Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks

Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks (2014)

  • Genre: Reality
  • First Air Date: 2014-08-17
  • Last Air Date: 2021-11-21
  • Total Seasons: 8
  • Total Episodes: 103
  • Status: Returning Series
  • Episode Runtime: 45 min.
  • Production Company: Pilgrim Studios
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • Networks: National Geographic
star 7.35/10
From 10 Ratings


The long, cold winter has just hit New England, and while the bluefin tuna season has come to an end in Gloucester, Mass., it’s just getting started in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. After a disappointing season, several of Gloucester’s top fishermen head south to try to salvage their finances by fishing for the elusive bluefin tuna in unfamiliar Carolina waters before the experienced locals beat them to the catch. It’s a whole new battlefield and the Northern captains must conquer new styles of fishing, treacherous waters and the wrath of the Outer Banks’ top fishermen. They’re gambling on what could be a massive payday … or a huge financial loss.


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Yes! The series Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks is now on Disney Plus in the countries listed below.

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Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks Seasons

Season 1

First Air Date: 2014-08-17
10 Episodes

Season 2

First Air Date: 2015-07-19
10 Episodes

Season 3

First Air Date: 2016-07-25
10 Episodes

Season 4

First Air Date: 2017-07-30
8 Episodes

Season 5

First Air Date: 2018-07-01
13 Episodes

Season 6

First Air Date: 2019-06-26
16 Episodes

Season 7

First Air Date: 2020-06-28
17 Episodes

Season 8

First Air Date: 2021-07-18
19 Episodes

Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks Episodes

Title Air Date Duration
Season 1Episode 1Yankee Invasion60 min
Season 1Episode 2Southern Discomfort60 min
Season 1Episode 3Bluefin or Bust60 min
Season 1Episode 4We're Not in Gloucester Anymore60 min
Season 1Episode 5Ice Ice Tuna60 min
Season 1Episode 6By Hook or By Crook60 min
Season 1Episode 7From Rods to Riches60 min
Season 1Episode 8Doghouse Afternoon60 min
Season 1Episode 9Tick Tock Tuna60 min
Season 1Episode 10The Fat Tuna Sings60 min
Season 2Episode 1First Strike60 min
Season 2Episode 2Bombs Away60 min
Season 2Episode 3Fins of the Father60 min
Season 2Episode 4Salty Gals and Southern Nights60 min
Season 2Episode 5Wicked Ride60 min
Season 2Episode 6Reels of Misfortune60 min
Season 2Episode 7Nine Foot Monster60 min
Season 2Episode 8Burn Blubber60 min
Season 2Episode 9On a Fin and a Prayer60 min
Season 2Episode 10Wicked End60 min
Season 3Episode 1Back in the Battle60 min
Season 3Episode 2Wicked Waters60 min
Season 3Episode 3A Bluefin for Boo60 min
Season 3Episode 4Underdog Day Afternoon60 min
Season 3Episode 5Not How We Operate60 min
Season 3Episode 6The Karma Kid60 min
Season 3Episode 7Old Sailors and Bold Sailors60 min
Season 3Episode 8Hostile Waters60 min
Season 3Episode 9Striking Distance60 min
Season 3Episode 10Luck Be a Tuna Tonight60 min
Season 4Episode 1Fighting Frenzy60 min
Season 4Episode 2Full Throttle60 min
Season 4Episode 3Karma's a Fish60 min
Season 4Episode 4Dethroned60 min
Season 4Episode 5I'll Sleep When I'm Dead60 min
Season 4Episode 6Tuna and the Beast60 min
Season 4Episode 7Catch Me If You Can60 min
Season 4Episode 8Title Fight60 min
Season 5Episode 1Battle Lines60 min
Season 5Episode 2Not In Our Backyard60 min
Season 5Episode 3Reverse the Curse60 min
Season 5Episode 4Zombie Tuna60 min
Season 5Episode 5Man Overboard60 min
Season 5Episode 6Redemption60 min
Season 5Episode 7No Pain, No Gain60 min
Season 5Episode 8Man Down60 min
Season 5Episode 9Northern Fury60 min
Season 5Episode 10Old Golly Whopper60 min
Season 5Episode 11Blood, Sweat, and Tears60 min
Season 5Episode 12High Speed Chase60 min
Season 5Episode 13Down to the Wire60 min
Season 6Episode 1New Blood60 min
Season 6Episode 2Bugging Out60 min
Season 6Episode 3Little Boat, Big Tuna60 min
Season 6Episode 4Hard Knocks60 min
Season 6Episode 5Blood Feud60 min
Season 6Episode 6Reel Outlaws60 min
Season 6Episode 7Southern Aggression60 min
Season 6Episode 8Thunder Tuna60 min
Season 6Episode 9The Fast and Furious60 min
Season 6Episode 10No Backing Down60 min
Season 6Episode 11Miracle Fish60 min
Season 6Episode 12The Home Run60 min
Season 6Episode 13Storm Troopers60 min
Season 6Episode 14Breaking Point60 min
Season 6Episode 15All Out War60 min
Season 6Episode 16Battle For The Banks60 min
Season 7Episode 1Clash of the Titans60 min
Season 7Episode 2Stick 'em60 min
Season 7Episode 3Family Pride60 min
Season 7Episode 4Pay to Play60 min
Season 7Episode 5Fishing Up a Storm60 min
Season 7Episode 6A Fish For Frenzy60 min
Season 7Episode 7Never Seen Anything Like It60 min
Season 7Episode 8Tricky Dave60 min
Season 7Episode 9Hard Times At Sea60 min
Season 7Episode 10Make Your Own Luck60 min
Season 7Episode 11Graveyard Shift60 min
Season 7Episode 12Follow The Herd60 min
Season 7Episode 13Together We Stand60 min
Season 7Episode 14Reel Tension60 min
Season 7Episode 15Break Out Or Break Down60 min
Season 7Episode 16No Time to Lose60 min
Season 7Episode 17Titan Showdown90 min
Season 8Episode 1Danger Lurks90 min
Season 8Episode 2Beat the Storm60 min
Season 8Episode 3Hot Water, Big Tuna60 min
Season 8Episode 4Doghouse Domination60 min
Season 8Episode 5Herd is the Word60 min
Season 8Episode 6Cost to Be the Boss60 min
Season 8Episode 7Fog of War60 min
Season 8Episode 8Hog Tied60 min
Season 8Episode 9Triple Trouble60 min
Season 8Episode 10Risky Business60 min
Season 8Episode 11Pressure Point60 min
Season 8Episode 12Tried and True60 min
Season 8Episode 13Goldrush60 min
Season 8Episode 14Down to the Dollar60 min
Season 8Episode 15The Big One60 min
Season 8Episode 16Red Seas75 min
Season 8Episode 17Break Point75 min
Season 8Episode 18One Last Fish90 min
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