Seed in the Sand

Seed in the Sand

  • Genre: Animation
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Christiane Cegavske



A small white creature travels across a sea of sand in a boat made of a discarded map after dreaming of an island shrine. He is carrying a precious white cloth pod sewn up with red stitching. On his journey, he meets a trio of gem-mining island-dwellers who are keen to have the pod for themselves. As he makes his escape from them, he encounters a ferocious blue sea monster that intends to drag him down under the sand to its lair. The island-dwellers remain in hot pursuit, crowded into a teacup, rowing with a silver spoon.

Is Seed in the Sand on Disney Plus?

Unfortunately the movie Seed in the Sand is not yet available on Disney Plus.

  • Suzi Gardner

  • Gitane Demone

  • Karie Jacobson

Directing Christiane Cegavske Director
Editing Christiane Cegavske Editor
Writing Christiane Cegavske Screenplay
Visual Effects Christiane Cegavske Animation
Crew Christiane Cegavske Cinematography
Sound Karie Jacobson Sound
Sound Drew Kowalski Music