Episode 155Jay Leno (guest host), Beau Bridges, John Mendoza, Olivia Newton-John60 min
Season 1989Episode 156Jay Leno (guest host), Gregory Jefferson, Edie McClurg, Conway Twitty60 min
Season 1989Episode 157Jack Lemmon, Steven Wright60 min
Season 1989Episode 158Nellie McNeal, Roddy McDowall60 min
Season 1989Episode 159James Woods, Bill Maher60 min
Season 1989Episode 160Jay Leno (guest host), James Belushi, Andrea Martin60 min
Season 1989Episode 161Oprah Winfrey, Darryl Sivad, Diane Schuur60 min
Season 1989Episode 162Charles Grodin, J.J. Wall, Calvin Trillin60 min
Season 1989Episode 163George Burns, Miriam Margolyes60 min
Season 1989Episode 164Jay Leno (guest host), Mary Stuart Masterson, Thom Sharp, Michael Bolton60 min
Season 1989Episode 165Bob Uecker, Rita Rudner, Joe Williams60 min
Season 1989Episode 166Milton Berle, Etta James and The Roots Band60 min
Season 1989Episode 167Super Dave Osborne, Richard Pryor, Poco60 min
Season 1989Episode 168Jay Leno (guest host), Jeff Daniels, Nancy Giles, Andy Williams60 min
Season 1989Episode 169Carol Siskind, Dolly Parton60 min
Season 1989Episode 170Lea Johnson, Melissa Manchester60 min
Season 1989Episode 171Nancy Reagan, Chevy Chase, Belinda Carlisle60 min
Season 1989Episode 172Jay Leno (guest host), Ed Begley, Jr., Judy Collins60 min
Season 1989Episode 173Jane Pauley, Joe Piscopo, King's Sisters60 min
Season 1989Episode 174Paul Reiser, Argus Hamilton60 min
Season 1989Episode 175Danny DeVito, Al Green60 min
Season 1989Episode 176Jay Leno (guest host), Fred Savage, Kevin Pollak, Regina Belle60 min
Season 1989Episode 177Buddy Hackett, Gary Morris60 min
Season 1989Episode 178Michael Palin, Restless Heart60 min
Season 1989Episode 179Bob Hope, Kevin Meaney60 min
Season 1989Episode 180Jay Leno (guest host), Phil Hartman, Joe Penny, Lou Rawls60 min
Season 1989Episode 181James Stewart, Larry Miller60 min
Season 1989Episode 182Dana Carvey, Sam Kinison, Pete Fountain60 min
Season 1989Episode 183Tim Conway, Park Overall, Daniel Menendez60 min
Season 1989Episode 184Bob Saget, Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg60 min
Season 1990Episode 1Jay Leno (guest host), Richard Chamberlin, John Mendoza, Craig T. Nelson60 min
Season 1990Episode 2Tony Danza, Chuck Berry60 min
Season 1990Episode 3Rita Rudner, K. T. Oslin60 min
Season 1990Episode 4Jay Leno (guest host), Denzel Washington, John Chancellor, Faith Ford, Richard Marx60 min
Season 1990Episode 5Richard Benjamin, Larry Gatlin60 min
Season 1990Episode 6Bill Black, Tony Randall, Diane Nichols, Kenny Rankin60 min
Season 1990Episode 7Jay Leno (guest host), Charlton Heston, Roy Blount, Jr.60 min
Season 1990Episode 8Jay Leno (guest host), Andie MacDowell, Marsha Warfield, Michael Moore60 min
Season 1990Episode 9Baxter Black, The Roches60 min
Season 1990Episode 10Joan Embery, Art Donovan, Ron Silver60 min
Season 1990Episode 11Michael Landon, Jimmy Brogan, Roger Reese60 min
Season 1990Episode 12Jay Leno (guest host), Sandy Duncan, Michael Gross, Fred Roggin, Poco60 min
Season 1990Episode 13Jay Leno (guest host), Steve Kelly, Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine60 min
Season 1990Episode 14Jay Leno (guest host), Shelley Winters, Mr. Wizard, Hoyt Axton60 min
Season 1990Episode 15Jay Leno (guest host), Jack Palance, Paul Shaffer60 min
Season 1990Episode 16Jay Leno (guest host), Joanna Kerns, Charles Grodin, Bonnie Raitt60 min
Season 1990Episode 17Jay Leno (guest host), Connie Chung, Dennis Hopper, Highway 10160 min
Season 1990Episode 18Martin Short, Cathy Ladman, Bonnie Hunt60 min
Season 1990Episode 19Stephanie Yu, Kenneth Branagh, Cathy Guisewite60 min
Season 1990Episode 20Carl Reiner, Jennifer Grey60 min
Season 1990Episode 21Jay Leno (guest host), Jason Bateman, Linda Hopkins60 min
Season 1990Episode 22Don Rickles, Jon Serl60 min
Season 1990Episode 23Harry Anderson, Bobby Slayton, Eugene Fodor60 min
Season 1990Episode 24Beau Bridges, Rita Rudner, Melissa Manchester60 min
Season 1990Episode 25Jay Leno (guest host), Carol Kane, Dom Irrera, Stephen Baldwin, Laurie Anderson60 min
Season 1990Episode 26John Larroquette, Dr. Robert Ballard, Jack Jones60 min
Season 1990Episode 27Super Dave Osborne, Stephanie Mills60 min
Season 1990Episode 28Bob Hope, Magic Johnson, Joe Williams60 min
Season 1990Episode 29Jay Leno (guest host), Bea Arthur, Paula Poundstone, Al Jarreau60 min
Season 1990Episode 30Bob Newhart, Buster Douglas, Bo Diddley60 min
Season 1990Episode 31Jessie Hairston, Aaron Neville, Linda Ronstadt60 min
Season 1990Episode 32Dabney Coleman, Kenneth Branagh, Restless Heart60 min
Season 1990Episode 33Jay Leno (guest host), Jeff Foxworthy, Crispin Glover, Natalie Cole60 min
Season 1990Episode 34Renee Hall, Burt Reynolds, Ray Price60 min
Season 1990Episode 35Victoria Jackson, Calvin Trillin, The Temptations60 min
Season 1990Episode 36Meredith Vieira, Ofra Haza60 min
Season 1990Episode 37Jay Leno (guest host), Harry Hamlin, Neil Patrick Harris, Ritch Shydner, Michael Bolton60 min
Season 1990Episode 38Jonathan Winters, Randy Travis60 min
Season 1990Episode 39Hassie & Lassie, Smokey Robinson60 min
Season 1990Episode 40Jeff Cesario, Lee Trevino60 min
Season 1990Episode 41Jay Leno (guest host), Valerie Harper, Rain Pryor, Mario Joyner60 min
Season 1990Episode 42George Preston, Don McLean60 min
Season 1990Episode 43Larry Miller, Lyle Lovett60 min
Season 1990Episode 44Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Park Overall, Sara Hickman60 min
Season 1990Episode 45Jay Leno (guest host), Marsha Warfield, Jimmy Aleck, Roy Blount, Jr., Regina Belle60 min
Season 1990Episode 46Jay Leno (guest host), Jean Stapleton, Starlight Express60 min
Season 1990Episode 47Jay Leno (guest host), Carol Burnett, Martin Mull, Edie McClurg60 min
Season 1990Episode 48Jay Leno (guest host), Dana Carvey, Wayne Cotter, Dana Delany60 min
Season 1990Episode 49Jay Leno (guest host), Roger Moore, Sam Donaldson60 min
Season 1990Episode 50Jay Leno (guest host), Rutger Hauer, Bob Costas, They Might Be Giants60 min
Season 1990Episode 51Dudley Moore, Kevin Pollak, Shawn Colvin60 min
Season 1990Episode 52Bryan Williams, Lily Tomlin, Bulgarian State Female Vocal Choir60 min
Season 1990Episode 53Bob Hope, Jeff Dunham, B.B. King60 min
Season 1990Episode 54Jay Leno (guest host), Carol Siskind, Robert Hays, Mike Binder60 min
Season 1990Episode 55Richard Lewis, Ray Charles60 min
Season 1990Episode 56Paula Poundstone, Art Donovan, Milt Hinton60 min
Season 1990Episode 57Paul Reiser, Mary Peyton-Meyer, Johnny Clegg & Savuka60 min
Season 1990Episode 58Jay Leno (guest host), Billy Crystal, Dave Thomas, Michel'le60 min
Season 1990Episode 59Jay Leno (guest host), Dweezil Zappa, Jerry Seinfeld, Judith Hoag60 min
Season 1990Episode 60Jay Leno (guest host), Christine Lahti, Crystal Bernard, Huber Marionettes60 min
Season 1990Episode 61Jay Leno (guest host), Alan Thicke, Fred Roggin, Julia Foreham60 min
Season 1990Episode 62Jay Leno (guest host), Valerie Bertinelli, Paul Reiser, The Desert Rose Band60 min
Season 1990Episode 63Jay Leno (guest host), Chuck Norris, Meredith Baxter Birney, Jeff Altman, Ricky Van Shelton60 min
Season 1990Episode 64Sonny Bono, Alexie Sultanov60 min
Season 1990Episode 65Tim Conway, Clint Black60 min
Season 1990Episode 66Mary Peyton-Meyer, Robert Klein, Kevin Spacey60 min
Season 1990Episode 67Jay Leno (guest host), Armand Assante, Clive James, Jane Goodall60 min
Season 1990Episode 68Dabney Coleman, Yakov Smirnoff60 min
Season 1990Episode 69Richard Jeni, Daniel Menendez60 min
Season 1990Episode 70Judge Reinhold, Rita Rudner60 min
Season 1990Episode 71Jay Leno (guest host), Teri Garr, Eva Marie Saint, Keenen Ivory Wayans60 min
Season 1990Episode 72Tony Randall, Lara Flynn Boyle, Andy Koffman & His Frogs60 min
Season 1990Episode 73John Larroquette, Mark Schiff, Kurt Thomas60 min
Season 1990Episode 74Joe Piscopo, Dirty Dozen Brass Band60 min
Season 1990Episode 75Jay Leno (guest host), Keith Carradine, Blake Clark, Diana Bellamy60 min
Season 1990Episode 76George Foreman, Sarah Brightman60 min
Season 1990Episode 77Dr. Henry Merritt Stenhouse, Barbara Hershey, Jeff Cesario60 min
Season 1990Episode 78Bob Hope, Al Green60 min
Season 1990Episode 79Jay Leno (guest host), George Carlin, Fran Drescher, Dominick Dunne60 min
Season 1990Episode 80Jerry Seinfeld, Dizzy Gillespie60 min
Season 1990Episode 81David Brenner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1990 National Acrobatic Champions60 min
Season 1990Episode 82Buddy Hackett, Teresa Ganzel, Dave Thomas60 min
Season 1990Episode 83Jay Leno (guest host), Larry Miller, John Chancellor, Joe Cocker60 min
Season 1990Episode 84Tony Bennett, A. Whitney Brown, Judith Hoag60 min
Season 1990Episode 85Jay Leno (guest host), Cathy Guisewite, Edie McClurg, Stevie Ray Vaughan60 min
Season 1990Episode 86Patrika Darbo60 min
Season 1990Episode 87Jay Leno (guest host), Bill Cosby, Luther Vandross60 min
Season 1990Episode 88Bob Newhart, Peter Jennings, David Byrne60 min
Season 1990Episode 89Garry Shandling, Barry Manilow60 min
Season 1990Episode 90Super Dave Osborne, Kirk Douglas60 min
Season 1990Episode 91Jay Leno (guest host), Harry Hamlin, Sharon Stone, Julia Child, Lenny Kravitz60 min
Season 1990Episode 92Jay Leno (guest host), Molly Ringwald, Kadeem Hardison, Bill Engvall, Cowboy Junkies60 min
Season 1990Episode 93Jay Leno (guest host), Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Phil Hartman, Roy Blount, Jr., Linda Hopkins60 min
Season 1990Episode 94Jay Leno (guest host), Deborah Norville, Thom Sharp, Peter Weller60 min
Season 1990Episode 95Jay Leno (guest host), Bill Murray, Alan King, Leon Redbone60 min
Season 1990Episode 96Jay Leno (guest host), Tony Randall, Wil Shriner, Faith Ford, Freda Payne60 min
Season 1990Episode 97Jay Leno (guest host), Peter Scolari, Rita Rudner, Lauren Tom, Basia60 min
Season 1990Episode 98Jay Leno (guest host), Joan Embery, Fred Roggin60 min
Season 1990Episode 99Jay Leno (guest host), Tom Cruise, Phil Hartman, Helen Hayes, Barry White60 min
Season 1990Episode 100Jay Leno (guest host), Larry King, Jeff Daniels, Tom Dreesen60 min
Season 1990Episode 101Jay Leno (guest host), Charlie Korsmo, Martin Mull, Bill Maher, Lyle Lovett60 min
Season 1990Episode 102Dana Carvey, Anthony Griffin60 min
Season 1990Episode 103George Segal, King's Sisters60 min
Season 1990Episode 104Bob Saget, Laura Branigan60 min
Season 1990Episode 105Jay Leno (guest host), Patrick Swayze, Randy Quaid, Jeff Foxworthy, Reba McEntire60 min
Season 1990Episode 106Mike Dugan, Monica Selles, Dionne Warwick60 min
Season 1990Episode 107Cathy Ladman, Tom Wilson, Pointer Sisters60 min
Season 1990Episode 108Maggie Gill, Roseanne Barr, Tom Arnold60 min
Season 1990Episode 109Jay Leno (guest host), Jack Palance, Patty Loveless60 min
Season 1990Episode 110Michael Oliver, John Goodman, Joe Williams60 min
Season 1990Episode 111Liv Ullman, J.J. Wall, Patrika Darbo60 min
Season 1990Episode 112Cathy Guisewite, Brian Haley, David Horowitz60 min
Season 1990Episode 113Jay Leno (guest host), Brian Dennehy, Park Overall, Lou Gramm60 min
Season 1990Episode 114Don Rickles, The Allman Brothers Band60 min
Season 1990Episode 115Maria Shriver, Michael McDonald60 min
Season 1990Episode 116David Brenner, Art Donovan, Al Green60 min
Season 1990Episode 117Jay Leno (guest host), Kirk Douglas, Willy T. Ribbs, Taylor Danne60 min
Season 1990Episode 118Jay Leno (guest host), Jon Voight, Kevin Pollak, Steven R. Kutcher, Howard Hewitt60 min
Season 1990Episode 119Jay Leno (guest host), Mel Gibson, Harley Jane Kozak, David Alan Grier60 min
Season 1990Episode 120Jay Leno (guest host), Tim Matheson, Phil Hartman, Mike Myers, Wayne Cotter, Shari Belafonte60 min
Season 1990Episode 121Jay Leno (guest host), Henry Winkler, Kevin Nealon, Sarah Jessica Parker60 min
Season 1990Episode 122Jay Leno (guest host), Steve Martin, James Belushi, James Ingram60 min
Season 1990Episode 123Harry Anderson, Joel Murray60 min
Season 1990Episode 124Denise Wells, David Steinberg60 min
Season 1990Episode 125Patrick Swayze, Oleta Adams60 min
Season 1990Episode 126Jay Leno (guest host), Emilio Estevez, Phil Hartman, Lauren Tom60 min
Season 1990Episode 127Richard Lewis, Brooke Adams, The Leningrad Swing Jazz Band60 min
Season 1990Episode 128Kid Inventors, Natalie Cole60 min
Season 1990Episode 129Tony Randall, Mark Pitta, George Foreman60 min
Season 1990Episode 130Jay Leno (guest host), Shirley MacLaine, David Lynch, Richard Libertini, Paul Young60 min
Season 1990Episode 131Charles Grodin, Amy Yasseck, B.B. King60 min
Season 1990Episode 132Zachary Lavoy, Charles Dutton, K.T. Oslin60 min
Season 1990Episode 133Jeff Dunham, Etta James & The Roots Band, The Passing Zone60 min
Season 1990Episode 134Jay Leno (guest host), Candice Bergen, Charlie Schlatter, George Miller60 min
Season 1990Episode 135Patrick Duffy, Kevin Meaney, Kid Creole & The Coconuts60 min
Season 1990Episode 136Martin Mull, Anne DeSalvo60 min
Season 1990Episode 137Bob Hope, Park Overall, Pete Sampras60 min
Season 1990Episode 138Jay Leno (guest host), Burt Reynolds, Robert Easton, Wynton Marsalis60 min
Season 1990Episode 139Jay Leno (guest host), Shelley Long, Keenen Ivory Wayans, The Time60 min
Season 1990Episode 140Jay Leno (guest host), Carol Burnett, Will Smith, Regis Philbin60 min
Season 1990Episode 141Jay Leno (guest host), Christine Lathi, Ed Begley, Jr., Dinah Manoff60 min
Season 1990Episode 142Jay Leno (guest host), Phil Collins, Jimmy Smits, Celine Dion60 min
Season 1990Episode 143Jay Leno, Betty White, Ladysmith Black Mambazo60 min
Season 1990Episode 144Garry Shandling, Victoria Williams60 min
Season 1990Episode 14528th Anniversary Show60 min
Season 1990Episode 146Jay Leno (guest host), Fred Savage, Matthew Modine60 min
Season 1990Episode 147Jay Leno (guest host), Paul Sorvino, Peggy Lipton, John Hiatt60 min
Season 1990Episode 148Rita Rudner, Becky Klemt, Johnny Clegg & Savuka60 min
Season 1990Episode 149Alan King, Maryedith Burrell, George Benson60 min
Season 1990Episode 150Robert Klein, Jackie Collins, Bela Fleck & The Flecktones60 min
Season 1990Episode 151Jay Leno (guest host), Elizabeth Perkins, Perry King, Paula Poundstone60 min
Season 1990Episode 152Shelby Foote, Louie Bellson60 min
Season 1990Episode 153Father Guido Sarducci, Jim Fowler60 min
Season 1990Episode 154Teri Garr, Kevin Pollak60 min
Season 1990Episode 155Jay Leno (guest host), Tom Selleck, Will Smith, Take 660 min
Season 1990Episode 156Jay Leno (guest host), Craig T. Nelson, Helen Thomas, Garth Brooks60 min
Season 1990Episode 157Jay Leno (guest host), Amy Irving, Rich Hall, Scott Bakula60 min
Season 1990Episode 158Jay Leno (guest host), Kadeem Hardison, Barry Levinson, The Neville Brothers60 min
Season 1990Episode 159Jay Leno (guest host), Angela Lansbury, Walter Cronkite, John Denver60 min
Season 1990Episode 160Jay Leno (guest host), Kate Jackson, Wayne Cotter, Patty Loveless60 min
Season 1990Episode 161John Larroquette, Anthony Griffith (actor), Kevin Pollak60 min
Season 1990Episode 162Carl Reiner, Shelby Foote, Garry Morris60 min
Season 1990Episode 163Ed Begley, Jr., Calvin Trillin, Cupstacking Champions60 min
Season 1990Episode 164Jay Leno (guest host), Robert Urich, Sally Jessy Raphael, Johnny Dark60 min
Season 1990Episode 165George Segal, Neil Patrick Harris60 min
Season 1990Episode 166Super Dave Osborne, Paul Reiser60 min
Season 1990Episode 167George Foreman, Joanna Kerns, James Ingram60 min
Season 1990Episode 168Jay Leno (guest host), Marilu Henner, Franklin Ajaye, Charles Kuralt60 min
Season 1990Episode 169Harry Anderson, Bob Uecker, Dan Fogelberg60 min
Season 1990Episode 170Bob Newhart, Catherine O'Hara, Celine Dion60 min
Season 1990Episode 171Jester Hairston, Rita Rudner, Joan Benny, Jimmy Buffett60 min
Season 1990Episode 172Jay Leno (guest host), Sharon Gless, Michael Moriarty, Mariah Carey60 min
Season 1990Episode 173Father Guido Sarducci, Ray Charles60 min
Season 1990Episode 174Dean Dill, Cirque du Soleil60 min
Season 1990Episode 175James Garner, Andy Grayson, Sara Hickman60 min
Season 1990Episode 176Jay Leno (guest host), Charlie Sheen, Judy Collins60 min
Season 1990Episode 177Kelly McDonald, Randy Travis60 min
Season 1990Episode 178George Carlin, Pete Fountain60 min
Season 1990Episode 179David Letterman, Patti LaBelle60 min
Season 1990Episode 180Jay Leno (guest host), Clint Eastwood, Olivia Newton-John, Whitney Houston60 min
Season 1990Episode 181Richard Benjamin, Johnn Clegg & Savuka60 min
Season 1990Episode 182Bob Hope, Kirstie Alley, John Travolta, The Go-Go's60 min
Season 1990Episode 183Mark Schiff, Kadeem Hardison, Dolly Parton60 min
Season 1990Episode 184Jay Leno (guest host), Glenn Close, John Chancellor, Bill Maher, Rosanne Cash60 min
Season 1990Episode 185Jay Leno (guest host), Kathy Bates, Barry Manilow, K.T. Oslin60 min
Season 1990Episode 186Jay Leno (guest host), Jacqueline Bisset, Johnny Mathis60 min
Season 1990Episode 187Jay Leno (guest host), John Mendoza, The Jeff Healey Band60 min
Season 1990Episode 188Jay Leno (guest host), James Avery, Paul Hogan, Lou Rawls60 min
Season 1990Episode 189Jay Leno (guest host), Jane Pauley, Phil Hartman, B.B. King, Dwight Yoakam60 min
Season 1991Episode 1Merv Griffin, Jonathan Katz, Leon Redbone60 min
Season 1991Episode 2Kevin Costner, Lou Holtz, The Neville Brothers60 min
Season 1991Episode 3Jeff Cesario, The Robert Cray Band60 min
Season 1991Episode 4Jay Leno (guest host), Marlo Thomas, Charles Johnson60 min
Season 1991Episode 5Tony Danza, Willis Eden, Chris Isaak (60 min
Season 1991Episode 6Robin Williams, Steve Lawrence60 min
Season 1991Episode 7Bob Hope, Helen Thomas60 min
Season 1991Episode 8Jay Leno (guest host), Jerry Seinfeld, Tyne Daly, Corbin Bernsen60 min
Season 1991Episode 9Dyan Cannon, Brian Haley60 min
Season 1991Episode 10Jay Leno (guest host), Joan Embery, Jeremy Irons, Paula Poundstone60 min
Season 1991Episode 11Jay Leno (guest host), Andie MacDowell, Will Smith, Helen Shaver60 min
Season 1991Episode 12Jay Leno (guest host), Robert Urich, Louie Anderson, Edie McClurg, Indigo Girls60 min
Season 1991Episode 13Jay Leno (guest host), Lucie Arnaz, Joe Mantegna, Fred Roggin, Garth Brooks60 min
Season 1991Episode 14Jay Leno (guest host), Steve Guttenberg, Jack Palance, Patrika Darbo, Surface60 min
Season 1991Episode 15Jay Leno (guest host), Richard Dreyfuss, Danny Thomas, Celine Dion60 min
Season 1991Episode 16George Burns, Jack Mayberry, Sofia Coppola60 min
Season 1991Episode 17Jeff Hostetler, Jonathan Winters, Sarah Brightman60 min
Season 1991Episode 18Carl Reiner, John Riggi, Roger McGuinn60 min
Season 1991Episode 19Jay Leno (guest host), Marilu Henner, Debbie Allen, Paul Provenza, Wilson Phillips60 min
Season 1991Episode 20Sarah Evetts, Dan Aykroyd, Maceo Parker60 min
Season 1991Episode 21Robert Morse, Ritch Shydner, Clint Black60 min
Season 1991Episode 22Richard Lewis, John Mayall60 min
Season 1991Episode 23Jay Leno (guest host), Anthony Quinn, Kevin Pollak, Tracie Spencer60 min
Season 1991Episode 24C.F. Corzine, Jodie Foster, Oleta Adams60 min
Season 1991Episode 25Garry Shandling, Cathy Guisewite60 min
Season 1991Episode 26Michael Landon, Blake Clark60 min
Season 1991Episode 27Jay Leno (guest host), John Goodman, Kevin Bacon, Louie Anderson60 min
Season 1991Episode 28David Brenner, Miko Hughes, Roger Rees60 min
Season 1991Episode 29Jerry Seinfeld, Brooke Adams60 min
Season 1991Episode 30Ted Danson, Park Overall, Joe Williams60 min
Season 1991Episode 31Jay Leno (guest host), Michael J. Fox, Raven-Symoné60 min
Season 1991Episode 32Bill Cosby, Joseph Gabriel, Diane Schuur60 min
Season 1991Episode 33David Steinberg, Gary Morris60 min
Season 1991Episode 34Richard Harris, Martin Mull, Alias60 min
Season 1991Episode 35Jay Leno (guest host), Judith Ivey, Billy Dee Williams, Styx (60 min
Season 1991Episode 36General Thomas W. Kelley, Max Alexander, Sandi Patti60 min
Season 1991Episode 37Teri Garr, Calvin Trillin, B.B. King60 min
Season 1991Episode 38James Woods, Isabella Rossellini, The Trinity Irish Dancers60 min
Season 1991Episode 39Jay Leno (guest host), Anthony Hopkins, Robert Klein, Dave Koz60 min
Season 1991Episode 40John Larroquette, Anthony Griffith (actor), Roy Blount, Jr.60 min
Season 1991Episode 41Albert Brooks, Yakov Smirnoff , he Robert Cray Band60 min
Season 1991Episode 42Bob Newhart, Wolf Blitzer, Bobby McFerrin (60 min
Season 1991Episode 43Jay Leno (guest host), Shelley Winters, Jim Carrey, Pet Shop Boys60 min
Season 1991Episode 44Jay Leno (guest host), Tyne Daly, George Wallace60 min
Season 1991Episode 45Jay Leno (guest host), Jack Lemmon, Ted Wass, Bob Costas, Hall & Oates60 min
Season 1991Episode 46Jay Leno (guest host), Robert Townsend, Sissy Spacek, Pierce Brosnan60 min
Season 1991Episode 47Jay Leno (guest host), Cheryl Ladd, Wayne Cotter60 min
Season 1991Episode 48Jay Leno (guest host), Jaleel White, Victoria Principal, Barry Levinson60 min
Season 1991Episode 49B.J. Sniff, Leonard Nimoy, Bill Maher60 min
Season 1991Episode 50Super Dave Osborne, George Segal, Rita Rudner60 min
Season 1991Episode 51Marilu Henner, Bob Hope, Diane Regan60 min
Season 1991Episode 52Jay Leno (guest host), Scott Bakula, Elizabeth Ashley, Chris Isaak60 min
Season 1991Episode 53Paul Reiser, Jim Valvano, Gary Lakes60 min
Season 1991Episode 54Bob Saget, Cathy Ladman, Arthur Kent60 min
Season 1991Episode 55Tony Randall, Sheena Easton60 min
Season 1991Episode 56Jay Leno (guest host), Kadeem Hardison, Sarah Jessica Parker, The Boys60 min
Season 1991Episode 57Jay Leno (guest host), Jamie Lee Curtis, Jeff Foxworthy, John Wesley Shipp, Johnny Gill60 min
Season 1991Episode 58Jay Leno (guest host), Kathy Bates, Lee Horsley, The Temptations60 min
Season 1991Episode 59Jay Leno (guest host), Neil Simon, Travis Tritt60 min
Season 1991Episode 60Jay Leno (guest host), Richard Dean Anderson, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Keith Sweat60 min
Season 1991Episode 61Jay Leno (guest host), James Earl Jones, Brian Kerwin, George Strait60 min
Season 1991Episode 62Alan King, Leon Redbone60 min
Season 1991Episode 63Dabney Coleman, Jim Fowler, Lorrie Morgan60 min
Season 1991Episode 64Burt Reynolds, John Wing, The Meeting60 min
Season 1991Episode 65Jay Leno (guest host), Michael Keaton, Loni Anderson, A. Whitney Brown, Kentucky Headhunters60 min
Season 1991Episode 66Roger Moore, Jack Mayberry, The Rembrandts60 min
Season 1991Episode 67Sylvester Stallone, Orson Bean, Max Alexander60 min
Season 1991Episode 68Dick Cavett, Chief Jesse Smith, Al Green60 min
Season 1991Episode 69Jay Leno (guest host), Michael Gross, Jobeth Williams, Bob Greene, Freddie Jackson60 min
Season 1991Episode 70Steven Wright, Dolly Parton60 min
Season 1991Episode 71Michael Landon, George Foreman, Joe Jackson60 min
Season 1991Episode 72Jack Palance, Wendy Liebman, Linda Hopkins60 min
Season 1991Episode 73Jay Leno (guest host), Jill Clayburgh, Cindy Crawford, Louis Gossett, Jr.60 min
Season 1991Episode 74Jerry Seinfeld, Marv Albert, Julio Iglesias60 min
Season 1991Episode 75Jay Leno, Jaleel White, The Oak Ridge Boys60 min
Season 1991Episode 76Jim Valvano, John Candy, Maureen O'Hara, Shirley Horn60 min
Season 1991Episode 77Jay Leno (guest host), Bernard Shaw, Rick Reynolds, Michael Bolton60 min
Season 1991Episode 78Richard Benjamin, Paula Prentiss, Leonard Waxdeck and The Birdcallers60 min
Season 1991Episode 79Dana Delany, Larry Miller, Pat Benatar (60 min
Season 1991Episode 80Don Rickles, Roxanne60 min
Season 1991Episode 81Jay Leno (guest host), Geena Davis, Sean Astin, C. Everett Koop60 min
Season 1991Episode 82Tony Bennett, John Henton, Baxter Black60 min
Season 1991Episode 83Kadeem Hardison, John Dobson, Chris Isaak60 min
Season 1991Episode 84Liv Ullman, John Riggi, Joe Williams60 min
Season 1991Episode 85Jay Leno (guest host), Spike Lee, Jack Palance, Gerardo (60 min
Season 1991Episode 86Raven-Symoné, Robert Townsend, John McLaughlin60 min
Season 1991Episode 87Wayne Cotter, Victoria Jackson, Stevie Wonder60 min
Season 1991Episode 88Bill Cosby, Beau Bridges, Morrissey (60 min
Season 1991Episode 89Jay Leno (guest host), Daniel Stern, Fred Roggin, Doobie Brothers60 min
Season 1991Episode 90Jay Leno (guest host), Gregory Harrison, Gabrielle Anwar, Rhythm Tribe60 min
Season 1991Episode 91Jay Leno (guest host), Julianne Phillips, Ron Richards, Natalie Cole60 min
Season 1991Episode 92Jay Leno (guest host), Joe Mantegna, Robert Foxworth, Edie McClurg, Dave Koz60 min
Season 1991Episode 93Jay Leno (guest host), Scott Glenn, Fran Drescher, Surface60 min
Season 1991Episode 94Jay Leno (guest host), Charles Dutton, Spalding Gray, Lilianne Montevecchi , The Blessing60 min
Season 1991Episode 95Jay Leno (guest host), John Chancellor, Vince Gill60 min
Season 1991Episode 96Jay Leno (guest host), Bob Saget, Jerry Van Dyke, Rosalind Chao, Richard Kastle60 min
Season 1991Episode 97Jay Leno (guest host), Dixie Carter, Phil Hartman, Charles Kimbrough, Joey de Francesco60 min
Season 1991Episode 98Jay Leno (guest host), Michael Moriarty, Debbie Allen, Chuck Martin, Kenny Rankin, Dan Siegel60 min
Season 1991Episode 99Jay Leno (guest host), Elizabeth Perkins, P.J. O'Rourke, Willie Nelson60 min
Season 1991Episode 100Jay Leno (guest host), Louie Anderson, Orson Bean, Celine Dion60 min
Season 1991Episode 101Jay Leno (guest host), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Paul Provenza, Itzhak Perlman60 min
Season 1991Episode 102Jay Leno (guest host), Steve Kelley, Keith Washington, Catherine Crier60 min
Season 1991Episode 103Jay Leno (guest host), Dennis Hopper, Linda Ellerbee, Wynton Marsalis60 min
Season 1991Episode 104Bernadette Peters, Magic Johnson60 min
Season 1991Episode 105Madeline Kahn, Gloria Estefan60 min
Season 1991Episode 106Bob Newhart, Robert Klein, Leon Redbone60 min
Season 1991Episode 107Jay Leno (guest host), John Stamos, Edwin Newman, Alan Jackson60 min
Season 1991Episode 108Mel Brooks, Diana Ross60 min
Season 1991Episode 109Dudley Moore, Wayne Cotter, K.T. Oslin60 min
Season 1991Episode 110Susan Sarandon, Dr. Norman Gary, Lyle Lovett60 min
Season 1991Episode 111Jay Leno (guest host), Phil Hartman, Beverly D'Angelo, Robert Palmer (60 min
Season 1991Episode 112Michael J. Fox, Yakov Smirnoff, Mel Torme60 min
Season 1991Episode 113Martin Mull, Jonathan Katz, Cathy Guisewite60 min
Season 1991Episode 114Garry Shandling, Charles Fleischer, Diana Reeves60 min
Season 1991Episode 115Jay Leno (guest host), Mayim Bialik, Amy Tan, Blue Rodeo60 min
Season 1991Episode 116Martin Short, David Spade, Linda Hopkins60 min
Season 1991Episode 117Joan Embery, Dennis Hopper, Rich Hall60 min
Season 1991Episode 118Lance Burton, Jeff Dunham, Passing Zone60 min
Season 1991Episode 119Jay Leno (guest host), Paul Reiser, Karyn Parsons, Williams Brothers60 min
Season 1991Episode 120Burt Reynolds, David Horowitz, David Sanborn60 min
Season 1991Episode 121Kevin Meaney, Lou Ferrigno60 min
Season 1991Episode 122David Steinberg, Kenneth Branagh, Harper Brothers60 min
Season 1991Episode 123Jay Leno (guest host), Alex Rocco, Jan Hooks, Michael W. Smith, William Ross60 min
Season 1991Episode 124Dyan Cannon, Baxter Black60 min
Season 1991Episode 125Emma Thompson, Pat Benatar60 min
Season 1991Episode 126David Letterman, B.B. King60 min
Season 1991Episode 127Jay Leno (guest host), John Goodman, Robert Guillaume, Kenny Loggins60 min
Season 1991Episode 128Bob Hope, Ron Silver, Crowded House60 min
Season 1991Episode 129Marilu Henner, Dom DeLuise, Bela Fleck & The Flecktones60 min
Season 1991Episode 130James Garner, Pete Rose60 min
Season 1991Episode 131Jay Leno (guest host), John McLaughlin, John Singleton, Bonnie Raitt60 min
Season 1991Episode 132Dabney Coleman, Connie Ray, Clint Black60 min
Season 1991Episode 133Robin Williams, Jonathan Winters, Park Overall60 min
Season 1991Episode 134Sean Penn, Neil Diamond60 min
Season 1991Episode 135Jay Leno (guest host), Mike Wallace, Will Smith, Randy Travis60 min
Season 1991Episode 136Jay Leno (guest host), Teri Garr, Carol Leifer, Bebe & Cece Winams60 min
Season 1991Episode 137Jay Leno (guest host), Mark Harmon, Crystal Bernard60 min
Season 1991Episode 138Jay Leno (guest host), Jerry Seinfeld, Matt Groening60 min
Season 1991Episode 139Jay Leno (guest host), Richard Dean Anderson, Bob Greene60 min
Season 1991Episode 140Jay Leno (guest host), Corbin Bernsen, Fran Drescher, Branford Marsalis, Henry Alford60 min
Season 1991Episode 141Jay Leno (guest host), Pete Barbutti, Fred Roggin, James Taylor60 min
Season 1991Episode 14229th Anniversary Show60 min
Season 1991Episode 143Jay Leno (guest host), James Earl Jones, Roma Downey60 min
Season 1991Episode 144Tony Danza, Rita Rudner Allman Brothers Band60 min
Season 1991Episode 145Carl Reiner, Destiny, Mike Zele60 min
Season 1991Episode 146Ann-Margret, John Henton, B.B. King60 min
Season 1991Episode 147Jay Leno (guest host), Kevin Pollak, Brock Yates, The Manhattan Transfer60 min
Season 1991Episode 148Jay Leno (guest host), Kadeem Hardison, Larry Miller, Craig T. Nelson, Russ Irwin60 min
Season 1991Episode 149Jay Leno (guest host), Jodie Foster, Wayne Cotter, Michael Bolton60 min
Season 1991Episode 150Jay Leno (guest host), Andy Griffith, Ron Richards, Garth Brooks60 min
Season 1991Episode 151Jay Leno (guest host), Lily Tomlin, Neil Patrick Harris60 min
Season 1991Episode 152Jay Leno (guest host), Jeff Daniels, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Garry Marshall60 min
Season 1991Episode 153Harry Anderson, Jim Carrey, Fourplay60 min
Season 1991Episode 154Richard Lewis, Kevin Rooney, Al Jarreau60 min
Season 1991Episode 155Jim Fowler, Dudley Moore, Calvin Trillin60 min
Season 1991Episode 156Jay Leno (guest host), Robert Stack, Steve Landesberg, Harry Connick, Jr.60 min
Season 1991Episode 157Ted Danson, Richard Jeni, James Brown60 min
Season 1991Episode 158Patrick Duffy, Jeff Foxworthy, Animal Logic60 min
Season 1991Episode 159George Segal, Drew Carey, Penelope Ann Miller60 min
Season 1991Episode 160Jay Leno (guest host), Jaleel White, Paula Poundstone, Edie McClurg60 min
Season 1991Episode 161Glenn Close, Tim Allen, Buddy Guy60 min
Season 1991Episode 162George Burns, Barry Levinson, Patrica Kaas60 min
Season 1991Episode 163Bob Uecker, Ray Romano, Joshua Bell60 min
Season 1991Episode 164Jay Leno (guest host), Jamie Lee Curtis, Katherine Helmond, Huey Lewis & The News60 min
Season 1991Episode 165Bill Cosby, Cathy Guisewite60 min
Season 1991Episode 166Bob Newhart, George Lopez, Lisa Stansfield60 min
Season 1991Episode 167Bette Midler, Bill Maher60 min
Season 1991Episode 168Jay Leno (guest host), Joan Collins, James Avery, The Judds60 min
Season 1991Episode 169Jay Leno (guest host), Luke Perry, Jason Alexander, Smokey Robinson60 min
Season 1991Episode 170Jay Leno (guest host), William Shatner, Ted Wass, Halle Berry, Marc Cohn60 min
Season 1991Episode 171Jay Leno (guest host), Alan Rachins, Dame Edna, Lewis Grizzard60 min
Season 1991Episode 172Jay Leno (guest host), Shirley MacLaine, Kirk Cameron60 min
Season 1991Episode 173Jay Leno (guest host), Richard Crenna, Jason Priestly, Richard Marx60 min
Season 1991Episode 174John Larroquette, Brian Haley60 min
Season 1991Episode 175Anjelica Huston, Richard Harris60 min
Season 1991Episode 176Jay Leno (guest host), Norm Macdonald, Mark Shields, Barry Manilow60 min
Season 1991Episode 177Burt Reynolds, Vince Gill60 min
Season 1991Episode 178Robert Klein, Jim Valvano, Aaron Neville60 min
Season 1991Episode 179Kevin Kline, Dennis Miller, Procol Harum60 min
Season 1991Episode 180Jay Leno (guest host), Bob Hope, Kathy Bates, Joe Mantegna60 min
Season 1991Episode 181George Foreman, Jack Jones60 min
Season 1991Episode 182Steve Martin, Cathy Ladman, Leon Redbone60 min
Season 1991Episode 183Jonathan Winters, Bonnie Hunt, Joe Williams60 min
Season 1991Episode 184Jay Leno (guest host), Ahmad Rashad, Tammy Lauren, Fabulous Thunderbirds60 min
Season 1991Episode 185Jay Leno (guest host), Phil Hartman, Carol Leifer, Kadeem Hardison, Ron Richards, Tracie Spencer60 min
Season 1992Episode 1Jay Leno (guest host), Susan Lucci, Ned Beatty, Michael Richards, Dave Barry60 min
Season 1992Episode 2Jay Leno (guest host), Carl Weathers, Jeff Stillman60 min
Season 1992Episode 3Jay Leno (guest host), Peter Weller, Tommy Davidson60 min
Season 1992Episode 4Jay Leno (guest host), Danny Glover, Dinah Manoff, Eddie Money60 min
Season 1992Episode 5Katie Couric, Larry Miller, Jim Hall60 min
Season 1992Episode 6Tim Conway, Jeff Dunham, Diane Reeves60 min
Season 1992Episode 7David Steinberg, Drew Carey, Regis Philbin60 min
Season 1992Episode 8Jay Leno (guest host), Kevin Costner, Cybill Shepherd, Kenny Loggins60 min
Season 1992Episode 9Christian Slater, Paula Poundstone, Yo Yo Ma, Bobby McFerrin60 min
Season 1992Episode 10Keenen Ivory Wayans, Jimmy Brogan, Gene Siskel, Roger Ebert60 min
Season 1992Episode 11Jeremy Irons, Louie Anderson, Baxter Black60 min
Season 1992Episode 12Jay Leno (guest host), Hal Roach, Tom Skerritt, Ken Burns, Boyz II Men60 min
Season 1992Episode 13Melanie Griffth, Tim Allen, William Wegman60 min
Season 1992Episode 14Michael J. Fox, Mark Schiff, Trisha Yearwood60 min
Season 1992Episode 15Kevin Bacon, Wayne Cotter60 min
Season 1992Episode 16Jay Leno (guest host), John McLaughlin, Brian Keith, Joey Lawrence60 min
Season 1992Episode 17Bob Newhart, Carol Leifer, Bela Fleck & The Flecktones60 min
Season 1992Episode 18Sean Connery, Jack Coen, Richard Marx60 min
Season 1992Episode 19John Riggi, Edie McClurg, Larry Gatlin60 min
Season 1992Episode 20Jay Leno (guest host), William Devane, Elizabeth Ashley, Marc Cohn60 min
Season 1992Episode 21Billy Connolly, Richard Jeni, Reba McEntire60 min
Season 1992Episode 22Catfish Grey, Jake Johannsen, Nils Lofgren60 min
Season 1992Episode 23Jay Leno (guest host), Maria Shriver, George Wallace, Professor Cassidy60 min
Season 1992Episode 24Jim Fowler, Dudley Moore, Louis Bellson60 min
Season 1992Episode 25Chevy Chase, Smothers Brothers60 min
Season 1992Episode 26Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Douglas60 min
Season 1992Episode 27Jay Leno (guest host), Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Marion Ross60 min
Season 1992Episode 28Jay Leno (guest host), Diane Ladd, Ian Ziering, Jeff Stilson60 min
Season 1992Episode 29Jay Leno (guest host), Meredith Baxter, John Spencer, Shelby Lynn60 min
Season 1992Episode 30Jay Leno (guest host), John Chancellor, Billy Bragg, Erma Bombeck60 min
Season 1992Episode 31Jay Leno (guest host), Mark Harmon, Jack Palance60 min
Season 1992Episode 32Jay Leno (guest host), Brian Dennehy, Jeff Altman, Vanessa Williams60 min
Season 1992Episode 33Tom Hanks, Mercedes Ruehl, Al Green60 min
Season 1992Episode 34Don Rickles, Calvin Trillin, Five Guys Named Moe60 min
Season 1992Episode 35Richard Benjamin, James Taylor60 min
Season 1992Episode 36Jay Leno (guest host), Warren Beatty, Sophie B. Hawkins60 min
Season 1992Episode 37Tony Danza, Paul Gertner, Pete Fountain60 min
Season 1992Episode 38Burt Reynolds, Pete Barbutti, Ahmad Rashad60 min
Season 1992Episode 39Bob Hope, Martin Mull, Teresa Ganzel60 min
Season 1992Episode 40Jay Leno (guest host), Geena Davis, Pierce Brosnan60 min
Season 1992Episode 41Marilu Henner, Kevin Pollak, Randy Travis60 min
Season 1992Episode 42Richard Lewis, Susie Loucks, Leon Redbone60 min
Season 1992Episode 43Woody Harrelson, Blake Clark, Cathy Guisewite60 min
Season 1992Episode 44Jay Leno (guest host), Michael Jeter, Roxette60 min
Season 1992Episode 45Jay Leno (guest host), Jonathan Ross, Pam Tillis60 min
Season 1992Episode 46Jay Leno (guest host), Willem Dafoe, Norman Lear60 min
Season 1992Episode 47Jay Leno (guest host), Christopher Reeve, Melissa Gilbert-Brinkman, Mr. Big (60 min
Season 1992Episode 48Jay Leno (guest host), Armand Assante, Stone Phillips, Bronx Style Bob60 min
Season 1992Episode 49Jay Leno (guest host), Jack Palance, Richard Dean Anderson, Celine Dion60 min
Season 1992Episode 50Patrick Swayze, Steve Lawrence, David Horowitz60 min
Season 1992Episode 51Craig T. Nelson, Michael Crawford, Bob Costas60 min
Season 1992Episode 52Charles Grodin, John Mendoza, k.d. lang60 min
Season 1992Episode 53Jay Leno (guest host), Cybill Shepherd, Chris North, Lisa Taylor, Mark Chestnut60 min
Season 1992Episode 54Steven Wright, Emma Thompson, Dolly Parton60 min
Season 1992Episode 55James Woods, Ted Koppel, Stevie Wonder60 min
Season 1992Episode 56Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Bowman, Little Village60 min
Season 1992Episode 57Jay Leno (guest host), John Goodman, Dick Clark, Chic60 min
Season 1992Episode 58Bernadette Peters, Rodney Dangerfield, Beau Bridges60 min
Season 1992Episode 59Tom Selleck, John McEnroe, Ray Charles60 min
Season 1992Episode 60Don Johnson, Amanda Plummer, Christopher Parkening60 min
Season 1992Episode 61Jerry Seinfeld, Carl Reiner, B.B. King60 min
Season 1992Episode 62Bill Cosby, Bob Saget, Harry Connick, Jr.60 min
Season 1992Episode 63Jonathan Winters, Dame Edna Everage, Jimmy Buffett60 min
Season 1992Episode 64Steve Martin, Farrah Fawcett, The Temptations60 min
Season 1992Episode 65Madeline Kahn, Buddy Hackett, Diane Schuur60 min
Season 1992Episode 66Garry Shandling, George Foreman60 min
Season 1992Episode 67Bob Newhart, Magic Johnson, Lyle Lovett60 min
Season 1992Episode 68George Carlin, Liv Ullman, Gloria Estefan60 min
Season 1992Episode 69Michael Keaton, Martin Short, Teri Garr60 min
Season 1992Episode 70Clint Eastwood, David Letterman, Bob Hope60 min
Season 1992Episode 71Mel Brooks, Tony Bennett, Jack Lemmon60 min
Season 1992Episode 72Roseanne Arnold, Richard Harris60 min
Season 1992Episode 73Robin Williams, Bette Midler60 min
Season 1992Episode 74Series Finale60 min
  • Johnny Carson

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