Top Gear

Top Gear (2002)

The world’s biggest motoring show.

  • Genre: Talk, Action & Adventure, Comedy, Documentary
  • Creator: Derek Smith, Andy Wilman, Jeremy Clarkson
  • First Air Date: 2002-10-20
  • Last Air Date: 2022-12-18
  • Total Seasons: 33
  • Total Episodes: 218
  • Status: Returning Series
  • Episode Runtime: 60 min.
  • Production Company: BBC
  • Production Country: United Kingdom
  • Networks: BBC One, BBC Two
star 7.429/10
From 708 Ratings


This fast-paced and stunt-filled motor show tests whether cars, both mundane and extraordinary, live up to their manufacturers' claims. The long-running show travels to locations around the world, performing extreme stunts and challenges to see what the featured cars are capable of doing. The current hosts are Paddy Mcguinness, Chris Harris and Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff.


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Top Gear Seasons

Season 0

First Air Date: 2003-01-28
99 Episodes

Season 1

First Air Date: 2002-10-20
10 Episodes

Season 2

First Air Date: 2003-05-11
10 Episodes

Season 3

First Air Date: 2003-10-26
9 Episodes

Season 4

First Air Date: 2004-05-09
10 Episodes

Season 5

First Air Date: 2004-10-24
9 Episodes

Season 6

First Air Date: 2005-05-22
11 Episodes

Season 7

First Air Date: 2005-11-13
7 Episodes

Season 8

First Air Date: 2006-05-07
8 Episodes

Season 9

First Air Date: 2007-01-28
6 Episodes

Season 10

First Air Date: 2007-10-07
10 Episodes

Season 11

First Air Date: 2008-06-22
6 Episodes

Season 12

First Air Date: 2008-11-02
8 Episodes

Season 13

First Air Date: 2009-06-21
7 Episodes

Season 14

First Air Date: 2009-11-15
7 Episodes

Season 15

First Air Date: 2010-06-27
6 Episodes

Season 16

First Air Date: 2011-01-23
6 Episodes

Season 17

First Air Date: 2011-06-26
6 Episodes

Season 18

First Air Date: 2012-01-29
7 Episodes

Season 19

First Air Date: 2013-01-27
7 Episodes

Season 20

First Air Date: 2013-06-30
6 Episodes

Season 21

First Air Date: 2014-02-02
7 Episodes

Season 22

First Air Date: 2015-01-25
8 Episodes

Season 23

First Air Date: 2016-05-29
6 Episodes

Season 24

First Air Date: 2017-03-05
7 Episodes

Season 25

First Air Date: 2018-02-25
6 Episodes

Season 26

First Air Date: 2019-02-17
5 Episodes

Season 27

First Air Date: 2019-06-16
5 Episodes

Season 28

First Air Date: 2020-01-26
6 Episodes

Season 29

First Air Date: 2020-10-04
5 Episodes

Season 30

First Air Date: 2021-03-14
4 Episodes

Season 31

First Air Date: 2021-11-14
5 Episodes

Season 32

First Air Date: 2022-06-05
5 Episodes

Season 33

First Air Date: 2022-10-30
5 Episodes

Top Gear Episodes

Title Air Date Duration
Season 1Episode 1Cobra Attack60 min
Season 1Episode 2Blind Drift60 min
Season 1Episode 3Flying Coupe DeVille60 min
Season 1Episode 4Halo vs. Velociraptor60 min
Season 1Episode 5Beater Boot Camp60 min
Season 1Episode 6Fast in Florida60 min
Season 1Episode 7Used Car Salesmen60 min
Season 1Episode 8Car vs. Plane60 min
Season 1Episode 9America's Toughest Truck60 min
Season 1Episode 10Best of Top Gear60 min
Season 2Episode 1Texas60 min
Season 2Episode 2First Cars60 min
Season 2Episode 3America's Strongest Pickup60 min
Season 2Episode 4Death Valley60 min
Season 2Episode 5Luxury Car Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 6The $500 Challenge60 min
Season 2Episode 7Beating Tanner60 min
Season 2Episode 8Hollywood Cars60 min
Season 3Episode 1Big Rigs60 min
Season 3Episode 2Muscle Cars60 min
Season 3Episode 3Dangerous Cars60 min
Season 3Episode 4Continental Divide60 min
Season 3Episode 5Supercars60 min
Season 3Episode 6Limos60 min
Season 3Episode 7Rut's Show60 min
Season 3Episode 8Worst Cars60 min
Season 4Episode 1Police Cars60 min
Season 4Episode 2Small Cars60 min
Season 4Episode 3Cult Classics60 min
Season 4Episode 4One Tank60 min
Season 4Episode 5The Tractor Challenge60 min
Season 4Episode 6Monument to Moab60 min
Season 5Episode 1College Cars60 min
Season 5Episode 2America's Toughest Car60 min
Season 5Episode 3RVs60 min
Season 5Episode 4150 MPH Challenge60 min
Season 5Episode 5Taxis60 min
Season 5Episode 6Adam's Show60 min
Season 5Episode 7Doomsday Drive60 min
Season 5Episode 8Mammoth Mountain60 min
Season 5Episode 9Minnesota Ice Driving60 min
Season 5Episode 10Viking Trucks60 min
Season 6Episode 1Coast to Coast60 min
Season 6Episode 2Alaskan Adventure60 min
Season 6Episode 3Off Road Racing60 min
Season 6Episode 4America's Biggest Cars60 min
Season 6Episode 5Sturgis60 min
Season 6Episode 6Can Cars Float?60 min
Season 6Episode 7Fully Charged60 min
Season 6Episode 8American Supercars60 min
Season 6Episode 9Big Bad Trucks60 min
Season 6Episode 10Fountain of Youth60 min
Season 7Episode 1American Muscle60 min
Season 7Episode 2Desert Trailblazers60 min
Season 7Episode 380's Power60 min
Season 7Episode 4Snow Show60 min
Season 7Episode 5Off Road Big Rigs60 min
Season 7Episode 6Cool Cars for Grownups60 min
Season 7Episode 7What Can It Take60 min
Season 7Episode 8Need for Speed60 min
Season 7Episode 9Weekend Race Cars60 min
Season 7Episode 10Appalachian Trail60 min
Season 8Episode 1Rubicon Trail60 min
Season 8Episode 2America vs. Europe60 min
Season 8Episode 324 Hours of Budget Racing60 min
Season 8Episode 4Car for Life60 min
Season 8Episode 5Military Might60 min
Season 8Episode 6American Aftermarket60 min
Season 8Episode 7Postal60 min
Season 8Episode 8Winter Drop Top60 min
Season 8Episode 9City Saviors60 min
Season 8Episode 10Cuba60 min
  • Chris Harris

    as Self - Host
  • Paddy McGuinness

    as Self - Host
  • Andrew Flintoff

    as Self - Host
Production Andy Wilman Producer
Production Lloyd Washbrook Producer