Workin' Moms

Workin' Moms (2017)

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Creator: Catherine Reitman
  • First Air Date: 2017-01-10
  • Last Air Date: 2023-03-28
  • Total Seasons: 7
  • Total Episodes: 83
  • Status: Ended
  • Episode Runtime: 30 min.
  • Production Company: Wolf and Rabbit Productions
  • Production Country: Canada
  • Networks: CBC Television
star 7.5/10
From 80 Ratings


Four women juggle love, careers, and parenthood. They support, challenge, and try not to judge each other as life throws them curveballs. Whether it is an identity crisis, a huge job opportunity, postpartum depression, or an unplanned pregnancy – they face both the good and bad with grace and humour.


Is Workin' Moms on Disney Plus?

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Workin' Moms Seasons

Season 0

First Air Date: 2017-12-19
1 Episodes

Season 1

First Air Date: 2017-01-10
13 Episodes

Season 2

First Air Date: 2017-12-19
13 Episodes

Season 3

First Air Date: 2019-01-10
13 Episodes

Season 4

First Air Date: 2020-02-18
8 Episodes

Season 5

First Air Date: 2021-02-16
10 Episodes

Season 6

First Air Date: 2022-01-04
13 Episodes

Season 7

First Air Date: 2023-01-03
13 Episodes

Workin' Moms Episodes

Title Air Date Duration
Season 1Episode 1Bare30 min
Season 1Episode 2Rules30 min
Season 1Episode 3Fem Card30 min
Season 1Episode 4Bad Help30 min
Season 1Episode 5Sophie's Choice-ish30 min
Season 1Episode 6The Wolf & The Rabbit30 min
Season 1Episode 7Phoenix Rising30 min
Season 1Episode 8Hoop Earring30 min
Season 1Episode 9Tricky Nipple30 min
Season 1Episode 10The Coxswain30 min
Season 1Episode 11Bye Bye Kate30 min
Season 1Episode 12Merde30 min
Season 1Episode 13Having It All30 min
Season 2Episode 1200530 min
Season 2Episode 2Good Mom30 min
Season 2Episode 3The Sign30 min
Season 2Episode 4The Holy Hole30 min
Season 2Episode 5Consent30 min
Season 2Episode 6Shame Spiral30 min
Season 2Episode 7Retreat30 min
Season 2Episode 8Red Handed30 min
Season 2Episode 9Spirit Animal30 min
Season 2Episode 10Cuck30 min
Season 2Episode 11Trash Panda30 min
Season 2Episode 12If Women Had to Give Birth30 min
Season 2Episode 13Look Back30 min
Season 3Episode 1Birth Daze30 min
Season 3Episode 2Of Rights and Men30 min
Season 3Episode 3Daddy's Home30 min
Season 3Episode 4Training Day30 min
Season 3Episode 5Stand for Something30 min
Season 3Episode 6Narls in Charge30 min
Season 3Episode 7Revenge Fantasy30 min
Season 3Episode 8Girl's Trip30 min
Season 3Episode 9Guns ‘n' Deception30 min
Season 3Episode 10Creamed30 min
Season 3Episode 11Business Boyz30 min
Season 3Episode 12Two Paths30 min
Season 3Episode 13What's It Gonna Be30 min
Season 4Episode 1Charade30 min
Season 4Episode 2Black Sheep30 min
Season 4Episode 3The Man in the Mexican Mask30 min
Season 4Episode 4No One's Coming30 min
Season 4Episode 5To Lure a Squirrel30 min
Season 4Episode 6Lice30 min
Season 4Episode 7Bad Reputation30 min
Season 4Episode 8Charlie and the Weed Factory30 min
Season 5Episode 1The Carlsons Move to Calgary30 min
Season 5Episode 2Mama Mia Meatboy30 min
Season 5Episode 3Pleasure Yourself30 min
Season 5Episode 4A Rat, Girl30 min
Season 5Episode 5Mother Knows Breast30 min
Season 5Episode 6Finger in the Butt30 min
Season 5Episode 7Launch Pad to Trash Hole30 min
Season 5Episode 8Punch Dad30 min
Season 5Episode 9Blue Angel30 min
Season 5Episode 10FACK30 min
Season 6Episode 1Kate Fosters30 min
Season 6Episode 2Warm Lunch30 min
Season 6Episode 3Bye Bye Goldie30 min
Season 6Episode 4The Big One30 min
Season 6Episode 5Jazz Addict30 min
Season 6Episode 6Oh. Ohh. Ohhh.30 min
Season 6Episode 7Goin' Fishin30 min
Season 6Episode 8Poke the Bear30 min
Season 6Episode 9Buried30 min
Season 6Episode 10Bachelorette, But Make It Spooky30 min
Season 6Episode 11The Break30 min
Season 6Episode 12The Scary Things30 min
Season 6Episode 13Grow If You Want30 min
Season 7Episode 1Ohmygodohmygodohmygod30 min
Season 7Episode 2A Hoot and a Scream30 min
Season 7Episode 3I Got This30 min
Season 7Episode 4Funny Business30 min
Season 7Episode 5The Sterilizer30 min
Season 7Episode 6It's Five O'Clock Somewhere30 min
Season 7Episode 7It's All Gone30 min
Season 7Episode 8Fast and Soft30 min
Season 7Episode 9Old Sloane30 min
Season 7Episode 10The Proposal30 min
Season 7Episode 11Two Steve Jobs30 min
Season 7Episode 12Fun Fair30 min
Season 7Episode 13The End30 min
  • Catherine Reitman

    as Kate Foster
  • Dani Kind

    as Anne
  • Juno Rinaldi

    as Frankie Coyne
  • Katherine Barrell

    as Alicia Rutherford
  • Jessalyn Wanlim

    as Jenny Matthews
  • Novie Edwards

    as Sheila
  • Dennis Andres

    as Ian Matthews
  • Raymond Ablack

    as Ram