Gold Rush: White Water

Gold Rush: White Water (2018)

  • Genre: Reality, Documentary, Drama
  • Creator: Tom Lowry
  • First Air Date: 2018-01-19
  • Last Air Date: 2023-06-09
  • Total Seasons: 7
  • Total Episodes: 81
  • Status: Returning Series
  • Episode Runtime: 42 min.
  • Production Company: RAW
  • Production Country: United States of America, United Kingdom
  • Networks: Discovery
star 7.3/10
From 29 Ratings


Gold miners Dakota Fred and his son Dustin are back – returning to McKinley Creek Alaska, determined to make a fortune no matter the risk. But to find the big gold payout, they'll put their lives on the line by diving deep beneath the raging waters of one of Alaska's wildest creeks.


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Gold Rush: White Water Seasons

Season 0

First Air Date: 2018-03-23
11 Episodes

Season 1

First Air Date: 2018-01-19
8 Episodes

Season 2

First Air Date: 2019-01-04
11 Episodes

Season 3

First Air Date: 2019-11-08
13 Episodes

Season 4

First Air Date: 2020-11-13
15 Episodes

Season 5

First Air Date: 2021-11-05
16 Episodes

Season 6

First Air Date: 2022-11-11
17 Episodes

Season 7

First Air Date: 2024-03-26
1 Episodes

Gold Rush: White Water Episodes

Title Air Date Duration
Season 1Episode 1Between Craziness & Insanity60 min
Season 1Episode 2First Gold60 min
Season 1Episode 3Dredge Down60 min
Season 1Episode 4Boulder Battles60 min
Season 1Episode 5InLand Tsunami60 min
Season 1Episode 6Hypothermia60 min
Season 1Episode 7The Graboid60 min
Season 1Episode 8End of Days60 min
Season 2Episode 1The Dakotas Strike Back60 min
Season 2Episode 2Burned Alive60 min
Season 2Episode 3When Bears Attack60 min
Season 2Episode 4Too Close for Comfort60 min
Season 2Episode 5The Nugget Trap60 min
Season 2Episode 6Mckinley, We Have a Problem60 min
Season 2Episode 7Sacrifice & Sabotage60 min
Season 2Episode 8Landslide60 min
Season 2Episode 9The Widow Maker60 min
Season 2Episode 10Gold Strike60 min
Season 2Episode 11Diving Deeper60 min
Season 3Episode 1Two Teams, One Dream60 min
Season 3Episode 2The Pound Zone60 min
Season 3Episode 3No Guts, No Glory Holes60 min
Season 3Episode 4Enter the Superclaw60 min
Season 3Episode 5Birthday Gold60 min
Season 3Episode 6The Gold Cave60 min
Season 3Episode 7Nugget Heaven60 min
Season 3Episode 8Thunder Falls60 min
Season 3Episode 9End of the Rainbow60 min
Season 3Episode 10Cliffhanger60 min
Season 3Episode 11Rockfall Ravine60 min
Season 3Episode 12Hands Full of Gold60 min
Season 3Episode 13Royal Flush60 min
Season 4Episode 1Come Hell or High Water60 min
Season 4Episode 2Good as Gold60 min
Season 4Episode 3Swallowed Up60 min
Season 4Episode 4Enter the Mammoth Claw60 min
Season 4Episode 5Fistful of Nuggets60 min
Season 4Episode 6Rookie Mistakes60 min
Season 4Episode 7Happy Endings60 min
Season 4Episode 8Dustin to the Rescue60 min
Season 4Episode 9Depths of Despair68 min
Season 4Episode 10Ride or Die67 min
Season 4Episode 11A Special Kind of Crazy67 min
Season 4Episode 12In Too Deep68 min
Season 4Episode 13Under Pressure69 min
Season 4Episode 14Buried Alive68 min
Season 4Episode 15To the Edge68 min
Season 5Episode 1Roll of the Ice70 min
Season 5Episode 2Fresh Blood67 min
Season 5Episode 3Shake Up70 min
Season 5Episode 4Who's the Boss69 min
Season 5Episode 5Groundbreaking Gold68 min
Season 5Episode 6Boiling Point68 min
Season 5Episode 7Gamblin' Man60 min
Season 5Episode 8Hard Times at House Rock68 min
Season 5Episode 9Cut and Run68 min
Season 5Episode 10Robbery at House Rock68 min
Season 5Episode 11Curse of the Gold Gods68 min
Season 5Episode 12Blackout68 min
Season 5Episode 13The Motherload68 min
Season 5Episode 14Risk vs. Reward69 min
Season 5Episode 15A Golden Opportunity68 min
Season 5Episode 16The Last Stand67 min
Season 6Episode 1Fortune Favors the Bold68 min
Season 6Episode 2Into the Unknown67 min
Season 6Episode 3Airboat Accident68 min
Season 6Episode 4Dakota Fred Takes Charge68 min
Season 6Episode 5Homemade Highway to Hell66 min
Season 6Episode 6Fuelling the Pressure66 min
Season 6Episode 7At War with a Widowmaker67 min
Season 6Episode 8Explosion at Nugget Creek66 min
Season 6Episode 9Missing In Action67 min
Season 6Episode 10Total Annihilation67 min
Season 6Episode 114-Ounce Nugget67 min
Season 6Episode 12Blood Red White Water67 min
Season 6Episode 13Risky Business67 min
Season 6Episode 14Mouth of the Dragon68 min
Season 6Episode 15In Death's Shadow67 min
Season 6Episode 16Hell From the Heavens61 min
Season 6Episode 17Judgment Day61 min
Season 7Episode 1A Tragic Beginning60 min
Season 7Episode 2Gold Out of the Gate60 min
Season 7Episode 3Trench Warfare61 min
Season 7Episode 4A Dying Wish60 min
  • Dustin Hurt

    as Self
  • Fred Hurt

    as Self
  • Bray Poor

    as Narrator (voice)