HUGtto! PreCure

HUGtto! PreCure (2018)

You can do anything! You can be anything! Embrace your shining future! Hooray, hooray, everyone! Hooray, hooray, me! Here We Go!

  • Genre: Comedy, Animation, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Family, Kids
  • Creator: Izumi Todo
  • First Air Date: 2018-02-04
  • Last Air Date: 2019-01-27
  • Total Seasons: 1
  • Total Episodes: 49
  • Status: Ended
  • Episode Runtime: 24 min.
  • Production Company: Toei Animation
  • Production Country: Japan
  • Networks: tv asahi
star 8.9/10
From 11 Ratings


Nono Hana is an 8th-grade student who wants to be a stylish and mature big sister-like figure. She always puts on a lovely smile and loves to search for exciting things. One day, Hana meets a baby named Hug-tan and her guardian fairy named Harry who had fallen from the sky. At that exact moment, an evil organization called Dark Tomorrow suddenly appeared! They're trying to forcefully take Hug-tan's Mirai Crystal! In order to protect Hug-tan, Hana wishes to do something to help her, and her wish is granted, as she gains a Mirai Crystal and transforms into Cure Yell. The world is overflowed with Tomorrow Powerer, which is the power to create a brilliant tomorrow, which is crystalized into the Mirai Crystals. If it's stolen, everyone's future will not exist. To protect Hug-tan and everyone's future, Cure Yell will do her best!


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HUGtto! PreCure Seasons

Season 1

First Air Date: 2018-02-04
49 Episodes

HUGtto! PreCure Episodes

Title Air Date Duration
Season 1Episode 1Hooray Hooray, Everyone! The PreCure of Spirit, Cure Yell is Born!30 min
Season 1Episode 2Everyone's Angel! Hooray Hooray! Cure Ange!30 min
Season 1Episode 3Happy? Cranky? Hug-tan's Outing!30 min
Season 1Episode 4Shine! The Great PreCure Scouting Plan Operation!30 min
Season 1Episode 5Dance in the Sky! Hooray Hooray! Cure Etoile!30 min
Season 1Episode 6Smiles in Full Bloom! Our First Job!30 min
Season 1Episode 7Saaya is Lost? What is it You Really Want To Do?30 min
Season 1Episode 8Homare Withdraws!? The Skating Prince's Fast Approach!30 min
Season 1Episode 9Go Over the Hill! Let's La Hiking!30 min
Season 1Episode 10No Way~! Being a Waitress is Hard Work!30 min
Season 1Episode 11The PreCure I Want To Become! Resonate! Melody Sword!30 min
Season 1Episode 12Heart-pounding! A Pajama Party With Everyone!30 min
Season 1Episode 13The Transfer Student Is Fresh & Mysterious!30 min
Season 1Episode 14Hagyuu~! Full of Baby's Smiles!30 min
Season 1Episode 15Odd Duo...? Emiru and Ruru's Certain Day30 min
Season 1Episode 16Everyone's Charisma!? Master Homare Is Strict30 min
Season 1Episode 17The Noise of Sadness... Farewell, Ruru30 min
Season 1Episode 18An Odd Pair! The Melody of the Heart!30 min
Season 1Episode 19So Exciting! The Aspired Runway Debut!?30 min
Season 1Episode 20Cure Macherie and Cure Amour! Hooray Hooray! The PreCures of Love!30 min
Season 1Episode 21Big Rampage? The Pretty Cure Emiru Wants To Become!30 min
Season 1Episode 22Our Song of Love! Deliver it! Twin Love Guitar!30 min
Season 1Episode 23The Worst Pinch! President Cry Appears!30 min
Season 1Episode 24An Energetic Splash! The Fascinating Night Pool!30 min
Season 1Episode 25Summer Festival, Fireworks, and Harry's Secret30 min
Season 1Episode 26Related to a Famous Actress! Saaya and Her Mother30 min
Season 1Episode 27Teacher's Daddy Training! Hello, Baby!30 min
Season 1Episode 28Catch That Girl's Heart♡ Hooray Hooray! Mogumogu!30 min
Season 1Episode 29Settle it Right Here! The Recipe to Grandma's Fighting Spirit!30 min
Season 1Episode 30GOGO Around the World! Everyone's Summer Vacation!30 min
Season 1Episode 31Time, Advance! Birth of the Memorial Cure Clock!30 min
Season 1Episode 32Is This Magic? Homare Is A Mermaid Princess!30 min
Season 1Episode 33Be Careful! Cryase Corporation's Recruitment Activities!30 min
Season 1Episode 34Great Detective Kotori! I'll Investigate My Big Sister!30 min
Season 1Episode 35The Light Of Life! Saaya Is A Doctor30 min
Season 1Episode 36Hooray Hooray! Legendary PreCure Assembled!!30 min
Season 1Episode 37To the Future! PreCure All For You!30 min
Season 1Episode 38Charged With Happiness! Happy Halloween!30 min
Season 1Episode 39For Tomorrow...! Tomorrow with Everyone!30 min
Season 1Episode 40Ruru's Papa!? Amour is...30 min
Season 1Episode 41Emiru's Dream, Shout it From your Soul!30 min
Season 1Episode 42Yell's Switch-Off! This is My Support!!30 min
Season 1Episode 43The Shining Star's Love. Homare's Start30 min
Season 1Episode 44On a Journey to my Finalised Dream! Saaya's Great Adventure!30 min
Season 1Episode 45A Hug with Everyone! Merry Christmas☆30 min
Season 1Episode 46Cry, Appears Again! The Ideal Flower that Blooms Eternally30 min
Season 1Episode 47The Final Battle! Take Back Everyone's Tomorrow!30 min
Season 1Episode 48I Can Do Anything! I Can Be Anything! Hooray Hooray, Me!30 min
Season 1Episode 49Embrace Your Shining Future30 min
  • Rie Hikisaka

    as Hana Nono / Cure Yell (voice)
  • Rina Honnizumi

    as Saaya Yakushiji / Cure Ange (voice)
  • Yui Ogura

    as Homare Kagayaki / Cure Étoile (voice)
  • Nao Tamura

    as Emiru Aisaki / Cure Macherie (voice)
  • Yukari Tamura

    as Lulu Amour / Cure Amour (voice)
  • Konomi Tada

    as Hug-tan (voice)
  • Junko Noda

    as Hariham Harry (voice)
  • Jun Fukushima

    as Hariham Harry (human) (voice)
Visual Effects Toshie Kawamura Character Designer
Sound Yuki Hayashi Original Music Composer
Art Nagisa Nishida Art Direction
Camera Tomokazu Shiratori Director of Photography
Production Fumi Yazaki Producer
Production Keisuke Naito Producer
Production Takashi Tanaka Producer
Editing Yoshihiro Aso Editor
Sound Kimitaka Kawasaki Sound Recordist
Sound Naomi Hayashi Sound Recordist
Directing Akifumi Zako Series Director
Directing Junichi Sato Series Director
Writing Fumi Tsubota Series Composition
Sound Kanako Miyamoto Theme Song Performance